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Subject: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions
 (and their answers) about Bob Dylan, his music, and the
 discussion group.
Organization: Bringing It All Back Home
From: (John Howells)
Date: 15 Dec 1999 09:00:01 GMT
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Archive-name: music/dylan-faq
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Last-modified: 23 September 1999

                    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
                     for newsgroup
            Please e-mail corrections and suggestions to:
                  Copyright 1994, 1995 Adam K. Powers
     This electronic document may be copied and distributed freely,
                provided that this notice remains intact.


Part 1 - What is available on Internet? (this article):

        0. What has been changed since the previous posting of the FAQ?
        1. Who is Bob Dylan?
        2. What is
        3. Are you certain your e-mail address works?
        4. Is there a etiquette?
        5. How do I access
        6. Glossary of terms and acronyms common to this newsgroup.
        7. Is there a Bob Dylan discography available online, or some
                way to order Dylan CDs via Internet?
        8. Where can I find lyrics, tablature and other Bob Dylan
                information via Internet?
        9. Is there some way that I can get lists of Bob Dylan
                concert tapes and unreleased recordings from past
       10. When and where will Bob Dylan be performing next?
       11. What is EDLIS?
       12. What if I want to talk about Dylan on-line at all hours?

Part 2 - Where else can I get information, off-line? (next article):

        1. Where can I buy Bob Dylan collectors' items?
        2. What books about Dylan's life and music are available?
                a. Bob Dylan biographies
                b. Studies of Dylan as a performer, lyricist, etc.
                c. Reference books
        3. Are there magazines about Dylan to which I could
        4. I just read an article about Bob Dylan in my newspaper...
        5. What are bootlegs, and how do I find them?
        6. Has Bob Dylan appeared in any movies or film
        7. Has anybody ever sent away for the limited edition notes
                offered in the "Under the Red Sky" album?
        8. Who really wrote "Blowin' In the Wind"? Was it Bob Dylan
                or Lorre Wyatt?
        9. Why does Dylan laugh at the beginning of "Bob Dylan's 115th
       10. What is the Gregory Peck movie Dylan's talking about in       
                "Brownsville Girl"?


0. What has been changed since the previous posting of the FAQ
   (15 September 1999)?

Part 1:

 o  Modified information about online disc stores

 o  Added information about Chat lines

 o  Updated information about Dundas' "Tangled Up In Tapes"

 o  Updated information about lyric sites

 o  Updated etiquette section dealing with unsolicited trade requests

Part 2:

 o Updated magazine section in part 2. Added "Under Your Spell",
   Polish fanzine.

 o Updated magazine section in part 2. Added "Freewheelin'"


1. Who is Bob Dylan?
Bob Dylan is a singer, a guitar player, a song writer and a recording 
artist. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in Duluth Minnesota in 1941, his 
earliest circulating recordings date from 1958 and his first commercial 
release was in 1962. Forty-odd albums and many hundreds of concerts 
later, Dylan continues to write, record and perform.

2. What is 
Welcome! This Usenet newsgroup is devoted to the discussion of Bob
Dylan, his music, and things Dylan-related. We welcome your
constructive comments on nearly any issue, even if it's only
tangentially associated with Bob Dylan.

There is no official Dylan fan club, so small packs of Dylan fans
band together to stay informed and carry on general discussion. This
particular Usenet newsgroup was founded July 31, 1989 by Tom Buckley. 

Sometimes it seems that all we're interested in are upcoming tour
dates and clarification of fact regarding old recordings, but there
is often very interesting discussion of Dylan's lyrics themselves, a
reason that no doubt many of you read this newsgroup.  If you don't
see the sort of discussion you want, you're encouraged to bring it up

Many people criticise the content and tenor of postings on but few praise those they like. If you see a posting
which is just what you like to see why not e-mail the poster
privately and say so. Many good posters cease contributing because they 
are not getting any feedback. The way to ensure is to 
your liking is to encourage postings you like and to contribute 

3. Are you certain your e-mail address works?
Most new contributors who complain no one has answered their queries 
turn out to have displayed an incorrect e-mail address in their 
postings. This is so common it is very unlikely a correspondent 
answering your query will do anything once they see that mail to you 
bounces back as 'user unknown'. One of the best ways to test your 
address is to send mail to the "robot" at You 
should be sent two replies. If this does not work then try posting to a 
test newsgroup (eg. alt.test) or contact the postmaster at your site for 

4. Is there a etiquette?
You should already be familiar with Usenet etiquette. If not, the
newsgroups to read are news.newusers.questions and
news.announce.newusers. A particularly useful document is "Emily
Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette" by Mark Moraes
, stored at in a document
called "part1" in the directory

As with all newsgroups, the very best recommendation is for you to sit
back and read for a while before you make your first posting. That
way you can get a proper feel for the newsgroup. Then you will see
which postings you think are valuable and which are wasting space or
preventing good discussion. is not moderated, so within reason anything goes.
However, certain types of postings are generally frowned upon. Here 
follows some guidance:

o  Tirades against other readers of the newsgroup for their
opinions are not welcome.

o  Failure to edit subject heading when replying via the main digest.  Please ensure you edit the subject line
when posting a Followup-To:  Anyone seeing a posting headed: 

     SUBJECT: Re: HWY61-L Digest - 5 Mar 1999

is likely to choose to ignore it altogether.

o  Posting contact information for bootleg dealers. From time to time 
someone posts a request for contact details of bootleg dealers. Answers 
to these questions should be sent by private e-mail only. To post full 
details to the very public forum of is to put the 
dealers at risk. This may once have seemed an hysterical over-reaction 
to the real situation, but these days dealers don't just lose their
stock and face prosecution, in several countries dealers have gone
to prison.  Is it not best to avoid Bob Dylan's work being the most
likely target when those greedy copyright lawyers finally hit the 
Internet in force? We all know Bob Dylan always says yes when his 
lawyers ask him if they should proceed, be it a computer company, a 
transit authority, or a ...

o  Posting your full tape/CD trade listings. Setting up tape trades is 
best conducted via e-mail wherever possible. 

o  Unsolicited trade requests are generally frowned upon, and the
recipients of such requests should not feel guilty about saying no
or ignoring them. A typical situation is when a poster indicates
that he or she has access to or is looking for a certain tape. It
is considered bad form to send email or post to the group a trade
request or "me too" request. Unless you know the person, you will
not likely get a response. Likewise, the recipient of such a request
should not feel obligated to trade with everyone who asks for a

o  Questions to the group should be clearly indicated as questions in
the subject line to avoid confusing those who are looking for new
information. For instance, a subject header of "New Album" is likely to
mislead those reading your post into expecting to find some news about
a new album. Instead, it is better to ask the question "Is There a New

o  To make sure you're not asking a question that has already been recently
answered, or raising yet again a subject that has been extensively
discussed, there are two ways of finding out what's gone on before on  You may find the answer to your question without having
to wait, and at the same time think of new questions to ask or points to
raise that haven't already been discussed by the newsgroup.
(1) Deja News has archives of all posts made to Usenet newsgroups. Go to

Enter "" as the newsgroup name in the Group(s): box
and your topic, e.g. "thin man" in the subject field. 

The search results will be displayed.  You simply browse through 
the posts. If you want to limit your search still further, e.g. to see how
many posts to about Thin Man have been made by Ed Ricardo,
you can also enter his name in the Author(s): box! 

(2) EDLIS (see section 10 of Part 1 of this FAQ) keeps details of
frequently-raised subjects or threads on, such as "Who is
the 13th/15th Century poet mentioned in "Tangled Up In Blue"?". Go to
and look through the archived threads. For example,
is another way of finding all those Thin Man discussions!

o  Pictures, sounds and other binaries should never be posted to To share your binary most easily, use a web page
and post the reference URL address to If web 
space is not available, ask on for help finding
some or ask

If this fails, or you prefer to post to a newsgroup, post your
binary to an appropriate alt.binaries.* group and send the 
article IDs and subject lines to as a helpful 
pointer. is a text-only newsgroup, where a 
half-megabyte binary can cause serious problems. 

Not everyone is in a school setting or has free local telephone
calls.  In many parts of the world the telephone connection
is paid for by usage and in some the computer account is paid
for by volume!  Don't make yourself look thoughtless by posting
huge binaries. 

o  Key questions to ask of yourself before sending your new posting:

  1. Has this been discussed before?
     (Read the FAQ, follow up any leads, and visit
  2. Can I delete more of the quoted text of the message to which
     I am replying, while still achieving the same result?
     (The less quoted the better, because almost everyone has seen
     the original article, and it's still freely available to those
     who haven't)
  3. If I waited 24 hours, would I still want to post this?
     (Especially relevant for posts initiated in anger)
  4. Is this potentially of interest to many people, or would it be better
     sent via private e-mail to one person?
  5. Is this related to Bob Dylan?
  6. Does my subject line reflect the content of my posting?

5. How do I access 
There are two main ways in which to access

a. Usenet news

   1. Contact your Internet provider for instructions on how to access
      Usenet locally, and the newsgroup "".

   2. "DejaNews" provides a reading and posting service at:

   3. Read via the World Wide Web. Newsguy (formerly
      Zippo) provides access to at:

      To use this service properly please note that when posting via
      Newsguy you need to include in the "From" box your full e-mail 

      This service used to be free, but it seems that Newsguy now
      wants to charge a fee. 

   4. If Usenet is not available at your Internet site, try joining a
      'freenet' and using their facilities.

b. Digests

Obviously is a Usenet newsgroup and is best
read with newsgroup reading software like Agent, tin, trn,
or the like.  Then you have full use of threaded subjects
and most importantly KILL files so you can tailor what you
see and what you read exactly to your tastes.  Seeing the
whole of without any KILL file would put  
any normal human being off computers for life!
If you have no Usenet news reading software you might
have a Web browser and then you can read Usenet news. 
Netscape, Explorer, Opera, lynx or the like are possible
ones to try. Look for some header like News or the like
in the pull down menus...

gives information on free public Usenet news servers at
which to point your software... You need a newsfeed if
using your own software.

Also you might wish to look at:
If you wanted a commercial service you can pay to join

You don't need anything more than e-mail to post to, just e-mail your posting to one of the  
following:  with header Newsgroups:

   (For an updated list send e-mail to

But if you have no News reading software and no access to the
World Wide Web or to telnet, then your best bet may be
an e-mail digest!

For many years there have been other specialised digests but they
have tended to be amateur and not public.  EDLIS has decided
to make its own main digest better known, it has always been open
to all but not all knew about it! :-)

It is a feed for those who cannot take the time to sift
through the total madness of more widely available.

It is called b0b.  To subcribe send

subscribe b0b-List your@email.address

in the body of your e-mail to

b0b = b zero b  NOT b oh b.  Anyone who wishes to can subscribe to b0b

No one can post to it.

Subscribers receive about 2% of postings.
No spam. No insanity unless Bob related. No religious wackiness
unless Bob related. No insults. No negative posts on any subject,
including Bob.  Sister principle.

If this does not suit you just say.  We will help you set up
a feed that suits your own tastes.

So if no one can post how do you post? You post well to Simple as that.

Many fine postings will not be included. Setlists for example.
XREFs. And so on. These can easily be seen on,
and elsewhere. For example setlists are on

b0b is lean. Reading it will give you one person's view
of the top two percent of You can Followup-To:
any post by posting to And you may find it
causes you to turn to the complete to follow
the occasional thread in its complete form, or to read all
the postings there.  When you have the time.

Followup-To:s should carefully cut and paste the subject header,
adding a Re: where appropriate.

The purpose is to attract high quality posting, often well
thought out and sometimes researched in detail.  And to
attract readers who would never read as they
won't take the time, to read it, or to learn to tailor it
to manageable size with a vicious KILL file.  If you like Bob
Dylan but only want to read about him for few minutes a
week, then b0b may suit you.

If you want to read about Bob Dylan 24 hours a day, then you'll
prefer the original, the Usenet NewsGroup.

Another possibility is to get an e-mail feed from (formerly Refer to this URL for more information:

6. Glossary of terms and acronyms common to this newsgroup.
All areas of knowledge develop jargon and acronyms which inevitably
serve to keep outsiders out and to confuse newcomers. Medical doctors
complicate the simplest things with needlessly difficult terms and
abbreviations, computer experts often make the easy inaccessible to
newcomers with obscure terms and abbreviations by trying to
'simplify' communications, management consultants...  Well, you get
the picture.  People with a serious and debilitating Dylan habit can
also develop these tendencies. Watch for the following obscure

#Dylan = The name of the Dylan channel on irc.

BoB = Blonde on Blonde [1966] [not a typo for "Bob"!]

b0b = the 2% cream digest of 

BotT = Blood on the Tracks [1974]

BIABH = Bringing It All Back Home [1965]

boot = bootleg 

bootleg = circulating copy of officially unreleased material in any
form.  The term is probably derived from 'bootleg' liquor, which was
sometimes smuggled in bottles strapped to one's leg during
Prohibition in the United States, 1918-1933.

Bootleg Series = The Bootleg Series 1961-1991, Rare and Unreleased, 
Volumes 1-3 [1991] - not to be confused with 'bootleg' above, this is
an official release that reveals many songs and performances from
throughout Dylan's career that were previously available only on
bootleg media.  The liner notes of this boxed set mention that
further volumes would be released, but no reliable source has been
able to determine if and when this might actually happen... 

BTW = By the way...
EDLIS = Exchange of Dylan Lyrics - Internet Service

GAIBTY = Good As I Been To You [1992]

H61R = Highway 61 Revisited [1965]

IMO = In my opinion...

IMHO = In my humble opinion...

irc = Internet Relay Chat, an international live real-time
conferencing system with a channel called #Dylan.

JWH = John Wesley Harding [1967]  Some people say this album (and 
its title track) were mis-named after outlaw John Wesley Hardin.  
Dylan's song has very little to do with the story of the real Hardin; 
instead, it's basically just a spin-off of Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy 
Floyd." Some Dylan fans note the religious bent of this album and claim 
that the initials 'JWH' really refer to the Judeo-Christian deity...

Krogsgaard = Krogsgaard's 1991 reference book, Positively Bob Dylan
[listed in question 2c of part 2]. A Krogsgaard number would be in a
form such as [7/201]. This refers to item seven in the Krogsgaard
listing for event 201. Badly addicted readers can be
told such a number and then immediately sing the relevant item
without reference to the Krogsgaard book itself!

newbie = Sometimes derogatory term for a newcomer to the Internet.
Usually spotted by the newcomer's tendency to post entire trade lists
to the net or to respond to a thread with a single "me too". :-)
Newbies are also susceptible to trolls (see below for an explanation
of a "troll").

Olof = Olof Bjorner. Often you might come across references to "Olof's
Chronicles" or encounter the phrase "according to Olof...". This is in
reference to Olof Bjorner, who has kindly made available for free an
excellent series of posts to covering each and every
year in the career of Bob Dylan. Olof's Chronicles provide a quick point
of reference on just about every aspect of the life and times of Dylan.
Olof's Chronicles can be found at

pirate : an illegal copy of officially released material. 

counterfeit : an illegal copy of officially released material made 
to be mistaken for an original release. 
RAH = Royal Albert Hall. This refers to the famous, but misnamed
Royal Albert Hall 1966 bootleg that is now generally believed to be
from Manchester 5/17/66.

RMD = The Usenet newsgroup Also abbreviated as r.m.d.
or just plain rmd.

smiley =  An unusual punctuation device, presumably employed only by
computer-users, which looks like a sideways smiley-face:  :-) A
smiley usually means that a comment or article has been written in
jest, and should be read accordingly.  A common variant is ;-) with
the 'winking' eye.  There are many, many variants on the smiley, and
most are used to represent the flairs of spoken language that are
often hard to perceive in text.  :-(

tape tree = A 'pyramid' method of distributing tapes organized by
someone with a good or unusual tape that begs to be circulated. That
person posts an announcement to the newsgroup, asking people to send
e-mail to him to sign up.  He collects the names of those interested,
and creates a 'tree' such that no one has to make an excessive number
of copies, and people with better tape decks make copies for those
without, etc.  The original tape is the 'seed'.  Those who receive
copies from the seed and make further copies are 'branches', and
those who receive copies from branches but don't copy for anyone else
are the 'leaves'.  Sometimes a person who makes copies is called a
'parent' and one who receives copies is a 'child'.  Each person who
receives tapes is expected to send tapes of other events in return to
their branch. If blanks are sent in lieu of recorded tapes, the
person sending blanks is expected to send double the number of blank
tapes to recorded tapes. A less common method is that the person sendng
blanks is expected to pay postage for both the tapes that sent and
the ones received. If trading with a DAT collector who is supplying
you with an analogue cassette, one blank DAT is adequate double
compensation should they not want any blank analogue cassettes from
you. For more information on tape trees, see the URL

troll = A provocative posting made with the intention of generating 
a reaction, ranging from flames and hate mail to trolls which are
intended to spark discussion or controversy. It is best to ignore 
the foolish ones, and be alert to the clever trolls if you are

UTRS = Under The Red Sky [1990]

WGW = World Gone Wrong [1993]

WWW = World-Wide-Web

If you're looking for an acronym and can't find it in the above list,
try the acronym server at

7. Is there a Bob Dylan discography available online, or some way to
   order Dylan CDs via Internet?
It is beyond the scope of this document to give a true discography
for Bob Dylan, but here is a list of the standard U.S. release full-
length Bob Dylan albums:

Title                           Released        CD Order #
=====                           ========        ==========
Bob Dylan                       March 1962      CK 8579
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan      May 1963        CK 8786
The Times They Are A-Changin'   January 1964    CK 8905
Another Side of Bob Dylan       August 1964     CK 8993
Bringing it All Back Home       March 1965      CK 9128
Highway 61 Revisited            August 1965     CK 9189
Blonde on Blonde                May 1966        CK 841
Greatest Hits                   March 1967#     CK 9463
John Wesley Harding             December 1967   CK 9604
Nashville Skyline               April 1969      CK 9825
Self-Portrait                   June 1970       C2K 30050
New Morning                     October 1970    CK 30290
Greatest Hits, Vol. 2           November 1971#  C2K 31120
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid     July 1973       CK 32460
Dylan                           November 1973^  CK 32747
Planet Waves                    January 1974    CK 37637
Before the Flood                June 1974'      C2K 37661
Blood on the Tracks             January 1975    CK 33235
The Basement Tapes              June 1975*      C2K 33682
Desire                          January 1976    CK 33893
Hard Rain                       September 1976  CK 34349
Street Legal                    June 1978       CK 35453
At Budokan                      July 1978'~     C2K 36067
Slow Train Coming               August 1979     CK 36120
Saved                           June 1980       CK 36553
Shot of Love                    August 1981     CK 37496
Infidels                        November 1983   CK 38819
Real Live                       December 1984'  CK 39944
Empire Burlesque                June 1985       CK 40110
Biograph                        October 1985#   C3K 38830
Knocked Out Loaded              August 1986     CK 40439
Down in the Groove              May 1988        CK 40957
Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1       October 1988   Warner Bros. 9 25796-1
Dylan and the Dead              February 1989'  CK 45056
Oh Mercy                        September 1989  CK 45281
Under the Red Sky               September 1990  CK 46794
Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3       October 1990   Warner Bros. 9 26324-1
Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3        March 1991@     C3T 47382
Good As I Been to You           October 1992    CK 53200
World Gone Wrong                October 1993    CK 57590
Greatest Hits III
Unplugged                       April 1995      478374 2 (European)
Time Out of Mind                September 1997  CK 68556
This is NOT intended to be a complete discography by any means. Check
the discography file at for more details on Bob Dylan
releases available on compact disc.
[see question 5 for help]. 
'  Live album
#  'Greatest Hits' collection - *most* songs previously released
^  Recorded in 1970, outtakes from Self-Portrait
*  Recorded in 1967!
~  This is the Japanese release date - U.S. release was December 1978
@  Collection of previously unreleased material spanning 1961-1991...

Also of interest are the 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert double-CD
set; and Masterpieces, a triple-CD import collection that contains a
few songs not available elsewhere on CD.

To buy CDs over the Internet, the two most popular sites are and For shops on the Internet selling import
CDs, you might try

There have been several 'best album' polls done on the music
newsgroups - the most comprehensive were the 'Usenet Artist Polls'
and are available by anonymous FTP from in /pub/music/uap
(many polls done on individual artists, not just Dylan).
The Dylan albums most frequently recommended by readers of r.m.d are
_Highway 61 Revisited_, _Blonde on Blonde_, _Blood on the Tracks_,
and _The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3_, although you'll find staunch
fans of nearly every album...

The Dylan you might like depends more on you than on the opinions of
others. You could describe in reasonable detail your musical,
political, religious and sexual tastes, post that on,
and ask for advice...

Additional material may be found at the various WWW and FTP archives.

8. Where can I find lyrics, tablature and other Bob Dylan information
   via Internet?
The official Bob Dylan lyrics on the web are at the official site: There is a nice search function which
allows you to find a song even if you remember only one (not too
common) word or phrase.

There are three archive sites from which information regarding Bob
Dylan may be obtained by FTP [If the term "ftp" is meaningless to you
then ask a local computer guru to show you what to do...]:                  (Portland State University)                     (University of Wisconsin, Parkside)                  (University of Nevada)

The above are not guaranteed to be current, however there is a very 
nice web site that contains lots of guitar tabs:

and you might want to check out:

Olof's yearly summaries of Bob Dylan concerts and recordings, plus a
number of transcribed interviews, concert/tape reviews, and similar
documents are available by anonymous FTP from, in the
directory /pub/dylan, and are maintained by Trent Fisher. This site
originated as a replacement to Anthony Kapolka's archives from the
early days of, but now includes all of Olof's
archives and other recent files.

Lyrics to a limited number of Bob Dylan songs, plus some guitar tabs
and other information by be found by anonymous FTP from,
in pub/music/artists/d/dylan.bob.

Guitar tablature to many of Dylan's songs can be found on the World
Wide Web at

An anonymous FTP session begins like this - at your prompt, type:

ftp  [or whatever site you'll be getting files from]

Enter 'anonymous' (without the quotes) when prompted for a login
name, give your E-mail address as the password.  Use either 'ls' or
'dir' and 'cd' to find your way to the proper directory.

There are also a number of Dylan-related World Wide Web (WWW) pages.
If you do not know what WWW is then you are best advised to ask a
friend or computer technician at your site. You will need appropriate
software (known as Web Browsers). Some examples: Netscape, Mosaic and
Lynx (a text only version).


The Web has grown so fast that it's getting harder and harder to
keep up with all the new web sites. Rather than attempt to catalog
all known Dylan sites, here is a site that has links to all the others: ("Boblinks", Bill Pagel)

Of special interest is the newly created official website from Sony:

Plus, if you want to locate more Dylan links than exist on the above
site, you can try the following search engines:

If you cannot find transcribed music online, you should be able to
find music to all the released albums from good music stores and
suppliers. The most recommended book source is  "Lyrics 1962-1985".
The lyrics 'database' on "Highway 61 Interactive" CDROM, released
1995, covers virtually all of the lyrics from this book, plus all
albums up to 1995. Many songbooks can also be purchased, for example
the book for Good As I Been to You is available from Special Rider
Music Sales, 8/9 Frith St., London W1V 5TZ, England.

9. Is there some way that I can get lists of Bob Dylan concert tapes
   and recordings from past years?
There are various options:

If you've got a little disk space to spare [approx. 1.5 megabytes], 
you can download Olof's year-by-year Bob Dylan archive - which lists 
Dylan's public appearances and recordings, gives handy reference 
tables of songs played on tour, and even lists recommended tapes by 
tour!  The best part is that it's free for your own personal use.  
Don't try printing it out unless you've got the time & ribbons - the 
combined total of all the files would be on the order of 600 pages...  
How do you get it?
(this book is frequently referred to simply as 'Krogsgaard' on this 
newsgroup).  This tome numbers Dylan's circulating performances and 
lists the songs performed at each and every known circulating Bob 
Dylan recording through early 1991. There are always gaps and changes 
as new tapes surface, but this book is essential to the serious 
collector! It provides a fast, easy reference for identifying tapes 
and so on. The main disadvantage of such a serious book is that it 
costs about US$55. Ordering information:  Popular Culture Ink, P.O.
Box 1839, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. (800) 678-8828 / (313) 761-4300.
$55.00 U.S.

"Tangled Up In Tapes : a Recording History of Bob Dylan".
Paperback - 368 pages 4th edition (April 15, 1999)
Glen Dundas; ISBN: 096985692X 
See  for how to order
direct from the author.  Cost is approximately $45.00.

Bob Dylan:  The Recording Sessions [1960-1994]". New York: St. 
Martin's Press, 1995.  ISBN:  0-312-13439-8.  Cost is approximately 

This is a Windows-based computer program by Chris Cooper. Regular 
updates are planned to strive for accuracy and completeness. Write
to: Chis Cooper, 8 Northgate, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 1RA,

10. When and where will Bob Dylan be performing next?
Since official announcements from Dylan's publicity office regarding
tour dates are rare, we have to rely on local people to look for
advertisements or call ticket agencies and then to inform the rest of
us. If you hear of an upcoming concert in your area, please tell us! 
Set-lists from shows that you have seen recently are also appreciated, 
even if you don't know the titles of all the songs that were played.

Tour dates are usually posted piece-meal to the newsgroup, and
sometimes these postings will contain conflicting or confusing
information.  If your local ticket agency has no knowledge of a
concert date that you saw announced here, don't give up hope.
Agencies such as TicketMaster frequently do not know about particular
shows until a few days before they are authorized to sell tickets for
that show.  Some concert dates start out as rumors and never
materialize, but many rumors do become fact.  Be patient.

For the most up to date information on current tour dates, visit on a 
regular basis:

You can also check the official website:

Mail order tickets for American concerts can now be purchased 
at this site:

If you know of a concert which is not listed there then please post the 
information to

There are also Dylan hotlines you can ring on the telephone for the
latest information on Bob Dylan events:

USA: 970-243-8025. The Rolling Tomes Hotline - the operator will ask
you to enter the "hotline access number" located in the lower right
corner of the back cover of the current Rolling Tomes catalogue. So
you must either have seen the catalogue or have contact with someone
who has... . A touch-tone telephone is required. The recording is 
updated at least weekly, more often when news warrants it.

John Baldwin maintains a UK-based free telephone information service:
  If calling within the UK, dial 01707-394678
  From overseas: [country code] +44-1707-394678

The EDLIS Tours & Tickets agent  compiles all 
the above info and posts updated tour schedules to

11. What is EDLIS?
The Exchange Dylan Lyrics - Internet Service is an Internet wide
conspiracy to make available Dylan lyrics for the purposes of
research and/or private study.  Lyrics available are restricted to a
reasonable proportion. Any copying to evade purchase is wrong.
EDLIS consists of a number of loosely affiliated individuals who have
chosen to horde and distribute Bob Dylan information.  This service
includes, but is not limited to, information regarding: Bob Dylan
song lyrics, versions of Bob Dylan songs performed by other artists,
bootleg recordings, and tape trees.
If you post a request for specific lyrics (or for detailed boot CD
information) on you might find an EDLIS agent answers
your needs magically in your e-mail box. In return, EDLIS is always
in need of transcribed lyrics and information on compact discs, old
and new.  If you are able to type in or scan Dylan lyrics not
presently available on the Internet, please do so - the only reason
that EDLIS sends you anything is because others have contributed in
the past! If you like what EDLIS is doing and wish to help, simply

Visit the EDLIS home page on the world wide web at

Of special interest is the "Thing Twice" EDLIS page, where you might
find answers to common questions that have been asked and answered
many times over. The URL is

12. What if I want to talk about Dylan on-line at all hours?
If no one in the same room as you wants to chat about Dylan 24 hours
a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year you might think you have an
insatiable desire. But there is relief! IRC! Internet Relay Chat. On
irc there is always an international live real-time Dylan conference - 
usually in English - waiting for you to join it.

Before joining irc, I recommend checking out several sources for
info: and These pages contain  
several links to different irc resources, including an explanation
of the various networks that make up irc. I strongly recommend
looking at these sites first if you've never been on irc before.
It can save you a lot of headaches later. With that said, you will
need a special program to access irc called a client. For UNIX, I
recommend ircii, available at
For Mac users, the client of choice seems to be Ircle, available
at Windows users should grab a copy
of mIRC, available at many different sites around the world including Once you have a client installed,
log onto a server and type "/join #bobdylan" or "/join #dylan" to
join the Bob Dylan chat room. Lets say you join though and find to
your dismay that there's no one there? Never fear, just keep looking.
Maybe try a different irc network perhaps. I recommend checking  
out #dylan on efnet.

What you type after that will be seen by all the others on that
channel. If all is quiet simply wait until the lull ends or learn how
to invite others in (/invite), change the topic (/topic) and so on.

Many arrange to meet at the channel by prior arrangement through
e-mail, setting a time to rendezvous.  Bear in mind the time zones
- discussion tends to ebb and flow with New Zealanders and Australians
starting the day, as they begin to flag Europeans join, and Americans
are last to come in, though some #dylan people keep very odd hours
indeed. It is important to keep the various irc networks in mind
here as well. Telling someone you will meet them on #dylan at 0400
GMT isnt enough. If your friend joins newnet while you log into
Dalnet, you wont be able to talk to each other.

Unlike email or usenet, irc is real time information more akin to
a conversation.  Resources can be shared, files can be transferred,
and addresses can be swapped.  In other words, irc is a tape traders
dream come true. If you are looking for that copy of Milwaukee 97
or Des Moines 90, you may just strike gold on irc. It is not uncommon
for people to trade unreleased dylan material on irc in mp3 format.
(mp3 is a  sound compression format that is a much smaller file
than a .wav file yet retaining all of the quality) Even if you
don't find that tape you're looking for, you might find a future

Treat irc like a Paris street cafe.  If you want to be certain
that stimulating, interesting people are there when you are there,
bring them with you.

If Bob Dylan is performing in a country you can try to see who is on
from that country, such as Japan:

/who *.jp

And then use /invite to invite in unsuspecting irc-ers and ask them
about media coverage, whether they are going to the concerts or know
anyone who is, will they be taking a DAT recorder with them, etc etc

As with all esoteric computer matters, if the command irc is not
available on your computer, simply ask a local computer guru how to
ftp and compile what you need.

So long as you have full Internet access something should be
possible, and you can join in on the Dylan discussion via irc...

The standard #dylan teatime in London meeting in irc is daily at:

Fairbanks                   13:00  Reykjavik
  07:00                             16:00                     Petropavlovsk
                                     Trondheim                      04:00
                        St John's      17:00
                         13:30           Helsinki
                   Charlottetown   LONDON 18:00
          Hibbing     12:00         16:00   Moscow  Irkutsk
           10:00                             19:00   00:00
                  Greenwich            Paris
 San Francisco     Village             17:00 
     08:00         11:00           Lisbon      Bombay  Kyoto
                                    16:00       21:30  01:00  
       Gallup                      Monrovia        Singapore          Honolulu
        09:00                       16:00            00:00               06:00
                                       Lagos         Perth 
                   Quito Rio de        17:00         00:00 
                   11:00 Janeiro         Harare        Adelaide 
                         13:00            18:00         01:30  
                     Santiago                             Hobart   Dunedin
                      12:00                                02:00    04:00

There are also many DylanChat sites available:$/chat/dylan

Part 2 - Where else can I get information, off-line?


1. Where can I buy Bob Dylan collectors' items?
Some of us have the good fortune to live in places that have an
adequate supply of record stores, well informed collectors with the 
latest gab on your favorite artists, and record shows; if you aren't
in such a location, you may feel out of touch.  Don't fret!  Even the 
most avid record hounds use mail-order as a reliable way to purchase 
books, posters, and memorabilia (not to mention information regarding
new records, tours, etc...)  

Here are a few recommended sources:

U.S.: Rolling Tomes - P.O. Box 1943, Grand Junction, Colorado 81502.
Phone: 970-245-4315 Monday through Friday 10-6 Mountain time,
24 hr. fax: 970-243-8025.  They accept Mastercard, Visa, checks,
money orders, and international money orders drawn from a U.S. bank 
in U.S. funds.  This is an essential source for Dylan fans in the
United States and across the world - their inventory covers everything
from back issues of fan magazines to books to records and videotapes.
Rolling Tomes is also the distributor for several Dylan magazines,
namely Homer, Isis, Look Back, and On the Tracks.

U.S.: Goldmine Magazine - 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001.
This is a collectors forum with advertising from record dealers all
over the world, published biweekly.  They will send a free trial
issue to you if you request one...  Goldmine contains loads of 
mail-order information, so you'll need a few hours poring over an
issue (often with a magnifying glass) to sort it all out.

U.K.: My Back Pages - P.O. Box 117, Carlisle CA1 2UL.
Accepts pounds sterling or US dollars by check, postal money order,
or international money order.  Another good source for books,
and also distributes the magazine Isis.

# U.K.: (New address!) Wanted Man: PO Box 307, Richmond, Surrey TW10 5AQ
Distributes The Telegraph magazine. (see my notes about the uncertain
future of the Telegraph elsewhere in the FAQ).

2. What books about Dylan's life and music are available?
The number of publications about Bob Dylan continues to grow rapidly:
Here is a three-part overview of some of the better-known books,
divided by subject material.  This is only the tip of the iceberg -
better to check a catalog or your local libraries and bookstores for
greater detail.

If you read the following list and think you might want to read many of
these books but could never afford them, do not despair!  Inform your 
local library of the vast, untapped multitude of popular music resources 
by recommending some of these titles to them.  Do not be afraid; most 
librarians do not bite.  After all, what good is a public library that 
does not take suggestions from its public?  These books are, for the most 
part, well-written commentary on the life and music of one of the most 
significant popular songwriters of this century, and are a worthy addition 
to a library collection...

Also, library catalogues will help you get an overview of published
monographs related to Bob Dylan. A good first catalogue to check is
found in California, and access is easy if you already have full
Internet access.

If this union catalogue proves inadequate investigate the "use"
command by typing in "help use" from within melvyl.

Another source to check is the Library of Congress. There is a
good z39.50 www-gateway to locis (lcc) on:


Probably the best library collection for Bob Dylan is 


If the hundreds of free online public access catalogues available
on the Internet are not enough for you there are more
sophisticated sources such as CURL, OCLC, First Search, RLIN,
UTLAS, NACSIS and the like... But you will need a password and
someone must pay the bill!


2(a). Bob Dylan biographies  
_Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography_ by Anthony Scaduto.  
New York: New American Library, 1979  366 p.  
ISBN: 0451086090        LCCN: 79-316819

Originally New York: Grosset & Dunlap (& Castle Books) 1971 280 (278) p.  
ISBN: 0-448-02034-3    LCCN: 72-144064  
First UK: W. H. Allen & Co, 1972  
Also London: Abacus (Sphere Books Ltd), 1972  #131279  280 p.  
     New York: New American Library (Signet W 5353), Mar 1973  351 p.           
[Good basic coverage of the sixties Dylan, not without errors]  
_No Direction Home: The Life and Music of Bob Dylan_ by Robert Shelton.  
New York: Ballantine Books, 1987 [reprint of 1986 edition]. 661 p.  
ISBN: 0345347218        LCCN: 85-26781  
Originally New York: Beech Tree Books (Morrow), 1986  573 p.  
ISBN: 0-688-05045-X     LCCN: 85-26781  
[a good overview of the early years, but many errors have been  
cited by other writers]  
_Dylan: A Biography_ by Bob Spitz.    
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1991 [update of 1989 edition].  639 p.  
ISBN: 0-07-060330-8        LCCN: 88-12912  
[Probably the least-loved of the biographies - Spitz tends to be  
both mean-spirited and inaccurate in his reporting]  
_Behind the Shades: A Biography_ by Clinton Heylin.   
New York: Summit Books, 1991.  498 p.  
ISBN: 0-671-73894-1        LCCN: 91-8858 /MN  
[The only biography to provide good, detailed coverage of Dylan's career   
through the 1970's and 1980's]  
_Hard Rain: A Dylan Commentary_ by Tim Riley.   
New York: Knopf, 1992. 356 p.  
ISBN: 0-394-57889-9        LCCN: 91-52808  
Also New York: Vintage Books, Aug 1993  356 p.  
ISBN: 0-679-74527-0        LCCN: 92-50619  
[Riley provides a decent overview through 1976, but dismisses Dylan's  
more recent career]  
_Song and Dance Man_ by Michael Gray  
New York: E. P. Dutton, Nov 1972  336 p.  
ISBN: 052520685-X  
Also London: Hart-Davis, MacGibbon, 1972  337 p.  
     London: Abacus, 1973  
     London: Hamlyn, 1981 (rev & updated)   
     New York: St. Martin's Press, 1981 236 p.  
[currently out of print in the USA, but a new, updated edition will be  
published soon]  
_Blood on the Tracks: The Story of Bob Dylan_, Chris Rowley.    
New York: Proteus Publishing, 1984.  
ISBN: 0-86276-128-X (hb); 0-86276-127-1 (pbk)    
2(b). Studies of Dylan as a performer, lyricist, etc, and related works.  
_Performing Artist, Vols. 1 & 2_ by Paul Williams.  
Vol. 1 (1960-1973) - Novato, CA: Underwood-Miller, 1991.  310 p.  
ISBN: 0-88733-131-9 (pbk)        LCCN: 89-20527  
ISBN: 0-88733-090-8 (signed hb); 0-88733-089-4 (hb); 0-88733-101-7 (pbk) LCCN: 
Vol. 2 (1974-1986) - Novato, CA: Underwood-Miller, 1992.  334 p.  
ISBN: 0-88733-144-0 (signed hb); 0-88733-142-4 (hb); 0-88733-143-2 (pbk) LCCN: 

[Probably the best general studies of Dylan that have yet appeared.   
Williams largely eschews lyric analysis and biography in favor of an  
admittedly nebulous look at Dylan the "performer:" singer, songwriter,   
movie maker, song and dance man.  You might not agree with everything   
Williams says, but there's no better survey of his output]  
_Dylan_ by Jonathan Cott.  Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1984.  246 p.  
ISBN: 0-385-19161-8        LCCN: 84-4049  
_A Man Called Alias_ by Richard Williams.  New York: Holt, 1992. 192 p.  
ISBN: 0-8050-2255-4        LCCN: 92-14992  
[Both are good picture books, with adequate looks at Dylan's opus]  
_On the Road with Bob Dylan_ by Larry Sloman.   
New York: Bantam Books, Jun 1978  413 p.  
ISBN: 0-553-11641-X  
[Highly recommended by readers of this newsgroup for its excellent  
coverage of the 1975 Rolling Thunder tour and its avoidance of the  
usual rock journalism cliches.  Out of print, but a new printing  
is possible within the next year or so]  
_The Rolling Thunder Logbook_ by Sam Shepard.    
New York: Limelight Edition, Mar 1987 [reprint of 1977 ed.].  184 p.  
ISBN: 0-87910-069-9        LCCN: 86-27366  
Originally: Viking Press (A Richard Seaver Book), 1977  
Also UK: Penquin Books, 1978  184 p.   
ISBN: 0-1400-4750-6        LCCN: 77-11648  
[Contains great photos of the 1975 tour]  
_Wanted Man - In Search of Bob Dylan_ edited by John Bauldie.   
New York: Citadel Press, 1991.  224 p.  
ISBN: 0-8065-1266-0        LCCN:   
Originally London: Black Spring Press, 1990   
[A collection of interviews with other performers and personalities who   
have worked with Dylan over the years.  Many of these interviews have   
been quoted in part by the major biographers, and give an interesting,   
scattershot but effective portrait of Dylan as seen through the eyes of   
his collaborators]  
_A Darker Shade of Pale: a Backdrop to Bob Dylan_ by Wilfrid Mellers.  
New York, Oxford Univ. Press, 1985.  255 p.  
ISBN: 0-19-503621-2 (hb); 0-19-503622-0 (pbk)   LCCN: 85-272 /MN  
Originally London: Faber & Faber, 1984  
ISBN: 0-571-13345-2  
[Serious musical analysis of Dylan through 1970 - recommended for fans  
with a strong background in music theory and history]  
_Across the Great Divide: The Band and America_ by Barney Hoskyns.  
New York: Hyperion Press, 1993.  439 p.  
ISBN: 1-56282-836-3        LCCN: 93-17243  
[A bio of long-time Dylan collaborators, The Band; contains a good  
deal of information on Dylan's work with them, especially on the 1966  
and 1974 tours]  
_Alias Bob Dylan_ by Steven Scobie.  Red Deer, Alberta: Red Deer   
College Press, 1991.  192 p.  
ISBN: 0-88995-069-5        LCCN: 91-188326 /MN  
[Lyric analysis]  
_Voice Without Restraint: A Study of Bob Dylan's Lyrics and Their   
Background_ by John Herdman, New York: Delilah Books, 1982, 164 p.  
ISBN: 0-933328-18-4        LCCN: 81-69870  
[Lyric analysis, with a discography & bibliography]  
_Jokerman: Reading the Lyrics of Bob Dylan_, Aidan Day.  
Oxford: B. Blackwell, 1988, 189 p.  
ISBN: 0631158731 (hb); 0631172459 (pbk)    LCCN: 88-6104  
[Lyric anaylsis]  
_Performed Literature: Words and Music by Bob Dylan_ Betsy Bowden.  
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, May 1982, 239 p.  
ISBN: 025334347X        LCCN: 81-7217  
[Lyric analysis, with a discography & bibliography]  
_Prophecy in the Christian Era_ by Jenny Ledeen. A study of Bob
Dylan's work from 1961 to 1967, emphasizing his use of enigma to
teach ethics and comparing him to Dante Alighieri and other poets.
Publisher:   Peaceberry Press of Webster Groves
             308 Greeley Avenue
             St. Louis, Missouri   63119

Songbooks: (if you know of other Dylan songbooks, please tell us!)  
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.      New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1963  
The Times They Are A-Changin'.   New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1964  
Bob Dylan's Songs for Harmonica  New York: Witmark & Sons, 1964  
Bringing It All Back Home.       New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1965  
Highway 61 Revisited.            New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1965  
Bob Dylan Songbook.              New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1965  
Bob Dylan Songbook.              New York: Witmark & Songs, 1965     *
12 Bob Dylan Hits for Six and   
  Twelve String Guitars          New York: Witmark & Sons, 1965  
Bob Dylan Himself                New York: Music Corporation of America, 1965
Blonde on Blonde.                New York: Music Sales Corp., 1966  
Blonde on Blonde.                Berlin: Rolf Budde Musikverlag, circa 1966
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.       New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1967  
John Wesley Harding.             New York: Music Sales Corp., 1967  
John Wesley Harding.             Berlin: Rolf Budde Musikverlag, circa 1968
Don't Look Back.                 New York: Witmark & Sons., circa 1967
Bob Dylan and His Songs, Vol 1   Berlin: Rolf Budde Musikverlag, ???
Bob Dylan and His Songs, Vol 2   Berlin: Rolf Budde Musikverlag, ???
Bob Dylan: A Collection.         New York: Warner Bros. Publications, 1968  
Bob Dylan: A Retrospective.      New York: Warner Bros. Publications, 1968  
Bob Dylan the Original-songs 
  Never Before Published:        New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1968
Nashville Skyline.               New York: Music Sales Corp., 1969  
Song Book.                       New York: Warner Bros. Inc., 1970  
Self Portrait.                   New York: Music Sales Corp., 1970  
New Morning.                     New York: Music Sales Corp., 1970  
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.   Berlin: Rolf Budde Musikverlag, 1973  
Planet Waves.                    New York: Music Sales Corp., 1974  
Bob Dylan                        Secaucus, N.J.: Warner Bros.  
                                     Publications, 1974
Blood on the Tracks.             New York: Music Sales Corp., 1975  
The Basement Tapes.              New York: Music Sales Corp., 1975  
Desire.                          New York: Music Sales Corp., 1976  
The Songs Of Bob Dylan,  
  1966 through 1975.             New York: Knopf, 1976  
Street Legal.                    New York: Music Sales Corp., 1978  
Slow Train Coming.               New York: Music Sales Corp., 1979  
Saved.                           New York: Music Sales Corp., 1980  
Shot of Love.                    New York: Music Sales Corp., 1981  
Infidels.                        New York: Music Sales Corp., 1983  
Empire Burlesque.                New York: Music Sales Corp., 1985  
Knocked Out Loaded.              New York: Music Sales Corp., 1985  
Down In The Groove.              New York: Music Sales Corp., 1988  
Oh Mercy.                        New York: Music Sales Corp., 1989  
Bob Dylan: An Anthology.         New York: Music Sales Corp., 1990  
Rock Score.                      New York: Music Sales Corp., 1990  
Under The Red Sky.               New York: Music Sales Corp., 1990  
Classic Dylan                    New York: Music Sales Corp., 1991  
Good As I Been to You            New York: Music Sales Corp., 1992  
The Harp Styles of Bob Dylan     New York: Music Sales Corp., 1992
Bob Dylan Anthology 2            New York: Music Sales Corp., 1996
Time Out of Mind                 New York: Amsco Publications, 1998
* this book may or may not be a duplicate of the above

2(c). Reference books  
_Lyrics 1962-1985_ by Bob Dylan.  New York: Knopf, 1990 [reprint of  
1985 revision of _Writings and Drawings_].  527 p.  
ISBN: 0-394-54278-9       LCCN: 85-40408  
_Writings and Drawings_ by Bob Dylan.  New York: Knopf, 1973  317 p.  
ISBN: 0-394-48243-3       LCCN: 72-2339
Also UK: Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1973
     London: Panther Books (Granada Pub), 1974, 1977, 1978, 1979
             ISBN: 0-586-04088-9  
[The official lyric book, covering *most* of Dylan's songs - but the  
printed lyrics sometimes don't match the recordings, and there are  
many songs omitted...]  
_Bob Dylan: In His Own Words_ by Christian Williams.  London: Omnibus Press,  
1993.  112 p.  Music Sales Corp., 225 Park Ave. S., New York, NY 10010.  
ISBN: 0-7119-3219-0   0-7119-3213-1 (pbk)  
[A collection of Dylan quotations from interviews, etc.  This is an update  
of a 1978 version - several readers of this newsgroup have indicated  
a strong preference for the 1978 version]  
_Positively Bob Dylan: A Thirty Year Discography, Concert & Recording  
Session Guide, 1960-1991_ by Michael Krogsgaard.  
Ann Arbor, MI: Popular Culture, 1991.  498 p.  
ISBN: 1-56075-000-6 (hb)       LCCN: 89-92336  
[The most frequently quoted reference guide on,  
and a truly massive undertaking - this book provides an exhaustive  
list of every Bob Dylan recording in circulation.  There are minor   
errors throughout, and new tapes surface regularly, but this is an  
essential guide for any serious collector...]  
_Stolen Moments: The Essential Bob Dylan Reference Book_ by Clinton
Heylin. Romford: Wanted Man, 1988. ISBN: 0-947730-05-2. [Another guide
to Dylan, this one takes a chronological approach, a sort of diary
of Dylan]

_Bob Dylan: The Recording Sessions [1960-1994]_ by Clinton Heylin.  
New York: St. Martin's Press, Dec 1995  233 p.  $24.95 US; $35.99 CAN    
ISBN:  0-312-13439-8.    LCCN: 95-23265
_Tangled Up in Tapes: The Recordings of Bob Dylan_ by Glen Dundas.  
Thunder Bay, Ontario: SMA Services, 1994  Third edition
[ditto, preferred over Krogsgaard by some, although the format is quite 
_Strangers and Prophets: Bob Dylan CD Boots: Vol 1_ by Phill Townsend.
Solihull, West Midlands: Next 2 Last Pubs, Oct 1992  160 p.
[A guide to compact disc bootlegs, provides photos and detailed  
information. Replaced by _Galileo's Math Book_. See entry below.]  
_Galileo's Math Book_ by Phill Townsend. [an updateable catalogue of
Bob Dylan Bootleg CD releases, designed to fit into loose leaf binders.
(Binders with a 4-colour cover can be bought. At the moment, GMB fills
two binders.) Each catalogued disc has its own page entry, detailing
track and source information, etc.  At regular intervals, he will be
issuing GMB updates, cataloguing new releases, and updating information
on old releases. This replaces the main Strangers & Prophets book; a
companion volume containing ratings and opinions of the discs will
appear sometime soon.]

 Galileo's Math Book can be ordered from Crazy Joe at P.O. Box 2935,
 Solihull, West Midlands B91 2LS, England. Cost is 30 pounds. Air postage
  (in pounds):
   UK 6
   Europe 12
   USA/Canada 28
   Australia/Japan 34
   (or surface postage: 12 pounds to anywhere).
 For the binders, it's 16 pounds for two, plus the following postage:
   UK 3
   Europe 4
   USA/Canada 12
   Australia/Japan 15
   (or surface postage: 6 pounds to anywhere).
   (Binders are labelled Vol 1 and Vol 2. The pages released so far will fill
   these two binders. If ordering as additional binders, please request 
   Vol 3 and Vol 4.)

_Bob Dylan's Words: A Critical Dictionary and Commentary_ by Richard Wissolik
and Scott McGrath.
Greensburg, PA: Eadmer Press, 1994  Vol 1  ISBN: 0-929914-11-2 (hb) 
Greensburg, PA: Eadmer Press, 1995  Electronic edition ISBN: 0-929914-17-1 LCCN: 
[An analysis of 800 terms in evry Dylan song between 1962-1985, including 
_The Bob Dylan Concordance_ by Steve Michel.
Grand Junction, CO: Rolling Tomes, Jun 1992  153 p.
ISBN: 0-9635031-0-3  
[Provides a comprehensive index to Dylan's songs by the lyrics.  
If you ever wonder what song that line stuck in your head came from,  
this book is for you.  An excellent companion to the 'official' lyric  
book, and a great resources for fans of Dylan's writing]  
_I Just Write 'Em As They Come: An Annotated Guide to the Writings  
of Bob Dylan_ by Tim Dunn. 
Painesville, OH: NOT-A-CES Pub, 1990  249 p.
["The Dylan song encyclopedia"]  
_The Bible in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan_ by Bert Cartwright.
Bury, Lancashire: Wanted Man Study Series #4, 1985; rev & enlarged 1993  
[A good look at Dylan's use of biblical references in his lyrics. Flawed but 
_The Dylan Companion_ edited by Elizabeth Thomson & David Gutman.  
New York: Delta Book (Dell Pub), May 1991.  335 p.
ISBN: 0-385-30225-8 (pbk)    LCCN: 90-38926
Originally London: Macmillan London Ltd, 1990  335 p.
[At the back it has a 20 page bibliography, listing tons of books and 
articles about Dylan from the very beginning forward]   

3. Are there magazines about Dylan to which I could subscribe?
There are several highly regarded periodicals devoted to Dylan's
career - again, this is not a complete listing, but merely a guide:

The Telegraph is the oldest and perhaps best known Dylan fan magazine.
Sadly, its future is uncertain with the passing of editor John
Bauldie.  Back issues are well worth seeking out.  For more
information, see the Telegraph web site

Isis (UK - P.O.Box 1182, Bedworth, CV12 0ZA. England.
bi-monthly, subscriptions currently $64.95/yr. via Rolling Tomes)
is excellent for information regarding bootleg audio & video material
plus a comprehensive guide to Dylan's constant touring. For more
information, see the Isis web site
E-mail address is

ICE (US, P.O. Box 3043, Santa Monica, CA 90408, monthly, subscribe 
directly for $30/yr in North America, $40/yr elsewhere) is a newsletter
that provides information on new CDs, re-issued CDs, underground CDs,
and planned releases, all from reliable sources.  Again, not a Dylan
magazine, but usually contains something regarding Dylan CDs...
ICE can be reached by email for questions and comments regarding 
compact discs, as well as subscription information, at:
A sample copy can be obtained from their web site at

Goldmine (US, 700 E. State St, Iola, WI 54990, (715) 445-2214,
FAX (715) 445-4087. Subscriptions $35/yr.)
This is a record and CD collectors' publication, published
twice a month, known for being a forum for bootleg buyers and
sellers.  Goldmine has phased out detailed advertisements from all 
but the largest dealers, including a crackdown on classified ads.  
This includes tapes and videos, but *not* CD's.  Subscriptions are $35 
for a year; you can call and order by Visa/MC, or mail them a check or 
money order.  If you call them they will send you a free sample copy.
You may also subscribe over the web at

On The Tracks: The Unauthorized Bob Dylan Magazine (US - published
by Rolling Tomes [address above], quarterly, US subscriptions currently
$24.95/yr, or $39.95/yr to also receive the monthly newsletter, 
Series of Dreams)  Features interviews, columns by well-known Dylan
commentators, such as Paul Williams, and importantly, includes the 
Rolling Tomes catalog within its pages.  The companion newsletter 
covers the gritty details such as concert dates, setlists, news events 
and rumors.

Who Threw the Glass (Australia - quarterly, AUS$12 for subscription,
contact Shane Youl  for more information) contains 
analysis & discussion of Dylan's ongoing works...

Taper's Quarterly (US - quarterly, $10/yr) published by the Live Audio 
Video Association (LAVA), 1726 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA  94109-3643
(or contact: is a forum for those who record live music
of all sorts, and contains information reagrding equipment, techniques, etc.
The Famous Etiquette Book (UK, available from PO Box 2935, Solihull, 
West Midlands, B91 2LQ, UK. Subscription is 5 pounds sterling for 5 issues, 
payable to Phill Townsend) TFEQ is a news-sheet produced by Phill Townsend 
(Crazy Joe in ISIS) that gives updates on Dylan CD boots as they become 
available. This information later becomes available in ISIS and Series of 
Dreams, and eventually in Townsend's book(s).

Why A Pig? (UK, subscriptions are for 4 issues, c/o PO Box 3239,
London SW6, UK. Cheques/POs/IMO should be made payable to "Why A Pig?"
UK subs: 10 pounds; Europe subs: 12 pounds; USA subs: $15 sea, $20 air)
Devoted to covering the 'underground' CD market regarding many performers.

Dignity (UK, available from: Desolation Row Promotions John Baldwin, 57
Tempsford, Welwyn Garden City, Herts., AL7 2PA, ENGLAND. 6 issues a
year, subscription: Pounds 17.94 UK, 23.94 Europe, 29.94 USA, 32.94 ROW
Air Mail, or Pounds 22.74 USA / Rest of World by Surface Mail).
Objective is to provide serious Bob Dylan analysis. This includes song
and concert commentary (any show any date), books, reader ads, etc.
Issue one is 40 A4 pages.

The All Night Cafe (1994-     )
P.O. Box 632, Carlton South, Victoria 3053, Australia

The Bridge - Mike Wyvill and John Wraith, who have long contributed
the Jotting Down Notes section to the Telegraph, are continuing
the tradition of an A5 sized magazine which follows John's format
of commissioned factual and interpretive articles, interviews and

  Subscription costs (three issues a year) are as follows:
            UK -                    M-#20.00

            Europe-                 M-#24.00

            USA/Rest of the World - M-#30.00/$52.00

  If sending cheques, please ensure they are drawn on sterling.

  Contact address: The Bridge, c/o Wardley Post Office, Wardley,
  Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE10 8AT, UK

  For more information, see the Bridge web site:

Rolling Thunder magazine, published 3 times a year plus 4 newsflashes
a year. The magazine has a professional lay-out with a color cover
printed on glossy paper. Every magazine is written in Dutch and
has extensive tour reports, CD reviews, book reviews, a news section,
an essay on Bob Dylan, articles about Bob in the press plus a
special that covers a period in Bob Dylan's career. Subscriptions
cost 700 BEF (about $19), payable by IMO to the address mentioned
further on. Belgian and Dutch subscribers can also pay by bank
transfer. More information can be obtained from Peter Mestach,
Hundelgemsesteenweg 409, 9050 Gentbrugge, Belgium. Rolling Thunder
also organizes Dylan parties.

There are a number of discontinued magazines that are still in print
or available as back orders, such as Homer the Slut (UK) and Look Back
(US). For more information, contact Rolling Tomes.

PARKING METER is the only German language Bob Dylan magazine, published
in Vienna, Austria. The first issue was published in May 1997.
PARKING METER is published four times a year and information
regarding the magazine can be obtained from its editorial address:
Postfach 45, A-1092 Vienna, Austria or via their website: .
The magazine editors Burkhard Schleser & Rainer Vesely can also be
reached by email at .

Under Your Spell - the best Dylan fanzine in the whole of Poland!
e-mail for more details.

Freewheelin' is a A5 publication with a full colour cover and
90-plus text pages dealing with all aspects of Dylan's work.
  The electronic version will be E-mailed on the publication dates.
  A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 would be required to
  open the attachment.
  Cheques should be made payable to 'Freewheelin' and sent to:

  Keith Wootton
  35 Nursery Gardens
  St Ives
  PE17 6NL

  For more information E-mail Keith Wootton:

Finally, you might want to check out Helter Skelter Books. 
General Information:

4. I just read an article about Bob Dylan in my newspaper...
Mark Carter provides a cutting service to which everyone should 
contribute.  If you  see something in a newspaper, magazine or 
journal of even the remotest relevance to Bob Dylan and his work 
then you should send it to him.  If it is something you would throw  
away then send the original, otherwise send a photocopy.  Include all 
relevant information of the date, publication, place, page numbers, etc.

Send your contributions to:

                        Mark Carter,
                    25 Marlborourgh Road
                      Norfolk NR3 7AP

Just because the article appeared in the New York Times doesn't
mean that someone else has already sent it!  Duplications are trivial,
but omissions are glaring errors :-).  Submissions from publications
with limited circulation and non-English newspapers are especially
encouraged, since the rest of the world will probably never know of
these articles unless you clip them!

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