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From: (Trond J. Stroem)
Subject: FAQ: Deep Purple (
Summary: This FAQ contains info about the rock band Deep Purple and related 
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Deep Purple FAQ June 1994
Deep Purple Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list
(Mark IX - 9. June 1994) 
For the newsgroup 
Written by Trond J. Strxm 

(Last update: 15. June 1994)

The newsgroup is for discussions about Deep Purple,
and various projects involving members and ex-members of this band.

This FAQ list tries to sum up some of the things people like to know about
the band.

I'll try to post it once a month, if I feel the request is there. Requests
for additions, as well as corrections, are welcome!

The FAQ is now also posted to, and news.answers, which means
it'll get stored at some ftp-archive. It's also stored at the Deep Purple
WWW pages, see below.

1. New items since last release of the FAQ. 
2. Is Gillian in Deep Purple now? 
3. What's the state of the band right now? 
4. Ex-members whereabouts 
5. Will Purple be touring soon? 
6. I hear Whitesnake's touring, too? 
7. What were the lineups? And what does "Mark 2" mean? 
8. Has there been other configurations of the band? 
9. These guys have been involved in some other projects as well? 
10. What Deep Purple records are available out there? 
11. What official Deep Purple videos exist? 
12. Er...has anyone heard some bootlegs from the last tour? 
13. What tracks are missing if I have all the original studio albums? 
14. What was the set list of the 1993 tour like? 
15. And what's the set list of the current tour like? 
16. Is Ritchie practicing his cello on the solo in "Fools"? 
17. What's "Mary Long" about? 
18. Who publishes Ian's autobiography? 
19. What's the address to the Deep Purple Appreciation Society? 
20. Are there other fan clubs? Perhaps in my country? And perhaps one for
my Favourite Purple Person? 
21. What's the address to RPM Records? 
22. What's RPM's Deep Purple related releases? 
23. And what about Connoisseur Collection? 
24. Is there a Deep Purple WWW page available? 
25. What other Deep Purple Internet resources are available? 
26. Where do I get the European releases if I live in the USA? 
27. Still in the USA, what about the videos? 
28. I found this FAQ on archive site/WWW
pages, but the newsgroup is not on my site! What do I
29. Who do you think you are?! 


1. New items since last release of the FAQ.

* Deep Purple tour rescheduled! 
* Ritchie reforming Rainbow? 
* Whitesnake lineup 
* More Whitesnake dates 
* Blackmore joins WHITESNAKE??? 
* Uh-uh, Blackmore / Whitesnake didn't happen. 
* New Connoisseur address added. 
* The WWW version of the FAQ is now truly brought up into the Wonderfull
World of HyperMedia! :-) 
* WWW version gets links to other internet resources. 
* 1994 set list! 

2. Is Gillian in Deep Purple now?

No, and SHE HAS NEVER BEEN, either! On the other hand, vocalist
extraordinaire Ian Gillan is in Deep Purple again.

3. What's the state of the band right now?

After heavy pressure from various sources, Ritchie Blackmore was forced to
take back Ian Gillan as the vocalist in Autumn 1992. The re-reunited Deep
Purple Mk II recorded "The Battle Rages On..." , which actually is quite
good. It was released in July (Europe) and August (USA) 1993. The proposed
July US Tour was cancelled for unknown reasons, possibly because the album
was delayed there.

The European tour started in September, and as reviews started to reach us
on alt.rock-n-roll.classic (where the Deep Purple discussions at times
overwhelmed the newsgroup), it looked like we were in for a treat. I got to
see them in Oslo, Norway on 15. November myself, and it was a very
enjoyable show, with Ritchie in particularily good form and mood - I felt I
got at least a glimpse of what Deep Purple had been like in the early
seventies, something which can't be said about most of the reunion shows.
Allthough they had their bum nights, too - the show at the Birmingham NEC
got a particularily unfavourable response...

Two days later, the tour ended in Helsinki, Finland. And this seems to be
it as far as Mark II goes; the same day they played here in Oslo, news
reached us on alt.rock-n-roll.classic that Ritchie Blackmore was to quit.
It seemed unbelievable after I'd seen the show, with Blackmore in better
form than for ages, but it turned out to be true.

The day after the show, a Norwegian paper printed an interview with Ian
Gillan where he confirmed that Blackmore was to leave. Reasons being that
the whole band had found the good friendship they had back in '69, except
for Blackmore, who travelled separately from the others, stayed by
himself... And it's also well known that Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore
aren't on too good terms on the personal level. The first mention of
Blackmore leaving, on BBC Radio Sunday 14. November, said Blackmore didn't
want to tour any longer, and that he had plans outside Deep Purple for

In an interview with Finnish magazine "Rumba", done on the day Ritchie
left: Roger said:

Deep Purple has managed to work only because others have done what Ritchie
Blackmore wants to? 

- Yes, and that's why Ritchie plays his last concert in Deep Purple today.
Last ten years we're been faking the band democracy. We never said it,
although we very well knew, that resisting Ritchie's will leads into big

Ritchie had given each of them a letter two weeks earlier, telling what he
was miscontent with, and stating that the concert 17. November would be his
last. (Interview courtesy of Jari Tapio Tomppo.)

Deep Purple played several dates in Japan in the beginning of December
1993, with Joe Satriani stepping in on the guitar. They played all days
from 2. December to 8. December, except the 4.

According to Juntaro in Japan, who caught four of the shows with Satriani,
they were quite enjoyable. They even lasted for a massive 140 minutes, with
old faves like "Maybe I'm a Leo", "Pictures of Home" and "When a Blind Man
Cries" added to the show.

There were plans for a live album and video from last year's tour in March.
This was reported in Kerrang!, but as of yet, no titles have appeared on
the upcoming release lists. (On the other hand, it's highly usual for Deep
Purple releases to be delayed...) The video is supposedly from the concert
at the Birmingham NEC on 9. November - apparently a weak show from all
reports we've had in, with Ritchie in a bad mood. He did drench a couple of
camera-men with waterglasses, though! :-)

Mixing on the live album was done in early March, and it might include
recordings with Satriani, as two of the nights in Japan were recorded.

The first indication we got about Purple continuing with Satriani, came
from Scott A Holman, who spoke with a spokesman for the record company
early in February, and learned that Purple was going on the road again with

Later Colin Irwing got news from Simon Robinson that Purple will indeed be
touring with Satriani again, with dates for Japan being set up first. But
it was unsure whether they would record, as their commercial standing is
rather shakey.

Japanese and Australian etc. dates seems to have been dropped.

But Deep Purple will certainly be touring Europe this summer. Find the
latest (as of 9. June) tour schedule below. Satriani has indicated in an
interview that they've rehearsed some seldom played oldies, and that the
tour will include some surprises... Sounds like what the rest of teh band
except Ritchie has been wanting to do since the reunion.

Latest news is that they ARE actually writing material for a studio album
with Satriani. Looks like he enjoys the stint! This was taken from Darker
Than Blue no. 46.

The production for the live album and video also continues, but it's
obviously been delayed, as March became history without the live efforts
turning up... Unless they shoot themselves in the leg (as they did with the
last one) and rerecords everything, use a bad date or whatever, this should
be a good one. Most fans will probably be more satisfied with the "In Your
Trousers" bootleg, though... Just give me the 11:30 version of "Anya", and
I'm happy!

At the time of writing, the first reviews from the European gigs has
reached me; and it's looking good... I'm just back from Gothenburg, Sweden
as I'm writing this, and all I can say is: by all means, if they play
anywhere near you, GO! Ian Gillan has recorded an album of rock'n'roll
classics with his first band from the sixties, The Javelins. Release date

4. Ex-members' whereabouts

As for Ritchie, this report from Damien DeSimone was forwarded by Alex
Gitlin. Damien was at a Ray Gillen tribute show in New York, featuring
Glenn Hughes with Trapeze, and found out the following:

"Ritchie Blackmore's guitar tech was at the show the other night, too, and
I spoke with him. He said Ritchie is currently doing sporadic recording for
a solo album; nothing too serious at this point, though. He is living on
Long Island (I thought he was still living in Greenwich, CT). He plays
soccer at a park on Long Island at 3:00 on Sundays, though I forget where
exactly. Also, he made a surprise appearance at a club on Long Island last
week, and he'll be doing more of that over the next few weeks." (February

Liner notes by Simon Robinson on a new release from Connoisseur Collection,
called "The Rainbow Family Tree", indicate that Ritchie is indeed doing the
obvious, and forming a new Rainbow...

Glenn Hughes has just put out a solo album called "From Now On", he's drug
free and reportedly has a better voice than ever. Covers of "Burn" and "You
Keep On Moving" was done for the CD ; the first is on the Dutch CD and a
Swedish CD single, while both are on the Japanese CD. He's now done (?) a
six week tour in the US with the reunited Trapeze, whose albums have just
been reissued over there.

David Coverdale has split with Page because of lower success than expected,
and because of Page working with Plant again. Whitesnake has reformed, a
Greatest Hits album will be released, possibly with some new tracks. The
lineup dissappointingly looks more like the 1987 era hairspray Whitesnake
than the old band. However...

The latest issue of Darker Than Blue (the Deep Purple Appreciation Society
magazine) mentions rumours of Coverdale working with a certain ex-Deep
Purple guitar player... This could mean Blackmore's recording a solo album
using various vocalists. No concrete details on this one yet.

Then we hear that one Whitesnake concert has been announced as "Whitesnake
featuring Ritchie Blackmore" in Germany. Turned out it nearly happened,
too! See the Whitesnake tour segment for more info.

5. Will Purple be touring soon?

Short answer: yes!

Long answer:

Deep Purple Tour dates 1994:

New tour schedule: 
 3. June Waldb|hne, Berlin, Germany 5. June Eissporthalle, Halle, Germany
 6. June (Denmark?)
 7. June Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
                   Support: Uriah Heep
 8. June Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
        Support: Uriah Heep
10. June Karlshamn, Sweden
            "Sommarfestivalen" (The summer fesival)
            Other bands: Sweet, Mountain, Uriah Heep,
            Swedish acts.
11. June Excersisheden, Gvteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden
            Heden All Star Festival, outdoor festival
            (resceduled from Scandinavium Hockey Hall)
            Support: Uriah Heep, Steffan Andersson
13. June Stadthalle, Bielefeldt, Germany
                   Support: Uriah Heep
14. June Eissporthalle, Kassel, Germany
                   Support: Uriah Heep
15. June Nibelungenhalle, Passau, Germany
            Support: Uriah Heep
16. June Saarlandhalle, Saarbr|cken, Germany
                   Support: Uriah Heep
17. June Kunsteisstadion, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany
                   Support: Uriah Heep
18. June (Flanders Expo), Gent, Belgium
                   Support: Uriah Heep
19. June Schwabenhalle, Augsburg, Germany
                   Support: Uriah Heep
21. June Vicenza, Italy
22. June Palasport, Genoa, Italy
24. June Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
                          Support: Uriah Heep
25. June Flugplatz Wildenrath, Wegberg, Germany
            Harley Davidson Motorcycle Festival! Includes: "Motor-
            action-show", Bungee-jumping, Airpower flying, Bull-
            riding, a lottery with Harley's as prices and the
            other bands: Steppenwolf, Bonnie Tyler,
            Andrew Strong, "musical surprises" (Glenn Hughes?)
26. June St Gallen open air, Switzerland
            Festival 24. - 26 June
            Other bands: Spin Doctors, Stephan Eicher, John Hiatt,
            Gotthard, Bob Geldof + others
29. June Palacio de los deportes, Barcelona, Spain
30. June Footbal stadium, Burgos, Spain

 1. July Palacio de los deportes,  Madrid, Spain
 2. July Palacio de los deportes, Gijon, Spain
 5. July Alpenstadion, Kapfenberg, Austria
 6. July Oberfrankhalle, Bayreuth, Germany
                  Support: Uriah Heep

(More dates likely to be added?)

Ah well... the tour's been rescheduled. The original support band Bad
Company has been replaced with Uriah Heep. Some dates are moved, others
seem to be plain dropped. The dates outside Germany are unconfirmed, as the
changes is based on a German tour list.

Thanks to J|rgen Gizzi for geographical assistance! Thanks a bundle to
Howard Surridge for typing in the original tourlist from Darker than Blue
46! Also thanks to J|rgen for keeping the updates flowing in. And to Thomas
Zeltwanger for sending in the update. Italian dates from Alessandro Turrin,
Austrian date from Martin Sabo.

6. I hear Whitesnake's touring, too?

Yup, folks, looks like it's happening! Dates reported at the time of

Whitesnake tour list 
.?. June  Tilburg, The Netherlands (SOLD OUT, small hall)22. June 
Kulttuuritalo-Kulturhuset. Helsinki, Finland
24. June  Midtfyn Festivalen (open air), Ringe, Denmark
25. June  Sinsheim, Messehalle 
                 (guests: Huey Lewis and the News, Sinner)
?26. June Dubravka stadium, Bratislava, Slovakia
                 Support: Status Quo
?26. June Dinkelsb|hl, Inselwiese, Germany
 1. July  M|nchen (Munich), Flughafen Riem (Open Air)
       Guests: Steve Lukather, Saga
 2. July  Sch|ttdorf Open Air Festival, Vechtwiese, Sch|ttdorf, Germany
             10th Sch|ttdorfer Open Air
             (headlining) Other bands: 
             Die Toten Hosen, Therapy?, Element of Crime, NOF X,
             Jingo de Lunch, Gotthard, Father & Son.
 3. July  Nordheim, (Waldb|hne), Germany
 8. July  Kvln (Cologne), M|ngersdorfer Stadion
             (support for ZZ Top)
15. July Stockholm, Stocholms stadion, Sweden
22. July Hammersmith Apollo, UK

 ?. July  Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France
 ?. July  Milan, Italy


* David Coverdale (vocals) 
* Adrian Vandenberg (guitar) 
* Rudy Sarzo (bass) 
* Denny Carmassi (drums) 
* Warren De Martini (guitar) 
* Paul Mirkovich (keyboards) 


1. Still of the night 
2. Here I go again 
3. Is this love 
4. Love ain't no stranger 
5. Looking for love 
6. Now you're gone 
7. Slide It in 
8. Slow an' easy 
9. Jugdement day 
10. You're gonna back 
11. The deeper the love 
12. Crying in the rain 
13. Fool for your loving

(Setlist info from German Metal Hammer - might actually be for the Greatest
Hits compilation...)

Blackmore in Whitesnake rumour:

An ad for the Sch|ttendorf gig carried the caption "Whitesnake featuring
Ritchie Blackmore". Turned out it nearly happened, too: Here's the latest
info, (16. May), from Thomas Zeltwanger:

"To bring some light to the mysterious rumours about Ritchie joining
WHITESNAKE for some concerts I phoned again to the concert agency which
promotes the WHITESNAKE tour in Germany . The man in charge explained that
there was indeed  talk about a WHITESNAKE/Blackmore collaboration, but for
some reasons (which are beyond his knowledge) it didn't work out :-(."
(Thomas Zeltwanger:

Special thanks to TZ and J"urgen Gizzi for keeping this list updated! And
others, too.

7. What were the lineups? And what does "Mark 2" mean?

Deep Purple was and is:

Deep Purple Mark I (April 1968 - June 1969): 
* Ritchie Blackmore (guitar)
* Rod Evans (vocals)
* Jon Lord (keyboards + backing vocals)
* Ian Paice (drums) 
* Nick Simper (bass + backing vocals)

Deep Purple Mark II (June 1969 - 30. June 1973)

* Ritchie Blackmore (guitar)
* Ian Gillan (vocals)
* Roger Glover (bass) 
* Jon Lord (keyboards) 
* Ian Paice (drums)

Deep Purple Mark III (October 1973 - 5. April 1975)
* Ritchie Blackmore (guitar) 
* David Coverdale (vocals) 
* Glenn Hughes (bass + vocals) 
* Jon Lord (keyboards) 
* Ian Paice (drums)

Deep Purple Mark IV (1975 - (March 1976)
* Tommy Bolin (guitar + vocals) 
* David Coverdale (vocals) 
* Glenn Hughes (bass + vocals) 
* Jon Lord (keyboards) 
* Ian Paice (drums)

Deep Purple Mark V (reunion) (April 1984 - April 1989)
Same lineup as Mk II above.

(Often referred to as Mk V at the time, as fans didn't think they quite
stood up to the past. From now on I'll use this on the newsgroup as well,
as DPAS seem to use this notation...)

Deep Purple Mark VI (Autumn 1989 - Autumn 1992) "Mk. Turner" )
* Ritchie Blackmore (guitar)
* Roger Glover (bass) 
* Jon Lord (keyboards) 
* Ian Paice (drums) 
* Joe Lynn Turner (vocals)

Deep Purple Mark V (re-reunion?) (Autumn 1992 - 17. November 1993)
Same lineup as Mk II above. Could also be referred to as Mk VII, I guess...
this gets totatally confusing!

Deep Purple Mark VII (2. December 1993 - )
* Ian Gillan (vocals) 
* Roger Glover (bass) 
* Jon Lord (keyboards) 
* Ian Paice (drums) 
* Joe Satriani (guitar)

(This lineup was originally just for the Japanese tour, that had been
announced before Blackmore quit in November. Now they're heading for the
road again, and it's said that they've been writing material too.)

8. Has there been other configurations of the band?

Eccentric lineups feature one date in the USA in 1971 with Randy California
on guitar (Blackmore was taken ill - they dropped the tour after this
show), and one or two in the early seventies with Mark II without Gillan,
with Roger Glover trying to fill in on the vocals...

Also there was the infamous bogus Deep Purple in 1980, when Rod Evans was
lured into "reforming" Deep Purple by a US manager specializing in
reforming old bands with a minimum of original members. They played a
handfull of dates in the US (where reportedly most audiences left the halls
during the shows) before the outfit were taken to court by the old
management team (Tony Edwards and John Colleta). As a result, Rod Evans
lost the rights to royalties for his work with Deep Purple.

9. These guys have been involved in some other projects as well?

n addition to Deep Purple, this newsgroup will also discuss the various
spin off projects from the band; here's some:

* Ritchie Blackmore: Various sessions (Screaming Lord Sutch, The
Outlaws...), Green Bullfrog, Rainbow 
* Tommy Bolin: Solo work, James Gang, Zephyr etc. 
* David Coverdale: Solo work, Whitesnake, Coverdale/Page 
* Rod Evans: The Maze, Captain Beyond 
* Ian Gillan: Episode Six, Jesus Christ Superstar (1970), Solo work, Ian
Gillan Band, Gillan, Black Sabbath, Gillan Glover Garth Rockett & the
Moonshiners, The Javelins 
* Roger Glover: Episode Six, Solo work, Rainbow, Gillan Glover, production
* Glenn Hughes: Trapeze, Solo work, Hughes & Thrall, Gary Moore Band, Black
Sabbath, Phenomena, John Norum, George Lynch, KLF 
* Jon Lord: The Artwoods, Flowerpot Men, Solo work (orchestral and other),
Tony Asthon & Jon Lord, Paice-Ashton-Lord (PAL), Whitesnake 
* Ian Paice: The Maze, Green Bullfrog, PAL, Whitesnake, Gary Moore Band 
* Nick Simper: Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, Screaming Lord Sutch and the
Savages, Flowerpot Men, Warhorse, (Nick Simper's) Fandango 
* Joe Lynn Turner: Fandango (not the same band!), Rainbow, Solo work,
Yngwie Malmsteen, Mother's army (album out in Japan only) 

10. What Deep Purple records are available out there?

Quick discography for Deep Purple: (based on UK releases mainly). CD
availability added after the titles.

Mark I:
* Shades of Deep Purple (1968) (CD - but deleted in Europe.) ("Shades" is
available as a German rerelease called "Hush" ) 
* The Book of Taliesyn (1968) (CD) 
* Deep Purple (1969) (CD)

American CD reissues of these are very dodgy - go for European or Japanese

Mark II:
* Concerto for Group and Orchestra (live - with Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra) (1969) (European CD has "Wring that Neck" and "Child in Time"
added - both done in a short set before the Concerto ) 
* Deep Purple in Rock (1970) (CD) (US/Japanese version lacks intro to Speed
King ) 
* Fireball (1971) (CD) (US/Jap version replaces Demon's Eye with SKOW)  
* Machine Head (1972) (CD) 
* Made in Japan (live) 1972 (CD) 
* Who do We think We are! (1973) (CD)

Albums released after the split:  
* Powerhouse (LP 1977) (only on CD in Japan - tracks will be released on a
Rarities compilation in Europe. Two tracks now on the "Concerto..." CD, see
above. One on "Singles A's and B's")  
* Deep Purple in Concert 1970-1972 (LP 1980 - complete 2CD version 1992)
(European CD adds two tracks and inbetween song chat)  
* Scandinavian Nights (live Stockholm 1970) (1988) (2CD) (Released as Live
and Rare in the USA)  
* Gemini Suite Live (live September 1970 with the Light Music Society) 
(1993) (CD only) 
* Live in Japan (live Japan August 1972 - the tapes used for "Made in
Japan" - 3CDs with most of three concerts)  (1993) (3CD) 

Mark III:
* Burn (1974) (CD) 
* Stormbringer (1974) (CD) 

Albums released after the split:  
* Made in Europe (1976) (CD) 
* Live in London (1982) (only Japanese CD - European 2CD release with
complete show planned)  

Mark IV:
* Come taste the Band (1975) (CD) 

Album released after the split:  
* Last Concert in Japan (1977) (CD) 

Mark V (reunion):
* Perfect Strangers (1984) (CD - has bonus track "Not Responsible")  
* The House of Blue Light (1987) (CD - all songs longer than on LP)  
* Nobody's Perfect (live) (1988) (2LPs edited down to one CD)  
* The Battle Rages on... (1993) (CD) 

Album released after the split:  
* Knebworth 85 - In the abscence of Pink (live 1985) (1991) (2CD) 

Mark VI (Mk Turner) :
* Slaves and Masters (1990) (CD)

Compilations and singles left out for the time being.

I'm working on a more thorough discography for the albums, but don't hold
your breath.

11. What official Deep Purple videos exist?

Quick rundown:

* Concerto for Group and Orchestra

The video from the event - same recording as on the album. Two edits.
Colour. Total ca. 50 minutes?

* Doing Their Thing

Shot for a Granada TV (UK) program in 1970, contains excellent colour
footage of four songs, only Child in Time in full. Good stuff, nonetheless,
total 25 min.

* Scandinavian Nights - Live in Copenhagen 1. March 1972

recorded by Danmarks Radio, but never shown. B/W, some ropey photo, but
EXCELLENT material! Total ca. 100 minutes, complete show

* Machine Head Live 1972

Japanese release of the Copenhagen concert.

* California Jam

Mk III live at Ontario Speedway, April 1974. Nearly complete concert, (Lay
Down Stay Down is missing), OK footage, colour, and Ritchie's infamous
camera smashing! Total ca. 75 minutes?

* Rises over Japan

Mk IV. Only released in Japan. 5 tracks allegedly from the same night "Last
Concert in Japan" was recorded, December 1975. Colour, OK footage, weak
performance, edited.

* The Videosingles

Collection released 1987 with five promo videos from "Perfect Strangers"
and "The House of Blue Light". Not too  hot material, except "Nobody's
Home", which is live from Providence Civic Center 4. March 1985. Later
issues might include the video to "Hush '88".

* Heavy Metal Pioneers

An one hour documentary, released while Turner was still wielding the mike.
Basically: forget it. Most of the footage is already officially released,
and everything here is edited. One of the new items here, Mark IV playing
"Stormbringer", has the sound dubbed off the album. The other unreleased
clips are wellknown from videolists, in complete state. Some interesting
interviews, but not much for your money. The cover also claims the video
includes footage of "Kentucky Woman" and "Woman From Tokyo", which is a
downright lie. Save your hard earned cash.

12. Er...has anyone heard some bootlegs from the last tour?

Three bootlegs reported so far, all are 2CDs:

* Battle Cries `93 Good quality audience recording from Paris, date
probably 19. October 1993. Good show. OHM Records. 2CD set, full show. 

* In Your Trousers EXCELLENT quality recording from Stockholm 13. November
1993, with two songs from Copenhagen the previous day included. "Can be
compared with any official live albums", according to Ingo. Indeed he was
right, it's better than the official reunion live albums. Soundboard
recording. Only drawback is Gillan is low in the mix Crystal Cat records.
2CD set, full show. 

* The Battle The first bootleg with Satriani on guitar! Japanese 2CD set,
from the gig on 3. December 1993, Osaka, Japan. Short review from Tom

I do have the CD called 'The Battle' which I obtained in Tokyo on a visit
there recently. I really don't need to give a review, just one word
describes it : AWESOME!! Joe Satriani fits in really well. Satriani plays
Blackmore's solos for the most part, but with some variations. He also
plays ALL of the notes during songs, something which RB rarely did. The
sound recording is about the same as 'In Your Trousers', but the music is
much better, especially Child in Time & Anya. It's a double CD, with 131
minutes of classic DP in total. Everyone who gets to see them in Europe is
going to be very happy! 

13. What tracks are missing if I have all the original studio albums?

Quite a few, really.

I'll try to wind up the tracks not on the "original" releases (the "pure"
live albums are omitted here):

Powerhouse (1977)
* Painted Horse - Who do we think we are!-outtake) 
* Hush 
* Wring that Neck 
* Child in Time All three recorded before the "Concerto" in 1969. The two
latter now on the "Concerto" CD. 
* Black Night (live) (Originally b-side to Woman from Tokyo - now on the
Singles A's and B's CD.) 
* Cry Free (Deep Purple in Rock-outtake)

Painted Horse, Hush  and Cry Free  will probably turn up on a "Rarities"
CD. If you DO need them, the Japanese have released Powerhouse on CD.

LP track edited in some countries...
* Speed King Americans, Canadians and Japanese will have to get hold of the
European version of "Deep Purple in Rock" to hear THAT intro, which were
rudely edited off in the mentioned places. (Speed King on "Deepest Purple"
also has the guitar part of the intro edited off.) Another possibility is
to buy the good old Black Night 7", of course. Most European versions had
the full length Speed King as the b-side. It's also on good compilations
like "The Anthology" (2CD). And on good old "24 Carat Purple", if I'm not

Various non-LP single tracks:
* Emmaretta (Mk I non-LP single) 
* Bird has Flown (Mk I - Different version on US single - the LP version
was done later.) 
* Hallelujah (First Mk II single) 
* Black Night (Single not on any album) 
* Speed King (Single version - completely different (earlier) take) 
* Strange Kind of Woman (Single only, shorter than later version on US LP,
but same take) 
* I'm Alone (b-side to SKOW, non-album track) 
* Demon's Eye (Included on the European Fireball LP instead of SKOWoman,
but not out in the US and the East) 
* When a Blind Man Cries (b-side to "Never Before", non-album track) 
* Black Night (live) (encore from Japan 1972) 
* Coronarias Redig (MK III b-side to "Might Just Take Your Life". Recorded
in Sweden mid-tour December 1973, and became an instrumental as Coverdale
reportedly were literally speaking to shagged out to sing!)

All the above are on "Singles A's and B's" released on CD by EMI in 1993.

New, Live and Rare Vol. 3 (EMI EP 1980)
* Smoke on the Water (live) (BBC in Concert 1972) 
* Bird has Flown (Mk II version - BBC studio recording autumn 1969) 
* Grabsplatter (Mk II instrumental - BBC studio recording autumn 1969)

"Smoke" is now on the EMI CD release of "Deep Purple in Concert". The two
others are currently unavailable elsewhere, except that "Grabsplatter" was
on the 1985 LP version of the "Anthology" compilation (deleted). A "Deep
Purple at the Beeb" CD has been planned - else they'll probably end up on a
"Rarities" CD.

Anthology (EMI 2LP 1985 - deleted)
* Love Help Me 
* Shadows Two tracks off a Mk I acetate, unavailable elsewhere. Love Help
Me is instrumental, "Shadows" never made it to "Shades of Deep Purple". 
* Freedom Poppy Mk II track, recorded 1971, possibly for single release.

All these tracks will probably end on the "Rarities" CD. "Anthology" 2LP
compilation must not be mistaken with "The Anthology" from 1991, which was
out on 3LP/2CD. This compilation is aimed at new fans, and avoids putting
on rarities just to force collectors to buy it.

Perfect Strangers (1984)
* Not Responsible

Bonus track on MC and CD - now probably more common than the LP version
without the track! If you NEED it on vinyl, you'll have to track down a US
promo single (Under the Gun?), or the picture disc release of "Perfect
Strangers" released in 1985 for the Knebworth Fayre in the UK.

Perfect Strangers (12" single, 1985)
* Perfect Strangers Five seconds longer than on the LP/CD! 
* Son of Alerik 10 minute long instrumental - very good, too! Now on "Rock
Profile Vol.2".

Ritchie Blackmore: Rock Profile Vol 1
Connoisseur, 1989 2LP/1CD - CD version is edited! LP deleted... 
* Playground Prev. unreleased Mk I instrumental 
* Guitar Job Not a proper Purple track - just Ritchie and Paicey rehearsing
in the studio, playing around with riffs and themes. 
* No No No (live) 
* Highway Star (live)

Recorded for German TV autumn 1971 - quite early for Highway Star. Beware:
both cuts are edited on the CD! LP version is naturally deleted now... Date
often given as 1. September 1971.

* Show Me the Way to Go Home Bonus track on the LP(!). Instrumental. Again
not a proper Deep Purple track; it features the boys fooling around with
this old English standard song during the Fireball sessions, playing out of
tune and generally farting about...

Ritchie Blackmore: Rock Profile Vol 2
Connoisseur : 2LP/1CD (edited) 199?

* "Jon Lord": Guitar Movement Actually the guitar movement from Deep
Purple's live performance of the Gemini Suite, credited to Jon Lord to
avoid legal problems... Now on the "Gemini Suite Live" CD.

* Son of Alerik 10 min. very nice instrumental from the B-side of the
"Perfect Strangers" 12" single. 

Love Conquers All (RCA single 1991)
* Slow Down, Sister Mk VI (Turner) b-side not on the album.

Fire, Ice and Dynamite (Soundtrack, 1991)
* Fire, Ice and Dynamite The title track is a Blackmore/Glover/Turner
track, played by Mk VI (minus Jon Lord - Glover plays the synths!). The
rest is Harold Faltermeyer's music, with Bonnie Tyler and worse singing.

I've probably forgotten something - do send me corrections!

14. What was the set list of the 1993 tour like?

Deep Purple : The Battle Rages On Tour 1993 set lists
Probably not 100 % accurate in regard to the changes, but you get the

a. (Only played at the very first dates in Italy, late September 1993)
Highway Star - Black Night - Talk About Love - A Twist in the Tale -
Perfect Strangers - Difficult to Cure / keyboard solo - Knocking at Your
Back Door - Child in Time - Anya - The Battle Rages on - Lazy / drum solo -
Medley: Space Truckin' - Anyone's Daughter - Woman From Tokyo - Paint it
Black - Mandrake Root solo encore Strange Kind of Woman - (Speed King?) -
Smoke on the Water

b. For the next dates, SKOWoman was removed, and Anyone's Daughter became a
song proper. Highway Star - Black Night - Talk About Love - A Twist in the
Tale - Perfect Strangers - Difficult to Cure / keyboard solo - Knocking at
Your Back Door - Anyone's Daughter - Child in Time - Anya - The Battle
Rages on - Lazy / drum solo - Medley: Space Truckin' - Woman From Tokyo -
Paint it Black - Mandrake Root solo encore Speed King - Smoke on the Water

c. Hush is added, somewhere in Germany Highway Star - Black Night - Talk
About Love - A Twist in the Tale - Perfect Strangers - Difficult to Cure /
keyboard solo - Knocking at Your Back Door - Anyone's Daughter - Child in
Time - Anya - The Battle Rages on - Lazy / drum solo - Medley: Space
Truckin' - (In the Hall of the Mountain King) - Woman From Tokyo - Paint it
Black - Mandrake Root solo encore Speed King - Hush - Smoke on the Water

d. The set list most of us saw, during the last part of the tour, right
until Ritchie's last date in Helsinki, Finland 17. November 1993. Highway
Star - Black Night - Talk About Love - A Twist in the Tale - Perfect
Strangers - Difficult to Cure / keyboard solo - Knocking at Your Back Door
- Anyone's Daughter - Child in Time - Anya - The Battle Rages on - Lazy /
drum solo - Medley: Space Truckin' - Woman From Tokyo - Paint it Black -
Mandrake Root solo encore Hush - (Speed King) - Smoke on the Water

Speed King skipped when Blackmore felt like skipping it.

e. Japanese dates with Satriani 2. - 8. December 1993 - the set list we all
would have loved to see with Ritchie, but he didn't wanna do! Highway Star
- Ramshackle Man - Black Night - Maybe I'm a Leo - A Twist in the Tale -
Perfect Strangers - Pictures of Home / keyboard solo - Knocking at Your
Back Door - Anyone's Daughter - Child in Time - Anya - The Battle Rages on
- When a Blind Man Cries - Lazy / drum solo - Medley: Space Truckin' -
Woman From Tokyo - Paint it Black - Mandrake Root keyboard solo encore Hush
- Speed King - Smoke on the Water

15. And what's the set list of the current tour like?

Highway Star - Ramshackle Man - Maybe I'm a Leo - Fireball - Perfect
Strangers - Pictures of Home / keyboard solo - Knocking at Your Back Door -
Anyone's Daughter - (Child in Time) - Anya - The Battle Rages on - When a
Blind Man Cries - Lazy / drum solo / Satch Boogie - Medley: Space Truckin'
/ Woman From Tokyo / Paint it Black / Mandrake Root keyboard solo Encore:
(Hush) - Speed King - (Black Night) - Smoke on the Water

"Child in Time" was left out in Hamburg. "Hush" was left out in Gothenburg,
due to time limits. "Black Night" so far only reported played in Berlin,
where the complete set list was played. Show length has varied from 2 h 5
min to 2 h 35 min in Berlin.

16. Is Ritchie practicing his cello on the solo in "Fools"?

No. The special sound on this solo is created by the volume knob on his
Fender. Basically, he picks the string while his right hand's pinky is on
the volume knob, with the volume turned off, and then turns the volume up
while the string is still vibrating. This creates the special sound.

This particular solo was created before they made "Fools" for the 1971
album "Fireball" - it can, for instance, be heard on the recordings from
Stockholm in November 1970 on "Scandinavian Nights" (aka "Live and Rare"),
during "Mandrake Root", and was later played during "Space Truckin'" (check
out "Made in Japan" or the 1972 disc on "Deep Purple in Concert", and the
Copenhagen 1972 video.) It's also featured on the studio jamming called
"Guitar Job" on Ritchie Blackmore: "Rock Profile Vol. 1". This was recorded
during rehearsals for "Fireball".

Other examples of Ritchie using volume control feature the live endings to
"Child in Time", and the end of the Guitar Movement on "Gemini Suite Live".

17. What's "Mary Long" about?

"Mary Long" probably refers to Mary Whitehouse & Lord Longford. They were
both very active back in the late 60s/early 70s campaigning against sex,
porn, drugs, & just about everything else. Mary Whitehouse, in particular,
is a household name in the UK synonymous with complaining about there being
too much sex on the television.

18. Who publishes Ian's autobiography?

Book: Ian Gillan with Dave Cohen: Child in Time : The life story of the
singer from Deep Purple. 1993. (Hardback.)

Publisher: Smith Gryphon Ltd. Swallow House. 11-21 Northdown St. London N1

Can be ordered from this address. Prices:

* UK: GBP 15.99 incl. p&p (That's "postage & packing"). 
* Europe: add GBP 5 p&p 
* Elsewhere: add GBP 15 (fifteen!)

Make cheques payable to Smith Gryphon, or use a creditcard.

19. What's the address to the Deep Purple Appreciation Society?

* P.O. Box 254 
* Sheffield S6 1DF 
* South Yorkshire 
* U.K.

Be sure to include an International Reply Coupon (IRC) with all
correspondence, will ya? (Bought at your local post office) (Or include a
SSAE if you're in the UK, naturally.) Just write there for further
information. Their magazine, "Darker than Blue" is essential for Purple
fanatics. 46 issues out at time of writing, the DPAS has existed since
1975, and is run by Simon Robinson, probably the person who knows most
about the band.

WARNING: Holding your breath while waiting for a reply could seriously
damage your health. They have daytime jobs, you know.

20. Are there other fan clubs? Perhaps in my country? And perhaps one for
my Favourite Purple Person?

Deep Purple (+ members/ex-members) fan clubs:

* Association of Friends of Ian Gillan. Stegmatt. CH-4952 Eriswil.
* Belgian DPAS. Postbus 21. 3290 Diest. Belgium. ("Deep Purple Fanclub
Magazine" has over 113 issues out!) 
* Blackmore Press. 14-35 4Chome Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku. Kobe Hyogo 657.
Japan. ("Ritchie Blackmore Press" has 11 + issues out. Newsletter size.) 
* Deep Purple Fan Club Austria. c/o Gerald Kuss. Fischergasse 34. A-5020
Salzburg. Austria. 
* Deutschland Gillan Club. Monika Baake. Hastedter-Heerstr. 130. 2800
Bremen 1. Germany. (Publishes "The Voice", 6+ issues.) 
* Ian Gillan Fan Club. Japan. (Address?) 
* Ian Paice A.S. 1006 Matthew Brady. Windsor. Ontario. Canada. (6+ issues
* Italian DPAS. Via Marsala 14, 21057 Oligate Olona. Italy. (Publishes
"Purple Glow", 8+ issues) 
* J. L. Turner IFC. (Under new management, details unknown) 
* Purple Press, P.O. Box 50322, Thessaloniki 54013, Greece 
* Swedish DPAS. Valadalsgraend 15. 83172 Oestersund. Sweden. (Publishes
"Purple Forever") 
* Tempting Black. Japan. (Blackmore fanzine - 20+ issues out) (Address?)

Ex-ex-members' fan clubs

* Under the Bonnet c/o Steve Wright. 4 Winton St. Lockwood. Huddersfield
HD1 3SW. UK. (Graham Bonnet-club - UtB has 6+ issues out.)

The clubs from countries not using the English language, naturally
publishes their magazines or fanzines in their own language. Be sure to
include an International Reply Coupon if you write for information, and
tell them you heard of them via the DPAS, cause that's where I got the

21. What's the address to RPM Records?

RPM Records Address:

RPM Records. 41 Garfield Road. London E4 7DG. UK

RPM is distributed by Pinnacle in the UK, and via Rough Trade in Germany
and the Netherlands. (Nice info to give record stores in the respective
countries if they don't carry these albums!) I'm also pretty sure that
Ohrik records distributes them here in Norway - Norwegians can mail me for
their address.

22. What's RPM's Deep Purple related releases?

* Ian Gillan: "Cher Kazoo and other stories..." (RPM 104, 1992) Previously
unreleased. Recorded 1972-74.

* Gillan: "Gillan - the Japanese Album"(RPM 108, 1993) First CD release -
originally released 1978. 5 bonus tracks.

* Deep Purple and the orchestra of the Light Music Society: "The Gemini
Suite - Live" (RPM 114, 28. August 1993) Previously unreleased, recorded
live at the Royal Festival Hall, 17. September 1970.

* Alphonse Mouzon: "Mind Transplant" (RPM 116, 1993) Much sought after
Tommy Bolin session from 1975, with 15 min bonus music. Jazz-fusion.

* Ritchie Blackmore: Take it! Sessions(RPM 120, 1993) Sixties sessions, 20
+ tracks, includes previously unreleased material and live recordings!

* Jon Lord: "Before I Forget" (RPM 126, 1994) First released 28. June 1982.
Includes single b-side and three previously unreleased tracks.

(and probably coming up: "Episode Six Live" !!! Also up the sleeve: Gillan
album of outtake 76-82)

23. And what about Connoisseur Collection?

There were rumours going around about Connoisseur Collection going out of
business, due to people getting their mail returned with "address unknown"
written all over it.

Turned out they'd just moved an forgotten to have their mail forwarded.
Here's the new address;

Connoisseur Collection Ltd., 2-3 Fitzroy Mews, London W1P 5DQ, UK

24. Is there a Deep Purple WWW page available?


>From now on, the new basic internet resource for Purple fans is Dave
Hodgkingson's Deep Purple World Wide Web pages! (Maintainers: Dave
Hodgkinson ( and myself.) They are found at the
following URL address:

The Deep Purple WWW pages currently stores this FAQ, the picture files from (see below) and lyrics from the same source. I've also sent
along all the chord and tablature files I have for Deep Purple & related
songs, some of these are not stored in any of the ftp guitar archives. Some
are up now. They are found together with the lyrics.

All the interviews posted on will also be stored
here, and more pictures etc. is also likely to be added.

To access these pages, you need a World Wide Web client, like NCSA Mosaic

25. What other Deep Purple resources are available?

The FAQ gets stored at, and of course at the WWW pages (see

Please rather use the WWW pages than mentioned below, it has
all  the lyrics and the pictures from uwp.

The lyrics are mirrored at a FTP archive in Sweden: here's the URL address:

(If you don't have World Wide Web access, just gopher to,
and work you way downwards in the hierarchy. They've got a searchable
database of lyrics and pictures, mirrored from uwp, there. Or use FTP to
the address above, of course.)

One of the biggest music related FTP archives, is the FTP archive at These can be reached by anonymous FTP. But...

NOTICE: These archive is currently under a lot of pressure because of heavy
traffic. Please do not use them at daytime local (US) time. You might also
have trouble getting access at all. The gopher connection has now been shut
down, but ftp via gopher is still more convenient for getting text files!

There are also some Rainbow files at this site; lyrics for the three Joe
Lynn Turner albums, + 16th Century Greensleeves (probably off the "Ritchie
Blackmore's Rainbow" LP cover) and a partial transcription of "All Night

Furthermore, there's a good Rainbow discography there, even though it
misses out "Live in Germany". There where also partial tablature for "Since
You Been Gone" there. The chords to "Temple of the king" can also be found,
under Blackmore, Ritchie.

At this archive, lyrics for most of the Deep Purple albums are located.
Most seem to be from the original official lyric sheets, where these were
available, allthough I haven't chequed properly. Some are however
transcriptions, and thus understandably include a fair amount of errors.
(All the Mark I albums are transcriptions.)

Chord and tablature:

Guitarists will also be familiar with the lyrics & chords archives at

The guitar archive at is a mirror of this archive, so they both
more or less contain the same songs. Credits to Richard Swann for posting
most of the picture files, now also on the WWW pages.

There is a European mirror site for, located in Denmark;

A good alternative  guitar archive lies in Walton, Ireland, and currently
contains some files not at Nevada:

Sound files:

This address contains sound files for "Hush" and "Black Night":


26. Where do I get the European releases if I live in the USA?

Here's one tip, also valid for people outside the US, of course. (But
ordering European releases from the US seems a bit stupid for most
Europeans! There is, however, sense in ordering American releases.)


and you'll be connected (if you're lucky and traffic is low) to the Compact
Disc Connection. They do have some of the European (and Japanese) releases
in stock. And, here's another tip, from the CDC info:

Acquiring CDs Not Listed In Our Catalog Unfortunately, we cannot locate nor
acquire CDs not listed in our catalog. Everything we can acquire is already
listed. However, many CDs not available here are available as "imports".
For imports, we recommend you contact Compact Disc Europe, a Florida-based
import company, via modem at: 408 730-8138 (up to 9600, 8n1), voice: 305
481-8984, fax: 305 481-8817. If you seek "deleted" or "cutout" CDs, we
suggest you first contact Compact Disc Europe to see if the CD is still
available in Europe or Japan. If not, there may be a small chance to find
it used. You might try calling some of the used CD merchants who usually
advertise in the classified ads in CD Review, Stereo Review, Audio, or
other music magazines. 

Compact Disc Europe now also has an Internet address: telnet

Basically, I've found out all this myself by reading News (,
for instance, have good FAQs on what musical resources are available on the
internet) - and advise others to do the same!

Tips for buying import CDs in the US from Alex Gitlin:

NoDomestix CD Importer (212)570-6442 (Mailorder only co. - New York) Fax:
(212)570-6473 They might not have everything, but for what they're worth
you won't get ripped off. Checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard (2 CD
minimum on all credit card orders). They have some Purple, rare Rainbow
(and other RPM & Connoisseur stuff), as well as Tony Carey's complete

Alex Gitlin 

27. Still in the USA, what about the videos?

Not many Deep Purple videos have been released in the US, and the European
videos will not be of much use to Americans (or Canadians), unless they
have a recorder that handles both the PAL and the NTSC TV standards.

But the Japanese have released everything there is, and they use the NTSC
standard. Check out record collectors magazines etc. for addresses to firms
that import these videos.

Tips for buying videos in the US, from Alex Gitlin:

VIDEOS: Dave Jones has all the videos you need - write to Dave Jones,
P.O.Box 9364, Wyoming, MI 49509-0364 Request a new catalogue and make sure
to enclose a 29-cent stamp in the envelope! He charges $25 (postage
included) for a regular tape/concert or $30 for high-grade. He doesn't have
a telephone # so you have to write to him first. (Alex Gitlin) 

28. I found this FAQ on archive site/WWW
pages, but the newsgroup is not on my site! What do I

* a) The newsgroup IS out there. If you ask your system operator (or the
newsadministrator, if such exists) politely to open the newsgroup at your
site, you should get it.

* b) If this fails, you can at least READ the latest articles in the
newsgroup, if you have access to Gopher or World Wide Web, at this URL


29. Who do you think you are?!

This FAQ is being constructed by

Trond J. Stroem 		(

I'm basically a Deep Purple fan of some ten + years standing, and has been
a member of the DPAS since 1986. I don't know everything about the band,
and don't claim to do so either. But with the help of you fellow readers of, we'll hopefully be able to sort out quite a lot
about the band.

Please send me comments on - and additions to - the FAQ!

Thanks to those who's sent me corrections and additions - they're still
welcome! Thanks to Colin Sudlow for some corrections and ideas. To Jari for
the Roger Glover interview, Scott for the Purple update and Alex for
forwarding the news about Ritchie. And thanks to Jam for the Japanese dates
+ info. Erland Sommerskog for providing the "Mary Long" story, and quite a
lot of you for the "Fools" info. Not to mention Dave Hodgkinson for getting
the Deep Purple WWW pages going! And to Thomas Zeltwanger for great
suggestions on improving these pages.

(THE END...)

Trond J. Stroem                        

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