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Dire Straits FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Listing  -   Version 1.1

This is the FAQ listing for the Dire Straits mailing list, 

Last Updated : April 6, 1994.

This is the entire document. 
(Postings are split into 3 parts to reduce file size.)

New in this Version of the FAQ
Mailing list member survey
ftp site
Mark Knopfler guitar information
Miscellaneous Q&A : Acronym Glossary
Italian Fan Club Address

General Information :

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New in this Version of the FAQ
Mailing list member survey

Contents :

Part 1
1) Administrative information

2) News

3) Dire Straits Information Service (DSIS)

4) Books & Magazine and Newspaper Articles


6) Miscellaneous Q & A

Part 2
7) Discography

8) Bootleg Discography & Ratings

9) Performances with Other Artists

10) All-Music Guides

Part 3
11) Interviews

12) Archives, Lyrics, Guitar Chords & Tabs, Bitmap Pictures

Dire Straits FAQ Listing  -  Part 1 of 3

1.) Administrative Information


This FAQ was created by Frank Wong (email from information 
posted to the Dire Straits Mailing List. 

All additions and corrections should be sent to Frank.

This FAQ belongs to the Dire Straits mailing list, and should not be copied, 
altered or sold for profit.

Thanks also to all those who have contributed to the Dire Straits mailing 

What is the Dire Straits mailing list ?

The Dire Straits mailing list allows fans of the rock group Dire Straits to 
communicate with each other via email. Email sent to the mailing list is 
forwarded to members of the list. The mailing list serves as a forum for 
discussion of Dire Straits, their music, and related topics.

At present there are approximately 200 members of the list.

How do I subscribe to the Dire Straits mailing list ?

Send an email message to   with the word 
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Send an email message to   with the word 
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How do I send mail to the Dire Straits mailing list ?

Send your  email message to
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What topics can I discuss on the Dire Straits mailing list ?

In general any topics related to Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, or the solo 
projects of other band members can be discussed. Topics in the past have 
included  lyrics discussion, tour information, collaborations with other 
artists, book reviews, interviews, and many others.  Please don't be shy, 
create your own topic for discussion.

What is the proper etiquette on the Dire Straits mailing list ?

People on the list, though sometimes quiet, are a very polite group. Please 
treat people with respect and you will receive the same. All flame wars should 
be taken to email. 

New members to the mailing list are asked to fill out a survey to introduce
themselves to others.  Below is a sample survey. Feel free to add your own
headings, if the suggested ones are not enough.

Dire Straits Mailing List Memmber Survey

Full Name: 	Frank Wong	
Email Address:	
How did you find out about Dire Straits mail list ? From someone on	
Present Location:Fluke Corporation  Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Home Location: 	Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
School Attended:University Of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: 	Mechanical Engineer
Computer: 	SUN Sparcstation 2	
Operating 	Sys: SUN OS 4.1.3
News Reader:	nn
Mail Reader:	Sun Mailtool
First DS Show:	June 24,1985 Ottawa Civic Center  BIA Tour	
Fav   DS Shows: Being in the floor,10 feet away from DS in Ottawa, March 14 1992
		Being in first row, front center, Ottawa, March 16, 1992
Last DS Show:   March 14 & 16 1992 , Ottawa Civic Center
First DS Song heard: Sultans of Swing 1979		
Fav DS Release:	I like them all, but Alchemy, because I feel DS is best live.	
Fav DS Song:	Tunnel of Love from the Houston Concert 1985, because MK tells
   		a story about the Spanish City, and the end solos are long&great
		This song also speaks to me about growing up, love, rock n roll,
		and just makes me feel good when I hear it. The guitar is so 
		lyrical and beautiful.
Fav DS Bootleg: Houston 1985, Summit Theatre
No. of DS releases you own: All of them
No. of DS Bootlegs you own: 31 and always looking for more
Degree of fanaticism :  I am a complete DS fanatic. They are my #1 group
Comments:	MK is a great guitarist, his guitar is lyrical and vocal
		DS is best heard live, because the arrangements & solos are 
  		longer,improved and changed over studio releases.
		After I saw DS live I was blown away. Better than the albums!

Hope to hear see all list members fill out the survey, (It's a pre-requisite
to contributing and staying on the list :}  )

2.) News


What is the latest news on Dire Straits or other band members ?

Dire Straits finished their almost 300 show 2 year On Every Street world 
tour in 1992, and the band is taking a break right now to work on individual 
projects. It is most likely they will not go on another mammoth tour in a 
long time (5 years + ) , if ever again. 

Mark Knopfler released a collection of his movie soundtrack instrumental 
work called Screenplaying, in Oct. 1993. There are no new tracks on the 
release, all are available on the already released soundtracks Local Hero, 
Cal, The Princess Bride, and Last Exit To Brooklyn.

There is also a CD single associated with Screenplaying, which contains the 
tracks Local Hero: Wild Theme, and Comfort & Joy. (which was previously 
unavailable on CD).

>From a list of upcoming CD releases in the USA for the next month (April `94) :

The Chieftains "THE CHIEFTAINS AND FRIENDS".  Includes guest appearances by Ry 
Cooder, the Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrison, and MARK KNOPFLER.

MARK KNOPFLER was just in Nashville and he played on some songs for the 
new Sonny Landreth album. (March 26, 1994.)

Mark Knopfler plays on the Aaron Neville cover version of "Don't Fall Apart
On Me Tonight", written by Bob Dylan, on Aaron Neville's latest album.
Mark Knopfler also played on the original version with Bob Dylan, on the
album "Infidels" , 1983.

David Knopfler's CD , The Giver , is being released on May 17, 1994.

MK is booked to team up with Nick Lowe and Paul Carrack for an MK solo album.

Mary Chapin Carpenter does a cover version of "The Bug" on her latest album.

The Indigo Girls do a cover version of "Romeo And Juliet" on their album
"Rites of Passage"

3.) Dire Straits Information Service (DSIS)

Is there a Dire Straits fan club ?

Dire Straits' management company operates a newsletter called DSIS.

Dire Straits Information Service.

To subscribe to DSIS  just send a  letter including your return address to:

	Dire Straits Information Service

	16 Lambton Place

	London W11 2SH

 They'll send you the latest newsletter   They'll also put you

on their mailing list, so you will receive another newsletter as soon as they

start it up again  and you can pay your dues  ($15  U.S.).  

It seems like a really informative thing, complete with news on band 
members, a buy/sell/exchange column, and preview ticket sales when DS goes 
on tour. 

There are also contests in which Dire Straits merchandise are awarded as 

It's a must for all serious fans, starving of Dire Straits news and 

There is an Italian Fan Club.
For information send a postcard, with your name and address to :

Solid Rock
C/O Giancarlo Passarella
Via Salutati
750126 Firenze  Italy

4.)  Books & Articles

What Dire Straits books are available ?
What magazine and newspaper articles are available ?

Thanks to Heather York-Marshall, Eric Troy and Frank Wong for this book

Dire Straits: On Every Street_ (Piano/vocal/chords).

Miami: CPP/Belwin, 1991. [No ISBN] P0939SMX.

Price: USA: $16.95.  Canada: $23.95

[From Belle Air Music, London, Ontario]

Mark Knopfler, Chet Atkins: Neck and Neck_ (Guitar tab edition).

Miami: CPP/Belwin, 1990. [No ISBN] P0906GTX.

Price: USA: $16.95. Canada: $23.95

[From Belle Air Music, London, Ontario]

(Address for CPP/Belwin: 15800 nw 48th ave., Miami, FL 33014)

Muiscal Books or Guitar TAB Books
Distributed by Music Sales Ltd.  8/9 Frith St. , London W1V 5TZ, England.
82 Love Over Gold ISBN0.7119.0210.0,order#AM32145 (TAB)
84 Alchemy ISBN0.7119.0496.0,order#AM36500 (TAB) 

88 Money for Nothing P0817SMX (TAB)
91 On Every Street P0939SMX (TAB)

Kamin, Philip - Dire Straits HL8500183205
This is a thin mostly photos type rock book, with minimal text.

Secrets From The Masters : Conversations With 40 Great Guitar Players" 
  $19.95 US  ISBN 0 87930-260-7 

This reminds me to mention :  I just read a great interview of MK, while in 
the bookstore this weekend. The interview is in the book 
"Secrets From The Masters : Conversations With 40 Great Guitar Players" ,
from interviews that appeared in Guitar Player magazine.

An excellent interview. MK talks about technical stuff, how he learned to play
guitar, his influences (JJ Cale, Beatles, Kinks, BB King, Chet etc. etc.).
Talks about his first guitar, types of strings he uses, that he likes 
F & D Minor scales, as well as B-Minor.  All sorts of guitar goodies.
I was tempted to buy the book just for the 2 pages on MK. 
There's interviews with Clapton, Malmstein, SRV, Van Halen, and all the greats.

Dire Straits : Making Movies  Publish Date: 1980
ISBN 0-89898-051-8
Publisher : Almo Publications, Hollywood CA
Subject: Rock Musicians - Great Britain - Biography
Price: $7.95

Dire Straits	  Publish Date: 02/1987
ISBN 0-345-33885-5
Publisher : Ballantine Books, Incorporated New York, NY
Price: $2.95

Dire Straits_ by Mike Oldfield. London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1984.

ISBN: 0-283-98990-4 (hardcover)

      0-283-98995-5 (softcover)

Price: UK 7.95  (softcover).

Out of print - check used book stores or libraries. (I paid CDN $4.50

in a used book store.)

Mark Knopfler: An Unauthorized Biography_ by Myles Palmer.

London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1991. 

ISBN: 0 283 99937 3 (hardcover)

Price: UK 15.99.  Canada: $39.99

Still in print as of February 1994.

Written in My Soul: Rock's Great Songwriters Talk About Creating

Their Music_ by Bill Flanagan. Chicago, New York: Contemporary Books,

1986. Chapter on "Emigrants/Mark Knopfler", pages 366-368; 394-403.

ISBN 0809251531.

(I got this from the London Public Library; it's also in the

University of Toronto Music Library, call number: 

ML3534.F6 1986)

For those of you who haven't heard all of this before ......

There are two books that I know of about Dire Straits. Here's

the info for each, followed by my opinions:

	Oldfield, Michael. _Dire Straits_. London (UK): Sidgwick &

		Jackson, 1984. 152 pages. 

		ISBN 0-283-98990-4 (hardcover)

		     0-283-98995-5 (softcover)

		7.95 UK pounds softcover

I think this is out-of-print.  I have found copies in public libraries,

and I found a used copy in a used book&record store, for $4.50 Canadian.

There's also an American edition, but I don't have the details.  Lots of

black & white photos. 

This was written by someone who went to journalism school with MK and who

was on tours with DS, so it has first-hand observations.  The cover says

it was "written in co-operation with the band."  It's more frank than I

expected from an "authorized" type of book. For instance Oldfield doesn't

gloss over David Knopfler's departure from the band (which is about

the only bit of controversy anybody can find) -- but gives several points

of view -- David's, Mark's, and other band and crew members'. 

Oldfield's book gives useful background about the band members, the band's

development, the songs, tours and recording sessions. It covers the period

up to _Alchemy_.  It's definitely worth getting if you can find it. 


	Palmer, Myles. _Mark Knopfler: An Unauthorized Biography_.

		London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1991. 280 p.

		ISBN 0283 99937 3 (hardcover)

		15.99 UK pounds hardcover

		$39.99 CDN in Canada

I would only recommend this to die-hard, obsessed DS fans, and then

reluctantly. It's over-priced and weak on content. Palmer relies a lot on

newspaper, tv and radio interviews and reviews.  The transcripts of the

interviews are the best parts of the book.  Palmer doesn't have any sources

close to Knopfler or the band, and doesn't seem to be particularly

insightful himself. Try borrowing it from a library if you're still

interested; or check out used book stores. (The University of Toronto

Music Library has it -- probably other public and academic libraries

have it too.)  (I ordered it from a university bookstore in Canada--

it took about 3 months to arrive.)

(Oh yeah, and it has some inaccuracies too, which makes it hard

to have confidence in anything in the book not corroborated


Has a few b&w photos (8 pages), some of which I'd seen before.

Has anyone else read this? What do you think?  My opinion of the Palmer

book is probably quite negative because it's a big disappointment after

the Oldfield book -- I was hoping for something in the same vein and of

similar quality to bring it up to date. If I hadn't already read the

Oldfield book I might not have been so hard on Palmer's. So if anyone

else has a more balanced opinion, please let us know!

Here's the address for Sidgwick & Jackson (publishers of both books), taken 

from the Palmer book: 	18-21 Cavaye Place

			London, UK   SW10 9PG

One entertaining passage in the Myles Palmer book (described in 

Andrew Bernstein's message yesterday) describes

an interview someone did with both Randy Newman and Knopfler.

Thought you might enjoy it, since it involves a few of the

musicians listed on people's "Fave non-DS" lists. Here goes:

(Remember, it's NEWMAN talking in this passage.)

		Newman is a sharp and irreverent talker who hit

	some highly entertaining verbal riffs in this interview:

	'You know I used to be against world peace until U2 came

	out for it? Then the scales just fell from my eyes.  Did

	you see them walking down those streets just soaking up

	America? And when they're singing with those black people?

	Do you know that black people just love their music? They

	like U2 better than they like Marvin Gaye.  Bono's

	conducting those black people and they're doing just what

	he says ... Blacks love John Cougar too. They're so glad

	he came to their town.  They say, "Thank you for bringing

	us the gift of your music" ... There's no point having a 

	go at U2.  It's like spitballs against a battleship. I

	won't be laughing when Bono buys me.'

		Newman then said to his friend [Knopfler], 'Now

	I've got you worried. You think I might trick you into

	saying something bad about U2.  I don't worry about

	something like that, but you have to.  You'd have

	something nice to say about Hitler or ... David Crosby

	or someone.'

True to form, Knopfler has something nice to say about Guns'n'Roses

(with a little twist at the end, though):

	'I think it's good that the kids in Guns'n'Roses are

	seriously in love with it [rock'n'roll],' said Knopfler.

	'They're into throwing shapes and doing it like

	traditional rock'n'rollers. The obligatory bottle of

	Jack Daniels on the amp, the wailing Les Paul. I think

	it's great. It's like U2 suddenly discovering R&B. Part

	of the attraction for me is the same as when the Rolling

	Stones started and Mick saw Tina Turner and went for it,

	the whole thing.

		'It's a love affair, and just because it's

	sometimes not as accomplished as you would like to

	hear, that doesn't matter [....]'

(Pages 246-249. The text of the book is a bit convoluted, but I think this

interview came from _Q_ Magazine, during promotion of Newman's _Land of

Dreams_ record (1988).)

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Media info.
 91 dire straits (Warner Bros. 7 pages w/MK, DS photos, folder)
 91 Oct. - Q Magazine 16-page DS interview booklet

 79 4/5 McLane, Daisann - "Dire Straits:  a rock & roll fairy tale,"
	Rolling Stone #288, pp. 10, 33-34
 83 1/20 Loder, Kurt - "Mark Knopfler's Dire Straits," Rolling Stone
	#387, pp. 10, 12, 62
 85 11/21 Tucker, Ken and David Fricke - "Fearless Leader:  Dire
	Straits' Mark Knopfler takes command," Rolling Stone #461, pp.
	36-37, 40, 42, 98, 100 (MK on cover)
 86 2/25 Tucker, Ken - "Mark Knopfler: rock's most unlikely star; Up for
	eight Grammies, leader of Dire Straits shy, subtle, stubborn," 
	The Ottawa Citizen, p. C8 
 86 Flanagan, Bill - "Mark Knopfler," Written in My Soul, pp. 395-403
 88 9/23 Morse, Steve - "Knopfler happy to take break from limelight,"
	The Ottawa Citizen, p. B8 
 90 3/8 - "Knopfler sing the blues," The Calgary Herald (from the
	Edmonton Journal), p. F5 
 90 3/12 Erskine, Evelyn - "Knopfler heads back to Dire Straits; The
	Notting Hillbillies takes rock star back to the beginning so he
	can start again," The Ottawa Citizen, p. B7
 90 7/15 Hurst, Jack - "Rough-cut gem from The Notting Hillbillies;
	London-based country band puts out quaint, rootsy album," The
	Edmonton Journal, p. D2
 90 9/1 - "Mr. Guitar notices his influence," The Calgary Herald (from
	Herald News Services), Entertainment section 
 90 9/27 Edwards, Jack - "BC-Atkins, ADV," Canadian Press Newswire,
	16:36 Eastern Time 
 90 White, Timothy - In the Studio (MK interview), 6 pages 
 91 8/9 Robinson, Dave - ("Calling Elvis" review), 1
 91 8/14 - "Dire Straits' first LP in six years: Autumn's Hottest?,"
	Adresseavisen (Trondheim, Norway), 1 page
 91 10 Sandall, Robert - "Ruminative Dire Straits:  on every street, in
	every home," Q magazine (OES review), 1 page 
 91 11/5 Walsh, A. - (OES review), 1 page
 92 1/31 Sady, Gene - (Sacramento, CA show 1/30/92 review), 1 page
 92 2/23 Graff, Gary - "Second Time Around for Dire Straits," The Denver
	Post, 1 page 
 92 3/3 Cochrane, Alan - "BC-Weekend-Exchange-Knopfler," Canadian Press
	Newswire, 2 pages
 92 3/4 Sakamoto, John - "STRAITS' FUTURE ADDS UP; STAT'S SHOWBIZ!," The
	Toronto Sun, p. 50
 92 3/16 Krewen, Nick - "Mark Knopfler credits perseverance for his
	group's long success; Strait talk," The Hamilton/ Burlington
	Spectator, p. C1
 92 3/16 Saxberg, Lynn - "SAILING THROUGH DIRE STRAITS; Band charts
	inventive new course through old songs," The Ottawa Citizen, p.
 92 3/27 Graff, Gary - "STRAIT TALK; Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits are
	back with a new album and a new approach," The Edmonton Journal,
	p. C3
 93 5/10 Riles, Beau - (RockLine interview w/MK), 12 pages

5.) Dire Straits Fact File

How was Dire Straits formed ? What is the bands' history ?

Read the Dire Straits Fact File, which was taken from the On Every Street 
official tour program. The information in the fact file has also appeared in 
press releases. It is reproduced here without permission.


It's less than a year after The Sex Pistols released Anarchy in the UK. 
Teacher Mark Knopfler (guitar/vocals, born 12 August 1949), his younger 
brother, social worker David Knopfler (guitar - they were born in Glasgow 
and grew up in Newcastle) and sociology student John Illsley (bass, born 24 
June 1949) are sharing a flat in Deptford, South London. They start rehearsing 
Mark's songs and are soon joined by Pick Withers, formerly house drummer at 
Dave Edmund's Rockfield studios.

Under the name of Mark's previous band, Cafe Racers, the line-up debuts at a 
punk festival, headlined by Squeeze, on waste ground behind Farrar House. A 
friend of Pick observes their sorry financial condition and says they should 
call themselves Dire Straits, which they do for their second gig - 
supporting Squeeze at the locally legendary Albany Theatre.

They scrape together 120 pounds to record a demo and take it to BBC Radio 
London DJ Charlie Gillett, a renowned talent-spotter. He plays the tape on his 
Honky Tonk show. Phonogram A&R man John Stainze is listening and, in short 
order, Dire Straits are signed to the Vertigo label.


Stainze contacts Ed Bicknell, former drummer in Jess Conrad's band turned 
agent at NEWS, and asks him to book gigs for the band. As soon as he's seen 
them play, he offers to manage them. They reach "an informal agreement" and Ed 
gets them on Talking Heads' first British tour as support act in the following 

14 FEBRUARY - 8 MARCH 1978

Dire Straits record their first LP at Basing Street Studios, London, 
produced by Muff Winwood. It includes "Sultans of Swing" , "Water of Love" and 
"Six Blade Knife". Total budget is 12,500 pounds - including artwork


Constant live work - Marquee residency, tours of UK, France, Holland, and 
Germany to rapidly increasing audiences. Despite enthusiastic reviews and 
responses everywhere,  their first single, "Sultans of Swing" and self-
titled album merely drop into the charts and drop out again.

The group signs to Warner Brothers for the USA, but even before their album is 
released there, Knopfler visits Muscle Shoals studios to play on a Mavis 
Staples session produced by Jerry Wexler (whose tack record includes Aretha 
Franklin, The Drifters, Ray Charles). Wexler and Muscle Shoals keyboard player 
Barry Beckett agree to produce their second album..

27 NOVEMBER 1978 - 10 JANUARY 1979

They record "Communique" (including "Lady Writer" and "Once Upon A Time In The 
West") at Compass Point Studios, Nassau Bahamas. Meanwhile the Dire Straits 
album gives them their first Number 1 - in Australia - and climbs steadily 
towards the Top 10's in North America and Europe.

23 FEBRUARY - 3 APRIL 1979

Dire Straits first North American tour comprises 51 sold-out shows in 38 days, 
not to mention 300 interviews. Mark sessions for Steely Dan's "Gaucho" 
album. While they're on the road, "Sultans' of Swing" reaches Number 4 and the 
first album Number 2. When they play Los Angeles, Bob Dylan is in the audience 
and afterwards he asks Mark and Pick to play on his next album ("Slow Train 
Coming", his first born-again statement it transpires, recorded with Wexler 
and Beckett at Muscle Shoals May 1-12). 

Back home in Britain, though a little later than in America, reissued "Sultans 
of Swing" takes off to Number 8, stirring the Dire Straits album to peak 
belatedly at Number 5 during a chart stay of 130 weeks.


"Communique" is released and becomes an instant worldwide hit (UK 5, US 11, 
the first album to ever enter the German chart at Number 1), usually sharing 
Top 10's with the extraordinarily durable first album. Tours of Britain, 
America and Europe sell out, but after pre-Christmas concerts in Dublin, 
Belfast, and London, Dire Straits announce a six-month break to rest.

JUNE - JULY 1980

The band record "Making Movies" (including "Tunnel of Love", "Solid Rock", 
"Skateaway" and "Romeo And Juliet") at The Power Station, New York, with 
producer Jimmy Iovine. He had been engineer/mixer on Springsteen's "Born To 
Run" and producer on Patti Smith's "Easter". E Street Band pianist Roy 
Bittan plays keyboards on the album, David Knopfler leaves for a solo career.

 SEPTEMBER 1980 - JULY 1981

Auditions produce a replacement guitarist in Hal Lindes from California and 
a keyboard player in Alan Clark from Durham (born 5 March 1952). After the 
17 October release of "Making Movies", the band tour North America, 
Australia and New Zealand and Europe (they draw 250,000 to their Italian 
concerts alone). Despite their live success "Making Movies" does less than its 
predecessors in the States (Number 19), but in the UK the hit single "Romeo 
And Juliet" lifts it to Number 4, four months after release.

 MARCH - JUNE 1982

They record "Love Over Gold" in New York, Mark producing, backed up by 
engineer Neil Dorfsman. The first side (in LP-era-speak) comprises just two 
songs, "Telegraph Road" and "Private Investigations". ("Private Dancer", 
omitted from the album, was later chosen as the title track of the 1984 
album which relaunched Tina Turner's career). Soon afterwards, Pick Withers 
leaves the band, expressing a desire to play jazz.

JULY 1982

Mark records his first movie soundtrack for the low budget David Puttnam 
production "Local Hero" (in part working on the set). He got the job after 
Ed Bicknell punted copies of "Making Movies" round various film producers (the 
album reaches number 14 in the UK the following year).

Between work on "Love Over Gold" and "Local Hero", the demand for Mark's 
services as a guitarist reaches a new pitch as he records sessions for Van 

AUGUST 1982 - JULY 1983 

"Private Investigations" is Dire Straits' biggest UK hit to date 

(Number 2), despite being radio-unfriendly at seven minutes long. "Love Over 
Gold" is Number 1 album for a month, their first home chart-topper, and 
maintains the band's progress all over the world (Number 1 in 16 countries) 
except that in America, like "Making Movies"  it stalls at 19.

Terry Williams, formerly of Man and Dave Edmund's Rockpile, takes over the 
drum stool in September and immediately work on Dire Straits' "Twisting By The 
Pool" rock `n' roll EP (released in February). He and Mark then record with 
Phil Everly in London before Dire Straits hit the road.

The band's conquests include the highest-grossing tour of Australia by any 
band to that point, the largest public gathering ever in New Zealand (62,000 
in Auckland) and their first trip to Japan.

In April - May, Mark takes time out to undertake his first production work 
with another artist (apart from the "Local Hero soundtrack") when he co-
produces and plays on Dylan's "Infidels" album.

AUGUST 1983 - OCTOBER 1984

Mixing the tapes for the live double album "Alchemy" recorded at the 
Hammersmith Odeon, 22/23 July 1983, Dire Straits eschew the usual "fairy dust" 
of overdubs and re-recordings and decide it should be released au naturel, 
mistakes and all. The album comes out in March (UK 3, US 46). Through the 
autumn and winter of 1983, Mark writes and records soundtracks for two more 
British movies, "Cal" produced by David Puttnam and "Comfort and Joy", 
directed by Bill Forsyth of "Gregory's Girl" and "Local Hero" fame.  By this 
time, Mark has started working with keyboard player Guy Fletcher, who joins 
Alan Clark in the band. The "keyboard twins" are born. In the same period, 
Mark and John Illsley play on David Knopfler's first solo album "Release" 
while John records his solo debut, "Never Told A Soul", with assistance from 
Mark and Terry Williams. Also, in November at Kensington registry office, Mark 
marries Lourdes Salamone. 

In June, Mark produces Aztec Camera's album "Knife" which goes to number 14 in 

NOVEMBER 1984 - APRIL 1985 

They record "Brothers in Arms", Mark co-producing with Neil Dorsfman at Air 
Studios, Montserrat. It includes "So Far Away", "Walk Of Life", "Money For 
Nothing" and "Your Latest Trick". Guy Fletcher (born 25 May 1960) joins the 
band as a second keyboard player (from an early stint with Roxy Music and many 
sessions). Hal Lindes leaves half way through the recording and is replaced 
for the marathon tour to come by Jack Sonni, a friend of Mark's who came 
straight from a day job at Rudy's Music Stop, 48th Street, New York. An 
additional musician on tour is Chris White on sax, late of the National 
Youth Jazz Orchestra.

APRIL 1985 -  APRIL 1986

"Brothers In Arms" enters the UK chart at the top and stays there for 3 weeks, 
but this hardly offers a clue to the American and worldwide response which 
is to transform Dire Staits' status form First Division to Super League. The 
album launches a thousand statistics.

In the USA, it reaches Number 1 in August and stays there for nine weeks. 
Similarily, "Money For Nothing" with Sting as guest vocalist, is Dire Straits' 
first American Number 1 single. In the following months, "Brothers In Arms" 
also tops the charts in Canada, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, 
Finland, France, German, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, 
Switzerland, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Israel. 
Incidentally, "Brothers In Arms" becomes, perhaps, the key album in 
transforming CD from a new-fangled curiosity into a mass-market "music 

The tour covers 23 countries, 117 cities, 248 shows and sells 3 million 
tickets. Legendarily, they play some astonishing unbroken runs of gigs for a 
major act, such as 23 straight nights in the UK in December 1985.  On 13 
July 1985, they perform to a billion TV viewers from the Wembley Stadium end 
of Live Aid. The tour ends in Sydney, Australia, the 20th night there, on 26 
April 1986.

JUNE 1986 - JUNE 1988 

Mark and John play the Prince's Trust concert at Wembley Arena with Paul 
McCartney, Elton John, and Tina Turner, Mark produces 2 tracks for her 
"Break Every Rule" album, including his own "Overnight Sensation".

Busman's holidaying from the band, Mark records for the soundtrack of Martin 
Scorsese's "The Colour Of Money" (starring Tom Cruise and Paul Newman). He 
joins the "host of stars" re-recording "Let It Be" to raise money for the 
families of the Zebrugge ferry disaster victims; he plays with Chet Atkins 
at The Secret Policeman's Third Ball - a benefit for Amnesty International - 
then again on an American TV tribute to the great Nashville guitar man; as 
is to become traditional, he guests with Eric Clapton's band for his annual 
Royal Albert Hall winter session in London and a European tour; he writes 
and performs the soundtrack for the Rob Reiner movie "The Princess Bride"; 
he produces and plays on Willy DeVille's album "Miracle" and several tracks 
for Randy Newman's "Land of Dreams". Meanwhile, John Illsley releases a single 
under the name of K Wallis B and the Dark Shades of Night, plus his second 
solo album, "Glass".

On 9 November 1987 Lourdes gives birth to twin boys, Benji and Joseph.

In early 1988, Mark socialises with Steve Phillips and Brendan Croker, old 
guitar-picking friends from his Leeds days as an apprentice journalist. He 
offers to produce Phillips' next album. Over the ensuing months Synclavier 
meister Guy Fletcher becomes involved too and they very gradually record a set 
of some of their country blues favourites.

JUNE 1988

After two fan-club-only warm-up gigs at Hammersmith Odeon, Dire Straits, 
with Eric Clapton on second guitar, play the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday 
Party at Wembley Stadium (part of the Artists Against Apartheid campaign), 
closing the show.


Mark plays on Joan Armatrading's album "The Shouting Stage", then he and 
Alan Clark join Eric Clapton's band for an American tour. The "Money For 
Nothing" hits compilation is released (a UK Number 1).


Mark writes and records the soundtrack for the German director Uli Edel's 
movie of the once controversial novel "Last Exit To Brooklyn". During the 
summer, a pub conversation with Steve Phillips and Brendan Croker reaches a 
conclusion that they have temporarily become a band called the Notting 
Hillbillies, that they will go out on the road to promote their slowly 
gestated album and that Dire Strait's manager, Ed Bicknell - last seen on a 
drum stool in a ceilidh band for the "Local Hero" soundtrack - is  appointed
official tub-thumper fortwith.


The Notting Hillbillies' album "Missing... Presumed Having A Good Time", is 
released by Phonogram on 5 March and goes Top 10 in the UK. They hit the 
road for 41 gigs in 43 days around Britain through April and May. The 
significant Knopfler verdict on the whole Hillbillies excursion repeated in 
interview after interview is, "I'm absolutely in love with music".

By now, Mark has used Nashville pedal steel guitar ace, Paul Franklin and 
`steals' him for Dire Straits.

Mark finishes an album of duets with Chet Atkins called "Neck and Neck", 
released November 1990 (UK Number 29 and Number 1 in the UK Country chart, 
multiplying Atkin's usual British sales by a factor of 6) and concludes 
other sideline recording work with Buddy Guy and Brendan Croker before - after 
a 5 year hiatus - he and John Illsley decide it's time to get back to Dire 
Straits. Mark and John play with Clapton's band at the Knebworth Festival 
benefit for Music Therapy, Mark spends the summer in America writing and comes 
up with 15 new songs from which the album will be chosen.

NOVEMBER 1990 - MAY 1991

Dire Straits record their sixth album, "On Every Street" with engineers Bill 
Schnee and Chuck Ainlay at Air Studios in London with production credited to 
Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits and mixed by Neil Dorfsman. 

Bob Clearmountain mixes one track "Heavy Fuel".

23 AUGUST 1991 ..... SOMETIME IN 1993

Dire Straits begin their world tour with five dates at The Point in Dublin, 
expecting 250-300 more to follow over the next 2 years, with  audiences adding 
up to maybe 7 million.

The 1986 tour line-up is considerably changed and augmented. While Knopfler, 
Illsley, Fletcher and Clark are now officially designated Dire Straits, the
nine-piece line-up now also features Chris White (sax), Paul Franklin 
(pedal steel), Danny Cummings (percussion), Phil Palmer (guitar) and Chris 
Whitten (drums).

dire straits 

world tour




on every street


dire straits  .   on every street


US and Canadian tour 1992



KEYBOARDS	                    ALAN CLARK





DRUMS  		                              CHRIS WHITTEN











ELECTRICIAN                     ANDY FIELD

GUITAR TECH                     RON EVE

DRUM TECH                        ADAM NIGHTINGALE




WARDROBE                   NEIL SNOWDON

RIGGER                         JON BRAY

RIGGER                        ARTHUR RUSSO



PA TECH                      PAUL BOOTHROYD

PA TECH                      PAUL GIANSANTE

PA TECH                      SIMON HARDIMAN

PA TECH                      MICK STAPLE HURST









                                                      SLAYTON & HALFON & CO


AGENTS U.S.A.                          DAN WEINER MONTEREY

                                                       PENINSULA ARTISTS


TRUCKING                                   UPSTAGING INC.

BUSSES                                         SENATOR COACHES

LIGHTING                                    LIGHT AND SOUND DESIGN

LIGHTING                                    VARI*LITE

P.A.                                                 BRITANNIA ROW

                                                        CONCERT SOUND


STAGE SET                            BRILLIANT CONSTRUCTIONS

ROLLING STAGES                B + R  SCENERY

STRINGS                                 SUPPLIED BY D'ADDARIO



















                                         DEBORAH FEINGOLD

                                         TERRY O'NEILL

                                          FRONT COVER PHOTO:

                                          PAUL WILLIAMS





6.) Miscellaneous Q & A

What kind of guitars and equipment does Mark Knopfler use ?

MK started off - professionally at least - with a Fender Stratocaster, a nod
in the direction of one of his heroes, Hank Marvin. ("... all I wanted was a
red electric guitar..."). David K. also used a Strat & sometimes a Telecaster.
I think Hal Lindes used both a Strat & a Gibson Les Paul.

By the 'Brothers in Arms' tour, MK had moved on, using at least 3 Schecter
Strat-style guitars, in red, white & sunburst finishes ; a red Schecter
Tele style, a Les Paul (e.g.Money for nothing, BIA), the National steel,
Steinberger GL-2, Erlewine automatic, and a Gibson Chat Atkins electro-
acoustic. Jack Sonni played a couple of Strats - including a left-handed one, upside down.

MK now favours Pensa-Suhr models, still Strat derivatives, but a fair way from
his original Fenders. Phil Palmer used a Fender EC Signature Strat & a Godin
Acousticaster on the last tour. John Illsley seems to stick to a Fender
Jazz Bass, though he has used a Wal also.

Amps - I think MK, like EC still favours Soldano

I have also read the MK uses Fernandez guitars, a Mexican clone of Strat.
He supposedly had one of his favourite guitars stolen a while back, so he leaves
most of his favourite guitars at home and does not take them on tour.
Perhaps they are too valuable.

Also, I read in the Guitar Player mag. interview that he used some borrowed 
guitars on the recording of Love Over Gold, to get the sound he wanted.
He may have borrowed some guitars from Eric Clapton, but I can't remember the
exact models.

As for Knopfler's guitars, right now he favors a custom-made Pensa-Suhr Strat, serial # 001!  For amps he generally uses Soldano heads into Fende cabs.

Hal Lindes uses a Tele and what looks like an Ibanez Gibson copy in _Alchemy_.

On 'Industrial Disease' MK uses a Steinberger which he called 'The Hog.'

What do the acronyms used on the list mean ?

BIA  	Brothers In Arms
MFN  	Money For Nothing
LOG  	Love Over Gold
MK   	Mark Knopfler
DS   	Dire Straits
EC   	Eric Clapton
MM   	Making Movies
TOL  	Tunnel Of Love
R&J  	Romeo And Juliet
ITILYTM	I Think I Love You Too Much
PI 	Private Investigations

Part 2
7) Discography

8) Bootleg Discography & Ratings

9) Performances with Other Artists

10) All-Music Guides

Dire Straits FAQ Listing  -  Part 2 of 3

7.) Discography

      What albums has Dire Straits released ?

      What albums has Mark Knopfler released and played on ?

Refer to the discography listed below. It is fairly complete, but there may be 
some omissions. If you have corrections and/or additions please let us know.

Thanks also to Eric & Oystein for help in compiling this list.

Dire Straits albums:

77 The Honky Tonk Demos - 'Sultans of Swing' (79 UK LP OVLM5003, 91
	Germany CD LICD9.01067O) 
 78 Dire Straits (USA LP BSK3266, CD 3266-2, Canada LP SRM-1-1197,
	Germany LP 6360-162, Netherlands LP 800-051-1, Yugoslavia LP
	6360-162(2220067), Japan LP RJ-7541, France CD 800-051-2) 
 78 Communique (79 USA blue LP sleeve, blue-green pattern LP sleeve
	HS3330, CD 3330-2, Canada LP SRM-1-3791) 
 80 Making Movies (USA LP BSK3480, CD 3480-2, Canada LP SRM-1-3857,
	Netherlands LP 800-050-1) 
 82 Love Over Gold (USA LP 23728-1, CD, Japan CD 23728-2, Russia LP
 82 Twisting By the Pool (83 USA EDEP, EP 29800-0, SEMC 29800-4A, Canada
 83 Alchemy (84 USA 2LP 25085-1, 2CD 25085-2, UK 2LP VERY11(818-243-1)) 
 84 Brothers in Arms (85 USA LP 25264-1, CD 25264-2, Canada LP
	VOG1-3357, UK LP VERH25, Germany LP 824-499-1Q, Netherlands LP
	824-499-1, Spain LP 824-499-1AR) 
 88 Money for Nothing (LP 25794-1, CD 25794-2)
 90 Knebworth:  The Album - 'I Think I Love You Too Much' (2LP
	847-042-1, 2CD 847-042-2) 
 91 On Every Street (USA LP 26680-1, CD 26680-2, Netherlands LP
 92 On the Night (93 UK 2LP, Germany 2LP 514-766-1, USA CD 45259-2) 


Dire Straits singles:

  83 Twisting by the Pool        (4 track EP)

CD singles
 91 Calling Elvis/Iron Hand/Millionaire Blues DSCD16 (UK)
 91 You And Your Friend w/ Badges,Stickers,Poster,T-Shirts
      Vertigo  864 613-2   Made In Germany
 91 Heavy Fuel                  (CDS/w Kingdom Come)
 92 On Every Street/Private Investigations/Sultans of Swing/Romeo &
	Juliet (UK w/booklet of 1992 spefic tour dates DSCDC18,
	Australia w/1992 general tour dates 866-411-2) 
 92 The Bug/Twisting By the Pool/Expresso Love/Walk of Life DSCD19 (UK)
    Vertigo UK DSCD 19  Int. 866967-2  Made in UK 
 93 Encores - Your Latest Trick/The Bug/Solid Rock/Local Hero-Wild Theme
	DSCD20, DS705 (UK) 

Dire Straits CD Videos:

 78 Sultans of Swing/Wild West End/Down to the Waterline 25814-2 (UK) 
 87 Twisting By the Pool/Two Young Lovers/If I Had You/Two Young
	Lovers(live) 25810-2 (UK)
 87 Walk of Life/Why Worry/Ride Across the River 25811-2 (UK)
 87 Brothers in Arms/Your Latest Trick/The Man's Too Strong 25812-2
 87 Money For Nothing		 ?????

 83 Alchemy 082-741-3 
 86 Brothers in Arms 38119-3A
 92 The Videos 38350-3 
 93 On the Night 38345-3 

 Laser discs
 83 Alchemy 082-741-1
 92 The Videos
 93 On the Night 38345-6

Dire Straits promos:

  78 Sultans of Swing(long version)/Sultans of Swing(edit) 

  79 Live-The Warner B. Music Show (promo LP, concert in Philadelphia `79)
  83 Twisting By the Pool(stereo)/Twisting By the Pool(mono) 29706-7

  85 Walk of Life                (promo EP)

  85 Brothers in Arms promo      (promo CD, pink Brothers in Arms sleeve)
  78 Dire Straits
  84 Alchemy (2LP)
  84 Alchemy - Quiex II Limited Edition pressing (2LP)

 Promo CD's
 90 I Think I Love You Too Much CDP330 (Knebworth: The Album)
 91 On Every Street(album version)/On Every Street(radio edit)
 91 The Bug(album version) PRO-CD-5183 
 91 Heavy Fuel(album version) PRO-CD-5126

 Limited edition CD's
 89 Sultans of Swing/Portobello Belle/Live/Romeo & Juliet/Money for
	Nothing 872-611-2 (Germany) 
 93 On the Night/Encores 514-766-2 (UK 2CD)

Dire Straits appearing on collections

  90 Knebworth, The Album        (concert, 2 tracks)

  ?? Hope & Anchor - Front Row Festival (benefit record, "Eastbound Train")

  85 Prince's Trust Concert, 10th years festival (benefit, 2 tracks)

  91 Voices that Care            (benefit, CD-Single, MK guitar)

Radio/TV show LP's
 79 Warner Bros. Music Show WBMS109
 81 7/5 King Biscuit Flower Hour - The Best of the Biscuit (2LP)
 82 Retro Rock - Consign TV

 78 Sultans of Swing/Eastbound Train(live)/Southbound Again DSTR312
 85 Walk of Life/Two Young Lovers(live)/Sultans of Swing(live) DSTR1212
 85 Your Latest Trick/Irish Boy(Cal)/The Long Road(Cal) DSTR1312 (UK) 
 91 Calling Elvis/Iron Hand/Millionaire Blues DSTR1612 (UK)
 91 Heavy Fuel/Planet of New Orleans/Kingdom Come DSTR1712 (UK)
*92 The Bug/Twisting By the Pool/Expresso Love/Walk of Life DSTR1912
 93 Encores - Your Latest Trick/The Bug/Solid Rock/Local Hero-Wild Theme
	(UK DSTR2012, Germany 862-209-1) 

 Promo 12"
 81 Dire Straits 8-55-833 (Germany, wooden guitar cover) - combo of var.
	songs from Dire Straits & Communique albums 
 85 Walk of Life/Walk of Life PRO-A-2384 

 84 dIRE sTRAITS Live - Love Over Gold/Solid Rock DSTR610 (UK)

 78 Sultans of Swing/Southbound Again WBS8736RE-1 
 80 Romeo & Juliet/Solid Rock WBS49688
 85 So Far Away/Walk of Life 21995-7 
 85 So Far Away/If I Had You 28789-7 (picture sleeve)
 85 Money for Nothing/Love Over Gold(live) 28950-7 (picture sleeve)
 85 Money for Nothing(long edit)/Twisting By the Pool 21996-7 
 85 Walk of Life/One World 28878-7 (picture sleeve)
 88 Sultans of Swing/Portobello Belle-live DSTR15 (picture sleeve) (UK) 
 91 Calling Elvis/Iron Hand DSTR16 (picture sleeve) (UK)
 92 The Bug/Twisting By the Pool DSTR19 (picture sleeve) (UK) 

Promo 7"
 78 Sultans of Swing(long version)/Sultans of Swing(edit) 
 83 Twisting By the Pool(stereo)/Twisting By the Pool(mono) 29706-7

Picture discs
 85 Money for Nothing/Love Over Gold(live) DSPIC10 (crown shaped)
 85 Brothers in Arms/Going Home-theme from 'Local Hero'(live) DSPIC11
	(rectangle shaped) 

 Cassette singles
 91 Calling Elvis/Millionaire Blues 19199-4 
 91 Heavy Fuel/Kingdom Come 19094-4 

Mark Knopfler - Soundtracks
 83 Local Hero (LP 23827-1, CD 23827-2) (MK, Alan Clark, Hal Lindes,
	Michael Brecker, Mike Mainieri, Neil Jason, Tony Levin, John
	Illsley, Terry Williams) 
 83 Going Home(stereo)/Going Home(mono) 29725-7 (theme of Local Hero)
	(promo 7")
 83 Local Hero 11307 (video) 
 84 Cal (USA LP 822-769-1, CD 822-769-2, Canada LP VOG1-3341) (MK, Guy
	Fletcher, John Illsley, Terry Williams)
 84 Cal (video) 
 84 Comfort and Joy DSTR712 (UK 12") (MK, Chris White, Guy Fletcher,
	Terry Williams)
 84 Comfort and Joy (video) 
 87 The Princess Bride (LP 25610-1, CD 25610-2) (MK, Guy Fletcher)
 87 Storybook Love/Once Upon a Time...Storybook Love PRO-A-2817 (promo
 87 The Princess Bride 7709 (video) 
 87 The Princess Bride album cover sheet (promo ad)
 87 The Princess Bride 345-34803-6-395 - book by William Goldman
 89 Last Exit to Brooklyn (Canada LP 838-725-1, USA CD 25986-2) (MK,
	Chris White, Guy Fletcher) 
 93 Screenplaying (UK 2LP 518-327-1, USA CD 45457-2) (soundtrack
 93 Going Home(Theme of the Local Hero)/Local Hero-Wild
	Theme/Comfort(Theme from Comfort and Joy) VERCD81 (UK CD

John Illsley
 84 Never Told a Soul 822-239-2 (CD) (MK, Phil Palmer, Terry Williams,
        Chris White) 
 88 Glass (Netherlands LP 834-311-1, USA CD 25638-2) (Alan Clark, Guy
	Fletcher, Chris White, Phil Palmer) 

David Knopfler
 83 Release (USA LP promo PB6030, Netherlands LP 08-022750-20, France LP
	DAVID1) (MK, John Illsley) 
 84 Behind the Lines 825796-1 (Netherlands LP) 
*85 Shockwave/Sunset/The Missing Book 125.231 (Germany 12" blue vinyl
	from Behind the Lines)
 86 Cut the Wire 
 88 Lips Against the Steel (USA LP promo YL0120, CD YD0120, Canada LP
	CYP907) (Chris White) 
 88 To Feel That Way Again/Someone to Believe In DAVE7 (UK 7") 
 88 Critic's Choice II (LP, CD) ('To Feel That Way Again' + special
	version of 'Whispers of Gethsemane' from Lips Against the
  91 Lifelines

  93 The Giver

MK w/other artists
 73 Brewer's Droop - The Booze Brothers (89 LP, 92 CD) (MK, Pick Withers)
 79 Sandy McLelland and the Backline (self titeled)("Sure Sounds Good to Me"w/MK
 79 Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming (LP, CD) (MK, Pick Withers, Barry
 80 Philip Lynott - Solo in Soho (LP, CD) (MK)
 80 Steely Dan - Gaucho (LP, CD) (MK, Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker,
	Jeff Porcaro)
 82 Philip Lynott - The Philip Lynott Album (CD) (MK, Mel Collins)
 82 Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Love Over and Over (LP) (MK)
 82 Van Morrison - Beautiful Vision (LP, CD) (MK)
 83 Phil Everly (from the Everly Brothers) (self titeled) (MK guitar)
 83 Bob Dylan - Infidels (LP, CD) (MK, Alan Clark)
 83 Tina Turner - Private Dancer (LP, CD) (MK, Terry Williams, Alan
	Clark, Hal Lindes, John Illsley, Mel Collins)
 84 Aztec Camera - Knife (LP, CD) (MK, Guy Fletcher, Chris White)
 85 Chet Atkins C.G.P. - Stay Tuned (LP, CD) (MK, Jeff Porcaro)(2 tracks MK)
 85 Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls (LP, CD) (MK, Guy Fletcher, Omar Hakim,
	Neil Jason, Tony Levin, Jimmy Maelen)
 86 Color of Money soundtrack (LP, CD) (MK)
 86 Tina Turner - Break Every Rule (LP, CD) (MK, Guy Fletcher, Tommy
 86 Tina Turner - Overnight Sensation/Overnight Sensation (promo 12")
 87 Chet Atkins & Friends - "Music From the Heart" (video) (MK) 
 87 Chet Atkins C.G.P. - Sails (CD) (MK)("Why Worry")
 87 Willy DeVille - Miracle (LP, CD) (MK, Guy Fletcher, Jeff Porcaro)
 87 Secret Policeman's Third Ball - The Music (LP, CD) (MK)("Imagine")
 87 Sting - ...Nothing Like the Sun (LP, CD) (MK, Manu Katche)
 88 Joan Armatrading - The Shouting Stage (LP, CD) (MK, Alan Clark, Phil
	Palmer, Manu Katche)
 88 Chet Atkins - C.G.P. (LP, CD) (MK)
 88 Randy Newman - Land of Dreams (LP, CD) (MMK guitar+prod., Guy Fletcher,
    on 7 tracks, Jeff Porcaro)
 88 Randy Newman - It's Money That Matters/Roll With the Punches (7")
 89 Brendan Croker - Brendan Croker & the 5 O'Clock Shadows (CD) (MK,
	Guy Fletcher, Alan Clark) 
 89 The Judds - River of Time (LP, CD) (MK)
 89 Tina Turner - Foreign Affair (LP, CD) (MK, Phil Palmer, Danny
 89 Weird Al" Yankovic UHF ("Money for Nothing" parody w/MK guitar, Guy
 90 Chet Atkins/Mark Knopfler - Neck and Neck (CD) (MK, Guy Fletcher,
	Paul Franklin, Vince Gill)
 90 The Jeff Healey Band - Hell to Pay (LP, CD, album cover sheet) (MK) 
 91 Brendan Croker - The Great Indoors (CD) (MK, Barry Beckett, Paul
 91 Bob Dylan - the bootleg series (3CD) (MK, Barry Beckett, Pick
	Withers, Alan Clark, Roy Bittan)	
 91 Buddy Guy - Damn Right, I've Got the Blues (CD) (MK)
 91 Ronnie Milsap - Back to the Grindstone (CD) (MK, Vince Gill)
 91 Voices That Care (CD, video) (MK) 
 92 John Anderson - Seminole Wind (CD, video) (MK) ("When It Comes to You"  
 92 Chet Atkins C.G.P./Jerry Reed - Sneakin' Around (CD) (MK)
 92 Rory Block - Ain't I A Woman (CD) (MK, Alan Clark,Brendan Croker guitar)
 92 Rory Block - Faithless World(edited version)/Silver Wings (CD promo

The Notting Hillbillies
 90 Missing...Presumed Having a Good Time (UK LP 842-671-1, USA CD
	26147-2) (MK, Guy Fletcher, Paul Franklin)
 90 Your Own Sweet Way/Bewildered/That's Where I Belong NHBCD1 (UK CD
 90 Will You Miss Me/That's Where I Belong/Lonesome Wind Blues NHB312
	(UK 12") 
 90 Will You Miss Me/That's Where I Belong NHB3 (UK 7")
 90 Feel Like Going Home/Lonesome Wind Blues/One Way Gal NHB212 (UK
 90 Feel Like Going Home/Lonesome Wind Blues NHB2 (UK 7") 
 90 Warner Bros. media info., 4 pages
 90 A Friendly Funny Night      (bootleg, live, april/may 90, CD, 45 min)

Pick Withers

  7? Spring                      (Pick Withers)

Chris White
91 Shadowdance 848-656-2 (Norway CD) (MK, Danny Cummings, Mike
	Mainieri)  ("Jericho Walls"+"Dreamtime" w/MK guitar)

Songs written by MK (other than DS or his soundtracks)
 83 'Private Dancer' - Private Dancer (Tina Turner)
 85 'Cosmic Square Dance' w/Chet Atkins, Paul Yandell - Stay Tuned (Chet
	Atkins C.G.P.)
 86 'Two Brothers and a Stranger' - Color of Money soundtrack
 86 'Overnight Sensation' - Break Every Rule (Tina Turner) 
 87 'Spanish Jack' w/Willy DeVille - Miracle (Willy DeVille)
 90 'Your Own Sweet Way' - Missing...Presumed Having a Good Time (The
	Notting Hillbillies)
 90 'The Next Time I'm In Town' - Neck and Neck (w/Chet Atkins)



 79 'Setting Me Up' - Just One Night (80 2LP, 2CD) (Eric Clapton)
 85 'Why Worry' - Born Yesterday (86 LP, 85 CD) (Everly Bros.)
 87 'Why Worry' - Sails (CD) (Chet Atkins C.G.P. w/MK) 
 89 'Water of Love' - River of Time (LP, CD) (The Judds w/MK)
 90 'I Think I Love You Too Much' - Hell to Pay (LP, CD) (The Jeff
	Healey Band w/MK)
 92 'When It Comes to You' - Seminole Wind (CD) (John Anderson w/MK) 
 92 'The Bug' - Come On Come On (CD) (Mary-Chapin Carpenter w/Paul
 92 'Romeo & Juliet' - Rites of Passage (CD) (Indigo Girls)

8.) Bootleg Discography


      What are bootlegs ?  What Dire Straits bootlegs are available ?

       What is  Dire Straits' opinion of bootlegs ?

       Can I bring up the topic of bootleg trading on the list ?

       Where can I buy bootlegs ?

       What Dire Straits bootlegs are available ?

Bootlegs are unofficial recordings made from radio broadcasts, studio 
outtakes, or audience tapings of concerts.

Strictly speaking bootlegs are illegal, and deprive Dire Straits of royalties. 
Dire Straits however, does not mind you recording their concerts for your 
own personal use, as long as you don't sell them for a profit. The Dire 
Straits Information Service (DSIS) , which is a newsletter sent out by Dire 
Straits' management company even has a classified sections in it for fans to 
trade bootlegs. Most die-hard Dire Straits fans who buy or trade bootlegs have 
all of Dire Straits' officially release material, so the band feels that 
they are not losing money.  The quality of bootlegs can sometimes be very 
poor, so the purpose of this discography is to rate sound quality, and allow 
fans to buy or trade bootlegs intelligently.  

You can bring up the topic of bootleg trading amongst list members, but all 
subsequent trades should be discussed privately by email.

Bootlegs can in general be bought openly in European countries such as 
Italy, France, and Germany where copyright laws are less strict. In the U.S. 
they may be found at used record stores, record conventions or through mail 


A list of known Dire Straits bootlegs appears below :

Thanks to Oytstein and Fabrice for their input

Dire Straits Bootleg List  Last Updated March 7, 1994.

-------------------------  ---------------------------   

This is a list of known Dire Straits bootlegs. It is by no means 
so if you have additions or corrections, please email me and let me know.
Not all of the information in the list has been verified.
The purpose of the list is to rate the sound quality of the bootlegs, so that
if you are considering purchasing or trading bootlegs, you can make an 
There are multiple bootlegs of the same concert from different companies,
however the sound quality may vary.
Typically the best sounding bootlegs come from demos, studio sessions or
FM radio broadcasts. Poorer quality bootlegs come from audience recordings.


I am in no way affiliated with any of the bootleg companies or manufacturers.
I do not sell bootlegs, so please do not contact me with requests.
This list is provided solely for information purposes.

That being said, if you know of bootlegs not on this list, and/or you want to
send in your sound ratings or comments please email me.

I do not have sources for where to buy all of these bootlegs.
If you know of stores or mail order sources of bootlegs, please email me your

Email concerning this bootleg list should be addressed to :

This list was compiled from information posted to the Dire Straits Mailing 

Sound Ratings

5 	Excellent, A+, almost as good as a studio recording

4	Very Good, A , small amount of hiss & audience noise, clear sound

3       Good,  a medium amount of noise, and hiss, mostly clear sound 

2       Fair,  a large amount of noise, and hiss, but listenable

1       Poor,  audience recording, more noise than clear sound

FM   - FM Radio Broadcast

CD   - Compact Disc

AUD  - Audience Recording

TAPE - Tape Copy

!,@,#,$,%,* - Same concert , different bootleg manufacturer

Anything marked with a "?" or left blank means that I have not heard the 
bootleg, or do not know the information.

Compact Discs 

No.  	Title		        	                          Source  Sound 

---     ----------------------------------------		  ------  -----	

2CDs ! 	Australian Dream  - Live in Sydney 26/04/86		   FM	    3


1CD  	ONCE UPON A TIME - Live in Brussels - 05/06/81	   	    	    4	

4CDs 	BIJOU - box set, including Notting Hillbillies Lives	    	    5

2CDs	TICKET TO HEAVEN - Live in Basel - 28/06/92 		   FM	    4

1CD @	WALK ON STAGE - Live in London, Wembley Arena		   FM       5

1CD @	85 Live-Westwood One Radio Network (concert)	  	   FM	    5

1CD @	85 Straiting out things        (BIA tour, Wembley `85, )   FM 	    5

1CD @	85 London `85                  (BIA tour)

1CD @	LONDON 1985 - Live in London. Wembley Arena 1985

1CD $	ON THE ROAD TO PHILADELPHIA -CapitolTheatre 1979   	   FM       4

2CDs	STRAIT TO THE POINT - Live in Dublin. The Point	 	   	    5

1CD	SULTANS OF SWING - Live in Philadelphia. Tower		   FM	    4

2CDs# 	85 San Antonio `85  (concert in San Antonio, Texas)	   FM	    4

1CD #	HOUSTON 85 - Live in Houston 1985 			   FM	    4

2CDs#	TEXAS SUNSET - Live in Houston. Coliseum - 1985

1CD #	SWING - Live in San Antonio 1985 

2CDs#	85 8/17 Southern Star Amphitheatre, Houston, TX		   FM       4

1CD	A Friendly Funny Night - Notting Hillbillies England 
1990           4  

2CDs	AMERICAN TOUR 1985 - Live in Cuvanooa Falls 1985   

1CD	ANYBODY LISTENNING - Live in Philadelphia 1992     

1CD	AROUND SOUTH AMERICA - Live - In metal box -       

1CD	DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS - Live 1980		   

1CD	EARLY DEMOS - Studio 1977				   	    3		
   1CD	EUROPE 1979 - Live In Europe 1979                  


1CD	GOIN' HOME - Live In London 1983		            

2CDs	JESUS SAVES - Live in Zurich. HallenStadium	   

1CD	LES INROCKUPTIBLES - Live 1992 - Picture CD		    FM      4

1CD	LIVE IN DORTMUND 1980 - with fold-out cover        

1CD	LIVE IN USA					   

1CD	NEWS - Live in Baltimore - 07/10/84		   

1CD	ON EVERY STREET OF BARCELONA - Live in Barcelona  08/05/92

2CDs	ON STAGE - Live in Zurich 1992			   	 

2CDs	OPEN AIR 92 - Live in Basel St Jacob Stadium 05/07/92

1CD	PERFECT INVESTIGATIONS - Live in London. Wembley   

1CD	ROCK FILE 78 - Various vacations - Picture CD			    1   

1CD	ROCK FILE 79 - Various vacations - Picture CD	   

1CD	ROCK FILE 80 - Various vacations - Picture CD			    1

1CD	ROCK FILE 81 - Various vacations - Picture CD	   

1CD	ROCK ROYALTIES - Live in London. Wembley Arena	   

2CDs	ROMEO AND JULIET - Live in Basel - 28/06/92	   

1CD	ROTTERDAM 1978 - Live in Rotterdam. Shouwburg      

1CD	SOLID ROCK - Live In New York 11/88 - with Eric	
Clapton             5  	

1CD	SONS OF LIGHT - Live in California 1992            

2CDs	THE BEST ROCK N ROLL ORCHESTRA - Live in Milano		            2

2CDs	THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE - Live in Nimes. Arenes	   

1CD	THE GREAT BOX - 4 CD's Box Set			   	

1CD	THE GEATEST HITS CONCERT - Live in Europe 1988     

2CDs	WORBURN ABBEY 1992 - Live - Bonus live Mandela Concert - 11/06/88

1CD 	78 Live In Chester 1978

1CD 	78 Live in Rotterdam 1978 ( Rotterdam, 17-oct-78 )

2CDs 	8? Cocaine                     (BIA tour w/ Clapton, `78+'85/6)

	85 Sleight of Hand             (BIA tour)

  	86 Perfect Investigations      (BIA tour, Wembley 18-jun-86)

2CDs	91 On Every Dire Streets       (OES tour, Brussels, 2-oct-91)

2CDs	91 Live Zurich `91             (OES tour, Zurich, 14-oct-91)

2CDs	Calling Elvis (Basel 6/92)  2 CD box set, Red Phantom

2CDs    Live On U.S. Radio (11/92)                                 

1CD 	Mark Knopfler Brothers in Conversation Interview, Baktabak	    1   	           	





Minutes		Title		        	                 Source  Sound 

-------    	----------------------------------------	 ------  -----

60	Mark Knopfler An Innerview 1980 by Jim Ladd	 	   FM	  5

45	Mark Knopfler Rockline Interview - May 10, 1993		   FM	  5

90	Mix:Prince's Trust Charity King Biscuit Flour Hour	   FM     5

90	Bootleg mix of DS songs, ITILYTM SNL			   TAPE   4 

90	Dire Straits On Every Street Album Release;Interviews MK   FM	  5

30	Liveaid July 13,1985					   FM	

25	Knebworth						   FM	

60	Wembley 1985						   
FM 	  5

90	Dire Stratis Rarities;Sultans&Solid Rock Demos,Hope&Anchor FM	  5

180	Dire Straits ;Ottawa March 14 1992			   AUD	  2

180 	Dire Straits ;Ottawa March 16 1992			   AUD    2

180	Houston 1985						   
FM     5

45	1979 Tour						   
FM     3

45	79 2/17 "WDR Radio" - Rockpalast (Funkhaus), Cologne	   FM     4

90	Mark Knopfler & Friends ; Mix of MK guest appearances	   CD     5

90	Mark Knopfler Guest Appearances - with other artists	   CD	  5

45	Concord Pavillion, CA					   

90	Bob Dylan Outfidels;Infidels outakes  MK & Pick Withers	   CD	  5  



No.  	Title		        	                          Source  Sound 

---     ----------------------------------------		  ------  -----	    	

2LPs	85 Magellan (BIA tour, 2 records, San Antonio `85)

2LPs	AMERICAN TOUR 1985 - Live in Cuvanooa Falls 1985

3LPs	EUROPEAN TOUR 1992 - Live in Basel - 28/06/92

1LP	SOLID ROCK - Live in New-York 11/88 With Eric Clapton

1LP     Wembley 1985						    FM      

9.) Performances with Other Artists

What other artists has Dire Straits performed with ?

Eric Clapton

While browsing through some Clapton books at a bookstore I came across the
following information concerning dates and locations that EC & DS or MK have
played together.  If anyone has information on these shows, or has recordings 
of them, please let me know. It seems to be the most complete list I have come


Seattle, WA.

Date		Location		Details
-----		--------		-------
18,22 Dec. '85	Hammersmith Odeon       Dire Straits with EC, Cocaine, Further
				On Up the Road,Solid Rock,Two Young Lovers
20 June '86	Princes Trust Charity 	
6,7,8 Jan. '87	Royal Albert Hall	With Sting, Steve Winwood, MK
10-12 Jan. '87	Royal Albert Hall	With MK, Money For Nothing
6  June '88	Royal Albert Hall/Princes Trust  
8,9 June '88	Hammersmith Odeon	Dire Straits with EC Warm up for Mandela
11 June '88	Mandela Concert		Dire Straits with EC
2  Nov. '88	Tokyo Dome		With Elton John, MK
1,2,3 Feb. '89	Royal Albert Hall	With Mark Knopfler
30 July '90     Knebworth Benefit	Dire Straits with Eric Clapton

Mark Knopfler joined Eric Clapton for his 1988 North American Tour, and played
at the following locations :

Date		Location		
-----		--------
1 Sept. '88	Dallas
2 Sept.		New Orleans
4 Sept.		Pittsburgh
6 Sept.		New Jersey, Meadowlands
7 Sept.		Philadelphia
8 Sept.		Capital Center, Maryland
10 Sept.	Hartford
11 Sept.	New York, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island
13,14 Sept.	Marsfield, Mass.
16 Sept.	Detroit
17 Sept.	Millwaukee
19 Sept.	Denver
21 Sept.	San Francisco, Shoreline Amphitheater
22 Sept.	Sacramento
23 Sept.	Irvine
25 Sept.	Los Angeles
26 Sept.	Portland, OR
27 Sept.	Tacoma
28 Sept.	Vancouver, B.C. , Pacific Coliseum
29 Sept.	Pantages Theater. ???
30 Sept.	Calgary, Saddledome
1 Oct.		Saskatoon
3 Oct.		Winnipeg
4 Oct.		Minneapolis
6 Oct.		Montreal
7 Oct.	 	Toronto
8 Oct.		Hamilton

Japanese Tour
2 Nov.		Tokyo Dome
4 Nov.		Budokan with Sting, Mark Knopfler
5 Nov.		Osaka	with Knopfler, Elton John

10.) All-Music Guides 

All-Music Guides are taken from information available on Internet, and reproduced here with the condition that they cannot be sold or copied
for profit.

       All-Music Guidelines in file:  ALLMUSICHELP


 Artist : Dire Straits

 Genre  : Rock 

 Style  : Rock & roll, Adult Oriented Rock, Popular,

 Instr. : Group

 Rating : importance (2) popularity (1) 

                     All-Music Guide Biography

 In 1977 disco reigned and the new-wave/punk movements were heralding

 the death of tired FM rock. It was then that Dire Straits came along

 with a unique blend of atmospheric blues-flavored rock and literate

 Dylanesque story-type lyrics. Singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist

 Mark Knopfler's dry, low-key vocal delivery and economical, clean

 guitar playing immediately hit a nerve with the public, and the

 group's self-titled debut effort went #2, aided by the driving #4 hit

 "Sultans of Swing." ,Aside from COMMUNIQUE, the band's sophomore

 effort, Dire Straits increasingly developed a cinematic approach to

 songwriting and production. LOVE OVER GOLD is a particular highlight.

 It was only a natural sidestep for Knopfler to score the highly

 acclaimed soundtracks for LOCAL HERO (1983) and THE PRINCESS BRIDE

 (1987). ALCHEMY, a double-record live set, was released in 1984.,In

 1985 BROTHERS IN ARMS was released, becoming one of the biggest

 internationally selling albums of the 80s. The song "Money for

 Nothing" became free advertising for MTV, with the hook "I want my

 MTV.",Knopfler undertook various side projects, including the Notting

 Hillbillies and a fine duet album with Chet Atkins (NECK AND NECK).

 Six years after the release of BROTHERS IN ARMS, ON EVERY STREET was

 released. ~ Rick Clark

 ---------- Related Artists -----------

 Notting Hillbillies

 Rea, Chris

 Crystle, Charlie

 ---------- Roots & Influences ----------

 Dylan, Bob

 Atkins, Chet

 ---------- Bibliography ----------

 Oldfield, Michael    |Dire Straits                 |Sidgwick & Jackso

 AMG Artist ID #   : P000004101

    Chronological Album List    |Date|  Label   | Number |R S T|Rating


 On the Night                   |1993|Warner Bro|45259   |R    |      

 On Every Street                |1991|Warner Bro|26680   |  S  |    OK

 Alchemy Live                   |1991|Polygram V|082741  |R    |  Good

 Money for Nothing - Video      |1989|Warner Bro|25813   |     |      

 Money for Nothing              |1988|Warner Bro|25794   |R S  |+BestA

 Interview Disc                 |1987|Baktabak  |2018    |  S  |      

 Walk of Life                   |1985|Warner Bro|25811   |     |      

 Brothers in Arms               |1985|Warner Rep|38119   |     |      

 Brothers in Arms               |1985|Warner Bro|25264   |R S  | BestA

 Twisting by Pool               |1984|Warner Bro|25810   |     |      

 Alchemy - Dire Straits Live    |1984|Warner Bro|25085   |  S  |  Good

 Twisting by the Pool           |1983|Warner Bro|29800   |  S  |  Good

 Love over Gold                 |1982|Warner Bro|23728   |R S  | BestA

 Making Movies                  |1980|Warner Bro|3480    |R S T| BestA

 Communique                     |1979|Warner Bro|3330    |  S  |    OK

 Sultans of Swing               |1978|Warner Bro|25814   |     |      

 Dire Straits                   |1978|Warner Bro|3266    |R S  | BestG

 Dire Straits/Making Movies     |Z   |Warner Bro|25135   |     | BestA

         All-Music Guide Album Details (Alphabetical Order)

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Alchemy - Dire Straits Live

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Good

 Charts : Billboard #046, entered Apr 21, 1984, on charts 018 weeks

          Down Beat #4

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 92:00 min

 Type   : live

 Date   : 1984 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005891  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1983 CD  Warner Brothers  2-25085

 1984 LP  Vertigo  11

 1983 CS  Warner Brothers  4-25085[K

 1982 LP  Warner Brothers  27085[K

      CD  Warner Brothers  25085

          Warner Bros.  25085

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Mark Knopffler - Producer

 Nigel Walker - Engineer

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Alchemy Live

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Good

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : video

 Date   : 1991 (release)

 AMG ID : R000085917  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1991     Polygram Video  082 741

          PolyGram  082741

 ------- AMG Album Reviews ---------

 For a change, here's a live video better than the album it's attached

 to. ~ Bruce Eder

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Brothers in Arms

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Best-of-Artist

 Charts : Billboard #001, entered Jun 8 , 1985, on charts 097 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 54:40 min

 Date   : 1985 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005892  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1985 CD  Warner Brothers  2-25264

 1985 LP  Vertigo  25

 1985 CS  Warner Brothers  4-25264

 1982 LP  Warner Brothers  25264

      CD  Warner Brothers  25264

          Warner Bros.  25264

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 Their biggest-selling album, containing the mega-hit "Money for

 Nothing" as well as "Walk of Life" and "So Far Away." ~ William


 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Michael Brecker - Horn

 Randy Brecker - Horn

 Alan Clark - Keyboards

 Malcolm Duncan

 Guy Fletcher - Keyboards, Vocal

 Omar Hakim - Drums

 John Illsley - Bass, Vocal

 Neil Jason - Bass

 Mark Knopfler - g/v/prd

 Tony Levin - Bass

 Jimmy Maelen - Percussion

 Mike Mainieri - Vocal (background)

 Dave Plews - Horn

 Jack Sonni

 Sting - Vocal

 Terry Williams - Drums

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Brothers in Arms

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : video

 Date   : 1985 (release)

 AMG ID : R000085918  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1985     Warner Reprise Video  38119

          Warner Brothers  25812

          Warner Brothers  38119

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Communique

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : OK

 Charts : Billboard #011, entered Jun 30, 1979, on charts 019 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 42:24 min

 Date   : 1979 (release)

 AMG ID : R000035451  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1978 CD  Warner Brothers  2-3330

          Warner Brothers  3330

 1979 LP  Warner Brothers  3330

 1978 CS  Warner Brothers  W5-3330

 1979     Warner Brothers  3330

      CD  Warner Brothers  3330

          Warner Bros.  3330

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 B Bear - Keyboards

 John Illsley - Bass, Vocal

 Mark Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

 Jack Nuber - Engineer

 Pick Withers - Drums

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Dire Straits

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Best-of-Genre

 Charts : Billboard #002, entered Jan 6 , 1979, on charts 041 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 41:34 min

 Date   : 1978 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005886  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1978 CD  Warner Brothers  2-3266

 1978 LP  Warner Brothers  3266

 1978 CS  Warner Brothers  M5-3266

      CD  Warner Brothers  3266

          Warner Bros.  3266

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 Even after all the success, the debut is the best example of the

 intricate style of Dire Straits, dominated by the electric

 finger-picking of guitarist Mark Knopfler, his smoky voice and poetic

 lyrics. Features their first hit, "Sultans of Swing." ~ William


 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Rhett Davies - Engineer

 John Illsley - Bass, Vocal

 David Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

 Mark Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

 Pick Withers - Drums

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Dire Straits/Making Movies

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Best-of-Artist

 Charts : Billboard #019, entered Nov 15, 1980, on charts 031 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 77:56 min

 AMG ID : R000005885  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CS  Warner Brothers  4-25135

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Interview Disc

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1987 (release)

 AMG ID : R000035453

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1987 LP  Baktabak  2018

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Mark Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Love over Gold

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Best-of-Artist

 Charts : Billboard #019, entered Oct 16, 1982, on charts 032 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 40:59 min

 Date   : 1982 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005889  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Warner Brothers  2-23728

      CS  Warner Brothers  4-23728

 1982 LP  Warner Brothers  23738

      CD  Warner Brothers  23728

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 The fourth Dire Straits album is their most atmospheric effort,

 featuring the spacious title track as well as the epic "Telegraph

 Road," with the extended guitar workout at its conclusion. ~ Rick


 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Alan Clark - Keyboards

 John Illsley - Bass, Vocal

 Mark Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

 Hal Lindes - Guitar

 Mike Mainieri - Vocal (background)

 Ed Walsh - Synthesizer

 Pick Withers - Drums

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Making Movies

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Best-of-Artist

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 37:19 min

 Date   : 1980 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005888  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1985 CD  Warner Brothers  2-3480

 1985 CS  Warner Brothers  M5-3480

 1980 LP  Warner Brothers  3480

 1980 CD  Warner Brothers  3480-2

      CD  Warner Brothers  3480

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 The third album displays Knopfler's expanding ambitions as a

 songwriter with, as the title suggests, a cinematic sweep on such

 songs as "Tunnel of Love" and "Romeo and Juliet." ~ William Ruhlmann

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Roy Bittan - Keyboards

 John Illsley - Bass, Vocal

 Mark Knopfler

 Pick Withers - Drums

 -------- Album Tracks --------

 Tunnel Of Love,Romeo and Juliet,Skate

 Tunnel Of Love

 Romeo and Juliet


 Expresso Love

 Hand In Hand

 Solid Rock

 Les Boys

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Money for Nothing

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Best-of-Artist   (First Pick)

 Charts : Billboard #062, entered Nov 12, 1988, on charts 017 weeks

          Rock & Roll Disc #3/4

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 65:57 min

 Type   : compilation

 Date   : 1988 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005893  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1988 CD  Warner Brothers  2-25794

 1988 CS  Warner Brothers  4-25794

 1988 LP  Vertigo  64

      CD  Warner Brothers  25794

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 ... best of ... it is good to have "Twisting by the Pool" at last on

 CD, but jeers to whomever chose to omit "Skateaway," a radio favorite

 and moderate chart hit. The CD contains one more track than the LP,

 and the version of the title track included is the 4:05 single edit,

 not the 8:24 original. ~ Richard Riis, Rock & Roll Disc.

 This best-of collection contains Dire Straits' biggest hits as well as

 some key album tracks. "Sultans of Swing," "Walk of Life," "Money for

 Nothing," plus a live version of "Telegraph Road" from LOVE OVER GOLD,

 are among the highlights. Even though this may be a fairly

 representative sampler, listening to their better albums in their

 entirety is the best way to hear this band. ~ Rick Clark


 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Mark Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Money for Nothing - Video

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : video

 Date   : 1989 (release)

 AMG ID : R000085919  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1989     Warner Brothers  25813

          Warner Brothers  25813

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : On Every Street

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : OK

 Charts : Billboard #012, entered Sep 28, 1991, on charts 032 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 59:55 min

 Date   : 1991 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005894  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1990 CD  Warner Brothers  2-26680

 1990 CS  Warner Brothers  4-26680

 1990 LP  Warner Brothers  1-26680

      CD  Warner Brothers  26680

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Chuck Ainlay - Engineer

 Alan Clark - Keyboards, Conductor

 Danny Cummings

 Dire Straits - Producer

 Guy Fletcher - Keyboards, Vocal (background)

 Paul Franklin

 Vince Gill

 John Illsley - Bass

 Manu Katche - Drums, Percussion

 Mark Knopfler - v/g/prd

 George Martin - Conductor

 Phil Palmer

 Jeff Porcaro

 Bill Schnee - Engineer

 Chris White

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : On the Night

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1993 (release)

 AMG ID : R000170320  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Warner Brothers  45259

 1993     Warner Brothers  

      CD  Warner Bros.  45259-2

      CS  Warner Bros.  45259-4

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 A live document of Dire Straits' 1991-1992 world tour supporting the

 ON EVERY STREET album, ON THE NIGHT works sporadically, offering

 enough good material to interest fans but not enough to win back the

 commercial audience BROTHERS IN ARMS earned for the band. ~ All-Music


----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Sultans of Swing

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : video

 Date   : 1978 (release)

 AMG ID : R000085920  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1978     Warner Brothers  25814

          Warner Brothers  25814

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Twisting by Pool

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : video

 Date   : 1984 (release)

 AMG ID : R000085921  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1984     Warner Brothers  25810

          Warner Brothers  25810

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Twisting by the Pool

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : Good

 Charts : Billboard #053, entered Mar 12, 1983, on charts 015 weeks

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : Jun ??, 1983 (release)

 AMG ID : R000005890  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      LP  Warner Brothers  29800

 1983 CS  Warner Brothers  4-29800

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Alan Clark - Piano

 Mel Collins - Sax

 John Etchells - Engineer

 John Illsley - Guitar (bass)

 Mark Knopfler - v/g/prd

 Hal Lindes - Guitar

 Terry Williams - Drums

 Pick Withers - Drums

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Walk of Life

 Artist : Dire Straits

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : video

 Date   : 1985 (release)

 AMG ID : R000085922  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1985     Warner Brothers  25811

          Warner Brothers  25811

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 Artist : Mark Knopfler

 Genre  : Rock 

 Style  : Films

 Instr. : G/V/COM

 Rating : importance (3) 

 ---------- Bibliography ----------

 Palmer, Myles        |Mark Knopfler: An Unathorised|Sidgwick & Jackso

 AMG Artist ID #   : P000018709

    Chronological Album List    |Date|  Label   | Number |R S T|Rating


 Last Exit to Brooklyn          |1989|Warner Bro|25986   |R    |    OK

 Cal                            |1984|Mercury   |822769  |R    | BestA

 Local Hero                     |1983|Warner Bro|23827   |  S  |+BestA

 Screenplaying (Music from the F|    |Warner Bro|        |     |      

         All-Music Guide Album Details (Alphabetical Order)

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Cal

 Artist : Mark Knopfler

 Rating : Best-of-Artist

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 34:30 min

 Type   : soundtrack

 Date   : 1984 (release)

 AMG ID : R000111302  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Mercury  822769-2

      CS  Mercury  822769-4

 1984     Mercury  822 769

      CD  Mercury  

      CD  PolyGram  822769

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 This is probably the strongest of Dire Straits' leader Mark Knopfler's

 soundtracks, featuring plenty of his elegant guitar playing and

 several instantly likeable tunes. As befits the film's setting, the

 flavor of the music is Irish, with the guitar, bass and drum lineup

 filled out by tin whistle, mandolin, and Uilleann pipes. ~ Backroads


----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Last Exit to Brooklyn

 Artist : Mark Knopfler

 Rating : OK

 Charts : Rock & Roll Disc #2/4

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : soundtrack

 Date   : 1989 (release)

 AMG ID : R000104781  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Warner Brothers  2-25986

      CD  Warner Brothers  9 25986-2

      CS  Warner Brothers  4-25986

 1975     Warner Brothers  25986

      CD  Warner Brothers  25986

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 ... on its own, the soundtrack to Uli Edel's film, LAST EXIT TO

 BROOKLYN, is a pleasant disc. ~  Jim Fusilli, Rock & Roll Disc.

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Local Hero

 Artist : Mark Knopfler

 Rating : Best-of-Artist   (First Pick)

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 39:48 min

 Type   : soundtrack

 Date   : 1983 (release)

 AMG ID : R000042531

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1988 CD  Warner Brothers  2-23827

 1988 CS  Warner Brothers  4-23827

 1983 LP  Vertigo  4

      CD  Warner Brothers  23827

 1983     Warner Brothers  23827

          Warner Brothers  23827

      CD  Warner Brothers  23827

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Ed Bicknell - Drums

 Michael Brecker - Sax

 Alan Clark - Keyboards

 Alan Darby - Guitar

 Eddie Gomez - Bass

 John Illsley - Bass

 Neil Jason - Bass

 Steve Jordan - Drums

 Mark Knopfler - g/s/per

 Tony Levin - Bass

 Hal Lindes - Guitar

 Mike Mainieri - Vocal (background)

 Roddy Murray - Guitar

 Gerry Rafferty - Vocal

 Brian Rowan - Bass

 Terry Williams - Drums

 Dale Winchester - Accordian

 Mark Winchester - Violin

 Jimmy Yuill - Whistle (instrument)

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Screenplaying (Music from the Films "Local Hero", "Cal", 

"Princess Bride", & "Last Exit

 Artist : Mark Knopfler

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Type   : soundtrack

 AMG ID : R000190288  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Warner Bros.  45457-2

      CS  Warner Bros.  45457-4

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 Artist : David Knopfler

 Genre  : Rock 

 Style  : 80's Rock

 Instr. : G/V/COM

 Rating : importance (3) popularity (3) 

 AMG Artist ID #   : P000018708

    Chronological Album List    |Date|  Label   | Number |R S T|Rating


 Life Against the Steel         |1988|Cypress   |0120    |  S  |      

 Cut the Wire                   |1987|Greenhill |1       |  S  |      

 Behind the Lines               |1985|Making Wav|102     |  S  |      

 Release                        |1983|Peach Rive|1       |  S  |      

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 Album  : Behind the Lines

 Artist : David Knopfler

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1985 (release)

 AMG ID : R000042528

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1985 LP  Making Waves  102

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 David Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

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 Album  : Cut the Wire

 Artist : David Knopfler

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1987 (release)

 AMG ID : R000042529

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1987 LP  Greenhill  1

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 David Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

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 Album  : Life Against the Steel

 Artist : David Knopfler

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1988 (release)

 AMG ID : R000042530  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Cypress  14166-0120-2[K

      CS  Cypress  14166-0120-4

      LP  Cypress  14166-0120-1

          Cypress  1020

 1988 LP  Paris  4

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 David Knopfler - Guitar, Vocal

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 Album  : Release

 Artist : David Knopfler

 Rating : not rated yet

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1983 (release)

 AMG ID : R000042527

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1983 LP  Peach River  1

 1983     Passport  6030

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Arran Ahmun - D/CFA/PER

 Harry Bogdanovs - Synthesizer

 Marie Broady - Vocal (background)

 Betsy Cook - P/S/VCB

 DMX - Drums

 Roger Downham - Vibraphone

 John Illsley - Guitar (bass)

 Germaine Johnson - Vocal (background)

 David Knopfler - g/v/prd

 Mike Paice - Sax

 Pino Paladino - Guitar (bass)

 Kevin Powell - Guitar (bass)

 Bub Roberts - Guitar

 Danny Schogger - Piano

 Tony Spath - Producer

 Bobby Valentino - Violin

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 Artist : Notting Hillbillies

 Genre  : Rock 

 Style  : Country rock, Contemporary, Popular

 Instr. : Group

 Rating : importance (3) popularity (2) 

                     All-Music Guide Biography

 Formed by Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler (b 1949), this

 acoustic group showcased the fingerpicking skills of several friends

 in a primarily country-rock format, with the influence of Knopfler's

 idol Chet Atkins looming large. ~ Cub Koda

 ---------- Related Artists -----------

 Dire Straits


 ---------- Roots & Influences ----------

 Atkins, Chet

 Dire Straits

 Paul, Les

 Country music

 AMG Artist ID #   : P000005041

    Chronological Album List    |Date|  Label   | Number |R S T|Rating


 Missing ... Presumed Having a G|1990|Warner Bro|26147   |R    | BestA

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 Album  : Missing ... Presumed Having a Good Time

 Artist : Notting Hillbillies

 Rating : Best-of-Artist

 Charts : Billboard #052, entered Mar 31, 1990, on charts 013 weeks

          Down Beat #3.5

 Genre  : Rock 

 Time   : 40:20 min

 Date   : 1990 (release)

 AMG ID : R000014230  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1988 CD  Warner Brothers  2-26147

 1988 CS  Warner Brothers  4-26147

 ------- AMG Album Reviews -------

 MISSING ... PRESUMED HAVING A GOOD TIME is a superb collection with

 strong country leanings. Melodic and memorable. ~ Hank Davis

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 Artist : John Illsley

 Genre  : Rock 

 Style  : MOR

 Rating : importance (3) 

 AMG Artist ID #   : P000018410

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 Glass                          |1988|Warner Bro|25638   |  S  |+BestA

 Never Told a Soul              |1984|Vertigo   |15      |  S  |  Good

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 Album  : Glass

 Artist : John Illsley

 Rating : Best-of-Artist   (First Pick)

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1988 (release)

 AMG ID : R000041247  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

      CD  Warner Brothers  2-25638

 1988 LP  Vertigo  56

      CS  Warner Brothers  4-25638

      LP  Warner Brothers  1-25638

          Warner Brothers  25638

 1988 LP  Warner Brothers  25638

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 Albert Boekholt - Keyboards

 Alan Clark - Organ (Hammond)

 Jerry Donahue - Guitar

 Mick Dyche - Guitar, Guitar

 Guy Fletcher - Keyboards

 John Illsley - v/g/gtb

 Mark Knopfler - Guitar

 Jamie Lane - Percussion

 Karl Lever - Keyboards

 Phil Palmer - Guitar

 Frank Ricotti - Percussion

 Chris. White - Sax

----------------------- All-Music Guide Album ------------------------

 Album  : Never Told a Soul

 Artist : John Illsley

 Rating : Good

 Genre  : Rock 

 Date   : 1984 (release)

 AMG ID : R000041246  (album inprint)

 --------- Album Releases ---------

 1984 LP  Vertigo  15

          Polydor  822 239

 ------- Album Personnel/Sidemen -------

 John Illsley

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Part 3
11) Interviews

12) Archives, Lyrics, Guitar Chords & Tabs, Bitmap Pictures

Dire Straits FAQ Listing  -  Part 3 of 3

11.)  Interviews

Are there Dire Straits' interviews available ? What is Mark Knopfler really 
like ?

The following are transcriptions of  radio interviews and magazine interviews.

In general, the consensus is that Mark Knopler, in addition to being an 
excellent musician, is a warm and caring individual. This opinion is confirmed 
in interviews he has given and  in the Oldfield book.

There are also interviews in the October 1991 issue of MUSICIAN 
magazine, and in a 1991 issue of Q magazine. If you have these interviews, please let us know.

If anyone else has radio or magazine interviews please let us know, there 
are most likely many others.

Thanks to Heather and Sriram for transcribing these interviews.

Mark Knopfler: "An Innerview" with Jim Ladd, 1980
(_Making Movies_ release)

[Taped from CHEZ-106 (Ottawa, Canada)]

JL: Good evening, everybody, I'm Jim Ladd. Tonight we'll meet
writer, vocalist and guitarist Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits.
He is an Englishman who is enjoying great success, not only with
Dire Straits, but also with the recognition he is receiving from
other musicians such as Bob Dylan and Donald Fagen and Walter
Becker of Steely Dan.  I think you're going to enjoy this next
hour of conversation and the music of an English band who at
times you would swear came directly out of Louisiana. Welcome to
an "Innerview" of Dire Straits.

["Southbound Again"... instrumental intro]

JL: It's a surprise, this style of music that has come from you
guys, because it's so southern Americanesque in its origin.  I
mean, have you ever had a desire to go live in the swamp or
anything, I mean have you ever wanted to wrestle 'gators in the
Everglades? ....

MK: [in macho voice] "show me to the swamp"

JL: I mean, you don't go down and hang out with the Allman Brothers
band and barbecue or anything like that?

MK: No, no, it's nothing like that, I don't really feel that that
connection is more important than any other connection, that's just
part of the whole jigsaw puzzle that makes up what comes out of you.

[Song: "Southbound Again"]

JL: Although as the saying goes, there are no overnight successes in
this business, Dire Straits did have something of a storybook beginning.
It happened on a radio station in England with a disc jockey by the
name of Charlie Gillett.

MK: I just thought - I had this idea, well look, maybe Charlie
should listen to this demo tape that we've done because he could
tell us who could listen to it, and who might be receptive to
it, rather than us doing - you know - 27 cassettes and taking
them around every A&R man in town.  (We call the "umm&ahh" guys
now, they go "Umm, ahhh", [laughing].) What they do is that they
get into the office in the morning, and they answer two
telephones, they read the music press, and put the cassettes on
by, you know, your young hopefuls. As it turned out, we had to
go around all of those places anyway, and meet all the umm&ahh
men. So we just took it to Charlie, and it wasn't a question of
wanting him to play anything on the show. We just said: look,
who do you think would be interested, who's the good umm&ahh
men, who's the men who don't go umm&ahh all the time ...

JL: that will actually play the cassette...

MK: Yeah, listen to it. So we just left it at that. And then we
were moving furniture for a friend the next Sunday, so we missed
the show, right? I remember 'cause we were lowering a table out
of a window, an upstairs window, at the time when the show was
on, I was thinking,  oh, we're missing Honky-tonk right now. And
then, well, when we just went in the pub that night you know,
around by these flats where we were living, this tenement in
Deptford in south-east London where we were living.  And they
said 'Hey!' -- all the guys, all the dudes in the pub, 'Hey!  Hey!
Heard ya on Honky-tonk this morning.'

[Song: "Sultans of Swing"]

MK: Before then we were organizing our own gigs and things; we
were getting bits of paper and cutting them up into tickets and
putting them around the flats, what they call the flats, it's
like you call them apartments, well they weren't even
apartments, tenements is the word, nobody else wanted to live
there. And that was it, we just started doing residencies in the
pubs in London.

["Sultans" cont'd "then the man steps right up to the microphone..."]


JL: I'm Jim Ladd, welcome back to our Innerview of Dire Straits
with our guest MK

MK: I think it's the most exciting right now that it's ever been.

JL: Even more so than when the first album was released?

MK: Oh yeah, I think, 'cause that was big time, I remember when
the first record started to explode all over the place,
everywhere, we were very excited. It went to Holland, and then
where it's gone is triple platinum in Germany and everywhere,
you know, and the whole thing started to get really silly. That
was a ridiculous time, but now, right now, is probably the most
exciting time ever.

JL: Why is that, why now? I would think that naturally, the first 
album, making it, people listening and actually buying the thing,
I mean you just haven't become jaded yet, you have three whole
albums out, and...

MK: Oh we did get, around Christmastime, and before, leading up to then,
'cause we did over 300 shows in less than two years we were really...
including albums, and tv shows and interviews, a whole mincing machine,
you know.

JL: a mincing machine?

MK: [laughing] We got absolutely shredded about Christmastime,
we just couldn't go on at that pace, and we all fell over and
stayed in a horizontal position for a few months.

[Song: "Solid Rock"]

MK: But now, it's amazing, it's the keyboards thing really,
basically for me. The new record, and even since doing this
record, what's happened, because of the keyboards, and finding
out that I know what to do with keyboards, I mean I never really
thought that I could do this music stuff. It's like umm, I wrote
some of the  songs on the new record on keyboards and things
like that, and I'd always sort of messed about on them, and I
got this synthesizer and I started turning my house into like
Apocalypse Now, and I got me drum machine going in, and you
know, bombers and helicopters and things. But in between those
times, I was actually playing some keyboards and some music and
writing on the guitar and some keyboards and sorting out Roy
Bittan from Bruce Springsteen's band to do this record.  It was
really great, because it was like we'd been playing for years
just right from the first 5 minutes.

[Song: "Tunnel of Love"]

JL: As might be concluded from the title of Dire Straits' latest
album, _Making Movies_, the relatively new area of rock video
holds great interest for Mark.

MK: The whole vast area of the relationship between sound
and sight is very interesting, just as the relationship between
all the senses is interesting; the relationship between feeling
and thinking for instance, those kinds of...the balance of stuff
you know. So in terms of rock 'n' roll, the whole area of rock
video seems to me have gone in a pretty haphazard and disappointing
direction, rock video is already a formula.

They whack into these rock videos very fast where you know the guy
sort of hoists a big video camera on his shoulder, and turns it upside down
and swings it round the set, you got smoke billowing around your legs.
There's a guy in it with a leopardskin suit on and a leopardskin guitar
and he's standing in a white room with no walls and no floor, and he's
turning upside down himself, you know and all of this sort of stuff.
And it's already become, you know, crashingly boring to me. Whether
or not you can reconcile those kind of things remains to be seen.
And there's so much to talk about there, for instance whether you can
create images, visual images that are gonna last as long as the music
does. If you make the music to last 5 minutes and that tomorrow you're
gonna bring another record out, then fair enough, you can create
an image that people are just gonna want for the same length of time.
But if you wanna try and make something which is unified to the 
best of your ability then you have to, you're gonna have to go a 
bit further, it seems to me.

[Song: "Skateaway"]

JL: Mark Knopfler and our Innerview of Dire Straits will return in just a
moment. And when we do we'll hear about his work with Steely Dan, Bob Dylan
and Don Everly, when Innerview continues.


JL: I'm Jim Ladd and we're back now with our Innerview of Dire
Straits, and tonight's guest Mark Knopfler we're going to begin
this part of the show with the work he did on Steely Dan's
album, _Gaucho_.  This is a band who we've interviewed twice
here, and I swear to God I'll never do them again, because it
was a bath of fire.  But I really respect them as musicians, and
that's Steely Dan. Amazing musicians. I mean, did you find it
easy to record with these guys, or no?

MK: It's not the easiest thing in the world, no.

JL: Thank God, I was hoping it wasn't just me.

MK: No, apparently, I didn't know it at the time, I was very
naive, I remember the assistant engineer or somebody telling me
at the end of the session, 'hey, you did great, I've seen them
crucify guys in there'. So it must have been ok, but at the time
you know, I'd never done a session before, and it was a very
strange thing to have been put in there....

JL: You'd never done a session before with anybody?

MK: No, not really, no

JL: Is that right, and your first one was a Steely Dan?  You
know there's a saying that any Steely Dan session you can walk
away from was a good one? Beside all that, they're some of the
best musicians going, it's just a compliment to be asked to play
with these guys.

MK: Yeah, it's like being given a medal I suppose.

JL: Another album that you can find Mark credited on
is Bob Dylan's _Slow Train [Coming]_. How was that experience for
you, did you enjoy that? was it easy or not?

MK: It was easy, but it was very exciting to have been asked.
Obviously if you've come up listening to _Blonde on Blonde_,
and sitting around and getting wired on coffee and smoking
cigarettes, it's a very exciting thing. Even now, it's like,
last night I was sitting up with Bob and he was playing
me new songs and we were just strumming on guitars with a 
bunch of people. And it's still an amazing feeling to have
made that friendship.

JL: Because you hear so much about people who don't know Dylan
that say he's either shy or aloof or all of these different
things, from people who've never met the guy. But then when you
talk to somebody who's worked with him, they go  'God he's the
easiest guy in the world to work with, and he's real polite...'

MK: Yeah, I mean I don't think Bob has ever been what --
I mean I can't speak for another guy, but I don't think he'd
mind me saying that he feels that he's never really been what
everybody has said he was or said he is, even now or then or

It's very difficult to try and give the world the right
impression, all you can say is I hope that you're getting the
right reception on your radio, but you're not always, and of course
people tend to believe, for instance, what they read in the papers,
which is a big mistake. Everybody does that, it's just sad, that
that's the way it is. It's a case of a mistaken identity.

[Song: "Slow Train Coming"]

MK: With this record, with the _Slow Train Coming_ record, me
and Bob just ran the songs down a few times in Santa Monica,
then Pick came over with Tim Drummond, the bass player, and
Barry Beckett came up from Muscle Shoals. And then, I think the
next day or a couple of days after that, we went down to Muscle
Shoals and bashed out the record in a few days, I was there for
about nine or 10 days.  The first days on a record are always a
little bit strange because you have to work out a way of doing
it. The second day, all it was was that the little band - the
band was actually led by Barry Beckett - he would lead on the
floor on the piano, and I was sitting in a little cubicle, or be
on the floor on electric guitar, but in a cubicle if I was
playing an acoustic guitar in a little isolation booth.  Pick
had his drum kit set up there in the studio, and Tim was just
bouncing around in the studio. And we just, the four of us, and
we'd just run down the songs in the room a couple of times to
make sure that we knew where all the verses were going. Once
we'd had a chance to run it down then Bob'd come out and he'd
get in a little booth next to me through a glass window and he'd
just sing them, and we recorded them, just like that, first or
second, maybe third take. It seems to me, as far as I can
remember, that is more or less the way it went down. And then I
would put some lead guitar on afterwards.

And then after I left, me and Pick left, we had to go back to
London, we had to get our own thing going again, then they put
brass on and the girl singers and stuff like that, and then the
record was finished. It was very quick and very straightforward.
Pick did the best job that he could do as a drummer there, and I
did the best job that I could do in the time as a guitar-player,
and that was it.

I mean it's amazing to me, that here we were just doing this,
after you'd gotten over the excitement of being asked, here we
were, we were just a bunch of guys making a record, and there
were these dudes from Texas sort of camped outside the studio,
you know, sort of wanted to speak to the Messiah. I remember one
night we got back from a restaurant, we'd been for a steak or
something, and this guy comes up, says 'Hi Bob!  Hi Bob!' with
this really wild look in his eye, you know, like a real fanatic.
If you've had to live for ten years, or for more than a decade
with that kind of deification, you know -- he's dealt with it
*really, really* well, just as a guy.

[Song: "Communique"]

JL: Whenever you get certain musicians talking about who they
used to listen to as a kid, sooner or later you're gonna be
talking about the Everly Brothers.

MK: I used to love that stuff, you know, things like "Til I
Kissed You" and "Bird Dog". Oh you know all those Everly
Brothers tunes, "Bye Bye Love" -- used to sing them all. I'd
love everybody to hear those records now, instead of me talking,
that would be much better.

JL: Maybe we'll include one in the show ....

MK: Yeah, 

JL: We'll go dig up an old Everly Brothers song and put it
in here or something.

[Song: "Bye Bye Love"]

MK: There's a very early song, "Setting Me Up" which was done by
Albert Lee, he did a version.  And the real kick I got out of
that was Don Everly was singing it as well, with him, and doing
the harmonies on it. You know, when I was a kid, just playing,
singing all those Everly Brothers tunes. And I remember Don
Everly came to London just to promote a record or something, and
me getting on a tube train from out in Essex and going all the
way into London, and being, I must have been one of the only
people who heard them advertising it on the radio, 'cause there
was hardly anybody there. There was just record brass, "God am I
the only guy in London who's come to see Don Everly?" So to have
him singing on the tune like that was great. That's the kind of
thing where you get a delight out of this game, you know.

[Song: "Setting Me Up"]


JL: ...Dire Straits - once again, Mark Knopfler.

MK: There's no formula to me, 'cause every song is different --
not every song is different. One or two  songs might fall into
the same kind of category, that you say to yourself, I suppose
it's that kind of song where you've seen something, and you
report on it in a sense. But other songs are different, so there
isn't a formula, if there was a formula I'd tell everybody what
it was.  It's just that I don't really, necessarily always
understand what it is, so there is no formula. I think
sometimes you write things down and try and work out with music
afterwards.  Other times you feel words with music, so it's a
combination thing.  Sometimes it's a simultaneous experience;
and what you call inspiration is the best feeling that there is
I think. Just at that point you realize that you've got
something that other people are going to enjoy, that other
people are going to feel; it's a shared thing.  You know, you
know at some point that that is going to be shared.

[Song: "Down to the Waterline"]

MK: You see the thing about it is, when you're actually involved
in it, you have a completely different picture of it than people do
outside it. The thing about success -- I mean I'd recommend
success, if you want to call it that, to everybody. There's a
tremendous amount of good things to be had from that, all that
communication to all those people, that's a wonderful thing and
stuff. But I mean, the funny thing is that when you're outside
it, it seems that you get a different perspective on it somehow,
it's a whole interesting area of how pictures get distorted.

[Song: "Once Upon a Time in the West"]

MK: For instance, the great thing about this situation, is that
if I want a piano I can get one. And I've got a piano in my
house now, and I have an acoustic guitar, you know, I didn't
have a good wood-top guitar til just last year, when we got some
in Connecticut. Things like that, and being able to do this
keyboards thing, and talk to movie people, and do all that. And
create your own world, I mean the great thing about that is that
you're creating your own world with your own actions, you're not
doing what unfortunately most people have to do, which is to do
as they're told by somebody, it doesn't matter whether it's a
foreman or a floor manager, or whatever it is. That their world
is restricted in that sense that they can't determine their own
actions to change the face of their own world. And that's not
necessarily always such a bad deal if people prefer to work in
that situation. But for me I couldn't, you know.

JL:  Right, well I think that's the ultimate goal, to have the
freedom to do what you want. And if fortunately people like
that, and will give you the monetary energy to continue with
that, then you're really in heaven.

MK: Sure, I love it, every minute. I'm high on it.

JL: Well I'm glad to hear that. That's where we'll stop. I'm
really glad that we got to meet you.

MK: Thank you, it's been a pleasure.

JL: Thank you Mark.

MK: Bye.

[Song: "Lady Writer"]

Fellow MK fans,

Here's an interview I transcribed from a radio broadcast in 1990 just after 
the release of the Notting Hillbillies album.  It's from the "In the Studio"
series with Timothy White.  It's a good in-depth interview with a lot
of interesting revelations from MK.  Enjoy.  Some comments from me
are in {..}.

TW: Mark, welcome to the studio. Tell us about your new album,
by the Notting Hillbillies, "Missing, Presumed having a good time".
How did the band come up with this name?

MK: Well, it comes from the studios where we recorded it at Notting Hill.
You might get the telephone on one or two tracks, but it actually seems
to work somehow and its very enjoyable working there because I can
get round there in three or five minutes from where I live, which is
still in Notting Hill.  But in terms of the Hillbillies stuff, it
wasn't intended to be a high tech record.  In fact, I initially set
out to record Steve and Brendan and put it probably on a small independent

TW: This is Steve Philips and Brendan Croker, two of your friends I think
from Leeds ?

MK: Correct, and I was there for a few years at the University and on a
newspaper, and we used to just play together, and when I left for London
to do music full time, Brendan more or less took over playing with Steve.
It was initially going to be more or less a Steve and Brendan duet record
that I was supposed to produce, and I started slinging in ideas in for songs
and I started playing guitar in my usual unpleasant pushy way and Guy
was playing keyboards...

TW: Guy Fletcher ?

MK: Yes, from Dire Straits, and he and I ended up really
co-producing the record.  It was in the middle of doing all kinds of things
I was producing Randy Newman's stuff for two or three months in Los Angeles
and I was doing a film score at the time, Last Exit to Brooklyn and also
getting started doing some things with Chet Atkins in Nashville.  I was
touring a lot with Eric Clapton as well 'round America and Canada.  But
it was good that we could come back to it, the Hillbillies thing, and
say I don't like that very much, let's change that and so on.  So it 
took a long time to get finished though the actual time to record it 
wasn't so much.  But it wasn't intended to be a major thing.

TW: What was one of biggest surprises in making this album?

MK: The biggest surprise was the reaction of Warner Bros. over here, and
I really wasn't expecting to be here doing an interview about it.  We knew
it was a good record and everything, but we didn't expect people
stealing copies of it, people want it down at the pub.

TW: Mark, you wrote a song for the album called Your Own Sweet Way.  I wonder
if this song has a flavour similar to what you used to play in the south
London pubs when you were getting yourself together, you know, careerwise?

MK: Yes, I think that's fair, that's fair. It's not that far off.  The 
songs that I've been writing seem to be getting more simple than before.  But
as you become a better player, hopefully the simplicity continues to...uh...
complicate things.

TW: I would say there are fewer wasted notes, I would put it that way.

MK: Yeah, that's probably right, fewer wasted chords too!

[Your Own Sweet Way]

TW: I'm Timothy White here in the studio with the ringleader of the 
Notting Hillbillies, Mark Knopfler.  Mark, does the basic feel of the
Hillbillies sound pays homage to traditional country blues?

MK: A lot of it does, some of the songs didn't allow for that much
innovation, some of them have been done pretty much traditional.  But
other songs have taken enormous liberties with, slung in all sorts of
influences.  Probably a good example is that Railroad Worksong which is
very old, the first version I heard was Jesse Fuller, and it's got
an African style bass line and stuck in all sorts of things.  So it's not
a purist record, even though we could have done that easily enough.

TW: I think what's great about the record and Railroad Worksong in
particular...there's such a conversational common sense quality to
the playing and the lyrics.  It sounds very eloquent because you
listen in a calmer way than you might normally.

MK: Well you certainly don't always do that, it's probably by luck
than anything else, where there's nothing left to say...usually there's
something left to play.

TW: It's a kind of feeling that takes you back to the American slavery
days, when your secret feelings are your last defense against demoralization.
When you don't have the power in a situation, in your life...

MK: It's an expression of self-liberation, that's what it is, and it's
applicable now as it was then.

[Railroad Worksong]

TW:  I'm Timothy White here in the studio with the Hillbillies own
Mark Knopler.  When we come back we will talk about Mark's other band,
better known as Dire Straits.

TW: Mark, let's talk about your guitar playing.  How would you describe
the development of your guitar style, both from a technical as well
as a musical standpoint?

MK:  Well it was fairly simple I think, I advanced on parallel lines playing
acoustic and electric.  I learned to finger pick fairly early on because
I couldn't afford an amplifier, and I had to have this red electric guitar
when I was fifteen years old.  It wasn't long before I was finger picking
on friends' acoustic guitars, and playing in folk places and eventually
country blues clubs occasionally.  And those two styles playing rock
music and other people's music, eventually after a few years a synthesis
developed.  I started playing more with my fingers.  This was about
twenty years ago, I've been playing for twenty-five.  So it's just
really a synthesis of different styles.

TW: Are we hearing a unison picking sometimes or a drone string against
a melody string?

MK: Sometimes two strings at once or sometimes three strings played at once.
It really comes from having a strong left hand on the neck, I'm
left handed and with the picking on the right, the thumb becomes a percussive

TW: I always thought your playing had almost a vocal quality to it...

MK: When I started to play, I heard BB King Live at the Regal, and that
relationship between voice, guitar and audience, that triangle there,
hit me like a thunderbolt.  I sort of moved backwards from the Chicago
stuff to the 1940's , 30's and 20's but the electric blues was the
most immediate influence with patching in of all the other stuff.

[Once Upon a Time in the West]

TW: That was Once Upon a Time in the West from Dire Straits' 1979
Communique album.  Mark, let's talk early Knopfler prior to Dire Straits
even, I know one of your early boyhood influences was the Everly Brothers,
Phil and Don, both as guitar players and as singers.

MK: When I learned to play my very first chords, me and my buddy, one 
would be Phil and the other would be Don.

TW: What was your buddy's name, who would be playing with you?

MK: A guy named Vince Harrison, whom I've known since I was nine years
old.  And we did a lot of folk clubs together.

TW: Did these early groups have names?

MK: In Leeds when I played with Steve, there was one group called
the Duolian String Pickers...

TW: What's that again?

MK: It was named after one of the National steel guitars, the National
Duolian.  We played these guitars from the 1930's and we did some
radio recordings in Leeds.  Other bands I was in, in college, was a 
rockabilly band called the Cafe Racers, which was a name for a sort
of road racing motorcycle, a modified street bike really.  We played
a lot of rockabilly things and I was doing that pretty much up to forming
Dire Straits... the Cafe Racers...did quite a lot of work 'round London.

TW: You mentioned working at a newspaper...

MK: Yeah, that was in Leeds.

TW: Did you consider a career in journalism at this time?

MK: Yeah, I thought about it, I was just a kid reporter.

TW: You did some rock criticism too, didn't you?

MK: Yeah, but I couldn't criticize anything, so I decided to go get an
education at Leed University and got a degree in English.  I was still
a kid trying to learn about stuff.

TW: You were also a English teacher at one time.  Do you think being a 
teacher helped in being an overall communicator?

MK: I think it did help, because teaching a class is a gig.  You have
got to be interesting... journalism helped a lot too to get to make 
sense of all this information around you.

TW: Did you ever cover any interesting stories?  Your song writing has
a very literate quality to it, like someone who likes to read.

MK: Yes, I like to read a lot, I was always good in English in school.
And drama too, I was always up for.  In fact, I read my first adult novel
when I was about nine, it was John Steinbeck, Cannery Row, and I remember
thinking, when my Mummy gave it to me when I was ill in bed, this is my
first adult book, it had a heat to it which I remember appreciating.

TW: Romeo and Juliet, a beautiful love song, it seems like the characters
get their romantic vocabulary from other things, like films...

MK: That's right, it's kind of amusing to me in a way.  I always thought
the Romeo character was a figure of fun to a certain extent.  He becomes
a faintly ludicrous figure, you know, standing under the streetlight, under
the window.

TW: You even mention the song from West Side Story...

MK: Yes, because that's the story of the modern Romeo and Juliet.

[Romeo and Juliet]

TW: Romeo and Juliet from Dire Straits' 1980 Making Movies album.
When we come back we will here some rare Dire Straits music, and even
though it's a brand new album, some rare Notting Hillbillies as well.

TW: We're back with Mark Knopfler.  He's brought us a special treat. It's
a song that didn't make it to the final album, a rare track, an out-take
called Lonesome Pine.

[Lonesome Pine]

{ This song sounds a lot like Bewildered with Steve Philips again on vocals,
MK's acoustic guitar is sweet but muted }

TW: Mark, let's talk about some rare music, this time from Dire Straits.
I'm thinking about Twisting by the Pool.  Tell me about this collector's EP.

MK: I just wanted to do a record over the weekend.  So we did!  We just
went booming into a cheap little studio and bashed it out almost as
quickly as we could play it and get it over with.  It was just a reaction
after having done that careful Love Over Gold stuff.

TW: This was in late 1982 ?

MK: Yeah, it was just a reaction, after being in the studio for a long
time doing a more careful record.  If I Had You, I haven't heard for 
a long time, for years.  I always liked that, it's really where I come
from. If I Had You, which a lot of people don't know exists, recorded
about long as it took to write and play, I just wrote it down and there
it was.  To me, that song is really what I'm all about, more than
a lot of things I can think of.

TW: OK!  Let's listen to If I Had You, Mark Knopfler shooting from the hip.
If I Had You, from October 1982.

MK: You have to turn it up really loud.

[If I Had You]

TW: Mark, I read recently that Dire Straits is getting back together
at the end of the year.  After touring with Eric Clapton and producing
Randy Newman, and the movie soundtracks what's made you turn your attention
back to Dire Straits ?

MK: A combination of things really, you can't just dream other people's 
dreams all the time.  Also, if you're a writer you've got stuff you want
to get recorded and it's best to use your own vehicle to do that.  You
miss your audiences and people miss you and they get disappointed because
they haven't seen you play for a while.  They want another record and
want you out playing gigs again.  I am not talking about the music
business people, these are just the fans.  Songs have been putting
themselves together at a fairly regular pace.

TW: I heard you have a song about an incident where the police charged
some strikers.

MK: About 1987, when the miner's strike was going on, the BBC said that
the Queen was reportedly shocked by today's scenes.  Because it was just
like a cavalry charge, there were these guys on horses with big clubs.
And then all the pickets were in the field.  It just reminded me of the 
Charge of the Light Brigade.

TW: Does the song have a title yet ?

MK: Yeah, it's called Iron Hand.  When the Hillbillies tour is over, I am
looking forward to getting back together again with everybody and we will
be out on the road again.  The travelling circus will go 'round the world,
complete with catering. (laughs)

TW: I am sure we will all be excited to see Dire Straits back on tour.

MK: Well we are, for sure.  Thanks very much.

TW: I always wanted to ask you about Brothers in Arms, it's sounds like 
you're talking about a person made rootless by war, by conflict.

MK: I was putting myself in the position of someone about to expire on
the battlefield.  I couldn't help think what would go on in your mind
at that time.

TW: With that strong imagery in mind, let's listen to the title track
from the Dire Straits 1985 album, Brothers in Arms.

[Brothers in Arms]

TW: We are talking with Mark Knopfler, in the studio.  Mark, both
you and Randy Newman have done a lot of film scores.  You have done
Local Hero, Cal, The Princess Bride and the new one, Last Exit to Brooklyn.
I know that film scoring is very demanding, why do you think you are
well suited to it?

MK: Someone asked Randy why he thought that I was good at film scoring,
and the first thing that popped to his mind was: stamina!  That I have
the stamina to make sure it comes out OK.  It's not so much talent
as the perverse willpower.  It's easy to hate that part of the film
soundtrack which is not theme, not melody, but somehow managing to do
an action sequence.  That's when you need to your apply yourself to the grind.
To a certain extent, you have to cue a response, you have to point
the audience to certain things.

TW: Let's pick a track from Local Hero to play.  What do you think
about Smooching ?  It's such a pretty piece.

MK: I like that.  That was my first experience working with really high
quality musicians like Mike Brecker and Mike Manieri.  Probably one of 
the first simple instrumentals I did, I always liked that tune.

TW: Nice, gentle, beguiling track from the Local Hero soundtrack.


TW: Let's close by listening to another song from the new album,
Missing...  How did the album get its name ?

MK: That came from my main technician Ron, the roadie guy came up with.  I 
asked him once, "Where's Brendan", and he said, "Missing, presumed having
a good time".  If you think of a Hillbilly as a derogatory term, which
it is, it certainly applies.

TW: (laughs)

MK: The album was originally titled "Clubbing", which is what we used
to do.

TW: Well, it's appropriate then that we close by listening to one of Brendan's
songs, That's Where I Belong.

MK: That's a good tune, Brendan's good at that, it has a certain purity
and beauty.

TW: Thanks Mark for your time with us, in the studio.

MK: Thank you.

[That's Where I Belong]


Mark Knopfler / RockLine interview: 93.05.10

The following is a rough transcript of an interview with Mark Knopfler on
RockLine, a "rock radio network" call-in show, broadcast live on May 10,
1993.  The occasion was the release of Dire Straits' live album ON THE

[Note: I haven't included all of the host's remarks; my remarks

are in [] ]

RL: ..... Joining us now though, to talk about Dire Straits and
more, I give you, an early riser this morning, someone who's
had about an hour of sleep, and we're so happy to have with
us Mr. Mark Knopfler. Hi Mark

MK: Hullo there, how are you?

RL: I'm doing just fine. It's pretty difficult to do these shows
over I think 8 time-zones, but we'll get by I hope.
You did this album, 250 shows, and you took 2 different shows
to make the album. How'd you choose which ones to put on
the album?

MK: Well, that's always a hard one. We had a live album out in
'84 I think it was, and I was supposed to listen to about 10
nights of music, and I sat down with a bunch of cassettes and I
started listening to Monday night and after about 10 minutes I
said ok i can't do this, what seemed to be a good night?  Well
Saturday was a good night so let's just have that and that can
be the record.

MK: But this time actually we listened a bit more carefully. I
had somebody - another couple of guys doing it - helping me.
Because it's a lot of stuff, if you've recorded say 6 or 7 or 8
or 9 nights and you've got 2 1/2 hours of stuff every night it
sort of multiplies, and you've heard it so many times it's
pretty difficult. Mind, most of it's so bad you know "that's not
going to make it, that's not going to make it," so -  It's
pretty much self-evident what's useable  and what's not after
awhile, you just get to know it pretty well, say "oh yeah, I
never played that well enough, so that's never going to be on
the record," that kind of thing you know.

RL: Well, you had a core of Dire Straits on this tour, you had
yourself of course, Guy Fletcher, John Illsley, and Alan Clark.
But you really, excuse this pun now, you put some heavy fuel in
there, you beefed up with, what, five more guys is that right? Who
else joined you?

MK: I wanted percussion, I mean, just seemed to get bigger all
the time.  It's 9-piece really, because I added percussion
[Danny Cummings -ed.], and we still had sax [Chris White -ed.],
so that's the same as last time, and then Paul Franklin from
Nashville on pedal steel for all the stuff.  So it just seemed
as if it was bigger, I mean, I know it was bigger, we needed a
bigger stage and you're further away from the drummer, it makes
things pretty loud, you have to hit the drums really hard cause
you're so far away from everybody. He kept going through heads.

[Also: Chris Whitten on drums; Phil Palmer on 2nd guitar -ed.]

RL: Well I know you love that pedal steel, that Nashville sound,
and Paul's great at that.  Why don't we take one right now,
let's hear one from ON THE NIGHT, this is one called "Your
Latest Trick" on RockLine.

[Song: "Your Latest Trick" (live from ON THE NIGHT)]

RL: We're back live and nation-wide on RockLine ....

RL: First call from Louisville, Kentucky, Louise ....
Hi Louise, hello there

MK: Hullo, hullo

Louise: My question is, I'm wondering how Mark would compare
this live album to Dire Straits' last live album, ALCHEMY.

MK: Well, I think um, it's got to be better than that. It's
just, it's got to be better.  The first one, I didn't really do
anything with it, was just literally, absolutely, straight off
just really from one night. It's got all kinds of things wrong
with it. I think with this one, well we took a little bit more
care to make it perhaps something you can live with better.  I
mean I can't live with my records anyway, I tend to go and take
a cold shower instead, or something like that, I'm not really
good at judging my stuff at all, it embarrasses me, I mean, I
just do it and as soon as it's done i get on to something else.

RL: You don't even listen to your own records, I know a lot of
movie stars don't even watch their own movies. You literally
don't listen to your records?

MK: No, I'm like that, you know, I can't even watch myself on
videotape very happily, certainly not talking, it's not so bad
if I'm playing or something, I can sort of sometimes manage
that, but if I see myself talking on tv or something, it's
awful, it's like somebody else, it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

RL: Mark, John Lennon didn't like the sound of his own voice
either, probably couldn't stand to see himself. Thank you

RL: Let's move on to Texas,.... talk to Shirley....

Shirley: Hi Mark

MK: Hello, how are you Shirley?

Shirley: I know you've written a lot of stuff, you've written
all your own stuff, and you've written stuff that other people
have recorded, John Anderson for one, and I love that... ["When
It Comes to You" -ed.]

MK: Oh, thank you

Shirley: ... But, how do you decide which material to keep for

MK: Well, uh, I suppose anybody could do anything, I mean,
if you're doing something that, say, somebody like John has
made a big success out of  (I'm so happy for him) that's more of
a straight song, it's a proper song, in the sense that it's got
some verses, and it's kind of understandable.  But every now and
again you know, I write something that's a bit off-the-wall, and
I've started writing it so I finish it. But I'm going to have to
learn to write songs that other people can do better, like that.
A lot of people in Nashville have recorded actually a lot of
tunes that I've done, so I've built up a lot of friends there.

MK: I don't really know how - I don't really, I don't really say
"ok, well, that's definitely, you know, for me, and this is for,
you know, anybody else who wants it" - it's usually, I think I
end up recording things that nobody else would touch with a
barge pole, you know, it's usually that way round.

MK: I mean I remember when "Private Dancer," when I wrote a tune
called "Private Dancer" and I had a kind of version of it but it
just didn't really fit on the album i was doing at the time so
Tina Turner ended up doing it, and that all worked out rather
well for her. But it's just, it just didn't really suit the
album, so it was there you know, didn't really suit what I was
doing at the time -- but there are no laws about it.

RL: Tina took it and it was the title track to one of the biggest
albums of the 80s, PRIVATE DANCER, that's got to make you feel
pretty good. Thanks for the call Shirley.....Let's go locally
here Mark, talk to Frank in Anaheim.

Frank: Hi, good morning Mr. Knopfler

MK: Good morning

Frank: My question is this, before I moved out here, I used to
live in England, and I remember both you and Eric Clapton used
to always show up on each other's sets, like all the time, and
Alan Clark your keyboard player was part of Clapton's 9-piece

MK: Eric's set-up, yeah

Frank: That's right, and you guys worked so well together, your
differences in music made it blend so well together, um the
stuff at the Nelson Mandela concert, for example, was just
incredible, he added so much, and vice versa with you at the
Albert Hall as well.  And I was wondering why it was that you
haven't recorded anything together, because between the two of
you, you're the greatest.

MK: Well, thanks. Yeah, it was always great fun. It was just
literally you know, you get involved with projects that last for
a long time, you know, long tours, and album projects and other
things like that, I mean a tour that goes on for 18 months or
whatever, and then you don't see each other for awhile. And
that's just the way it works out.  I mean a lot about
professional music is that, that you form relationships and then
you don't see anybody else, you don't see anybody for a couple
of years [laughing]. It's like that with me and Chet [Atkins] or
something like that, but eventually you get back and you do
something.  It's just literally trying to find time to do
everything. I mean I went out on the road with Eric because I was
a bit road-rusty, and I just felt like getting out and relaxing,
and playing live, and that was just one of those great, fun
things to do.  And I mean our styles worked out well together,
because they're sort of different, Eric uses a pick and I use me
fingers, so they always blended in just really easy, it was
never a problem.

RL: It's funny, you and I off the air were just talking about
this, it all comes down to just a matter of time, if we had
enough time we could do work  with everyone we wanted to.

RL: Let's do one more from ON THE NIGHT, here's one we talked
about earlier, here's "Heavy Fuel"

[Song --- "Heavy Fuel"]

RL: [next caller] Chuck, from PawPaw [sp?] Michigan ....

Chuck: Good morning Mark

MK: Hi Chuck, how are you ?

Chuck: Look, as you heard, I'm from Michigan, and I was just
wondering where you got the idea for the song "Telegraph Road,"
'cause in Pontiac, going up to the SilverDome, US24 is called
Telegraph Road and I was just wondering if you came up with that
while you were on tour or something?

MK: Yeah, that's exactly what happened, in fact was driving down
that road, and I was reading a book at the time, called THE
GROWTH OF THE SOIL [by Knud Hamsun, Norway] and I just put the two
together. I was driving down this Telegraph Road that you're
talking about, I think it's the same road, and it just went on
and on and on forever, it's like what they call linear
development.  And I just started to think, I wondered how that
road must have been when it started, what it must have first
been. And then really that's how it all came about yeah, I just
put that book together and the place where I was, I was actually
sitting in the front of the tour bus, at the time.

RL: Chuck, I can't believe you put that together ....

RL: [Next caller from] Upper Derby in Pennsylvania, Michael ...

Michael: Hi Mark, good morning. I saw you last year when you
played at the Philadelphia Spectrum, and I noticed that in the
song "Money for Nothing," you left out the word with a
homosexual reference, and I was wondering, why did you censor

MK: Oh I don't -- it wasn't really a question of that, I don't
know, I'd change it about however --- whatever came up -- I'd never
sing it exactly the same any one night. In fact, I never had any
flak for that at all, because everybody, anybody with any sense,
understands that it's a song about a rockhead, an ape-brain.

MK: So, I really never had any problems at all from that, I
remember I think one guy wrote something about it, but he was
probably the guy who decided to get annoyed about Randy Newman
writing a thing called "Short People" which was actually a song
about the stupidity of prejudice.  So I mean you can't legislate
against stupidity, I mean some people will read it the wrong
way, but I think it's very, very few, and I never really felt
the need to censor myself on it. But having said that, I am
aware that you have to take responsibility for what you write,
and you do have to be quite careful because some people can take
things the wrong way.  So it's not something that I would, on
the one hand, I wouldn't censor myself too strongly, but on the
other, I wouldn't accentuate that side of things for fear that
people might really take things the wrong way, and that's
certainly not intended.

RL: It's certainly intended to be satire, great song, too, "Money
for nothing, chicks for free". Boy what a deal.

Let's talk to someone from Louisville, - Terry ...

Terry: Hello Mark. ... When you did your work with Chet Atkins,
did he influence your musical style in any way, and if so, what
did you learn from him?

MK: Well when I was a kid, learning how to play guitar, a friend of mine
had some Chet records, and we were more interested really in playing
rock'n'roll and the blues and everything, and Chet to us seemed just
light-years away from where we would ever be able to play guitar, I mean
it was just guitar-playing on a whole other planet.  But I came up picking
as well as playing with a pick - finger-picking I mean -- so I came up to
be able to kind of play with Chet, after a fashion, but he's influenced me
a lot since meeting him and playing with him, Chet has, in a lot of ways,
and on one level I can steal licks from him like you wouldn't believe,
I'll just say, "Hey man, that was great, Chet"  "You like that? I'll show
it to ya, I'll show it to you, don'cha know" In fact there's a lick on
that thing we were talking about, that John Anderson did, we were talking
to the caller before about "When It Comes To You", that little lick after
every verse, which I just stole straight from Chet, just sitting in his
kitchen, picking with him, "I'll take that!"  -- "You can have it".  Yeah,
he's a great influence. 

RL: Thank you, Chet.  For those out there that don't know it,
'cause Mark won't say it, the album they did together, NECK AND
NECK, you guys won a couple of Grammys for "best country vocal
collaboration" [MK: oh that was a laugh]  and "best country
instrumental", so a couple of Grammys for country music for Chet
Atkins and the great Mark Knopfler who we're with right now.
Let's take one from MAKING MOVIES, let's go back a little bit
and hear some "Solid Rock", what do you say.

[Song --- "Solid Rock"]

RL: And one called "Solid Rock" from MAKING MOVIES, the album from
Dire Straits ...  [Next caller:] Gary, West LA

Gary: Hey Mark, good morning, I know it's early over there

MK: Yeah, it's five o'clock in the morning

Gary: Do you think rock'n'roll these days is headed toward its
original R&B roots with the advent of all the electronic sets up
and around these days, and all that kind of stuff. 'Cause you
know, the finger-picking, the country music, you know all that
almost-Elvis-type getting back to stuff?  Also if I can ask, are
there any songs of yours that really cook on stage, that you
really enjoy?; and are there any songs that when you're also
playing, maybe bring tears to your eyes, you know, get you very

MK: Well, you know, tears, the tears bit, yeah, 'cause they're
all so, you know, 'cause I just can't stand to hear 'em.  

MK: That's a 10-part question we got going here now Gary.  The
first bit about the original instruments, and the original
recording, I think you've got a point, I mean I think there's
going to be a move back, certainly as far as I'm concerned there
will be.  The kind of records that I play and the kind of
records that I like at home to play are very often extremely
primitive records, in the sense that everybody's playing
together and you've got leakage and you've got -  you haven't
got separation and all the rest of it, and they're great
records. And a lot of the old instruments are being used these
days, and the old amplifiers which I like to use, old acoustics,
old microphones, and I think a lot of people go back to 16-track
and all the rest of it. And there will be always - I mean a lot
of the young bands, it's interesting to notice - a lot of the
young bands want to play older instruments, you know, they don't
really necessarily want to have the latest and greatest in
so-called technology. So that's certainly part of it, but I mean
there've been moves back to roots music all the way through so
you're gonna get both running together. In other words you're
going to get people making records with samples and all the rest
of it, that will always maybe be going on, but I think at the
same time every now and again there's a so-called "blues
revival," you know every now and again when people start
pointing people back to Appalachian this, that and the other, or
whatever it is, going back down the Mississippi, which is fine
by me, you know I always thought it was kind of cute when bands
just suddenly discovered the blues. But that's always going to
happen, that's always going to happen.

MK: On the other parts of your question, as far as I can
remember it was, no, nothing makes me cry, that I've ever done,
and um...

RL: what gets you revved up? I think he was also asking, what
really gets you kicking?

MK: Well, things that - when music inspires me it will be
something like, a friend of mine in Nashville, who's an
Englishman actually, he's a great songwriter, called Paul
Kennerley [wrote "Poor Boy Blues" on the Atkins/Knopfler album
NECK AND NECK -ed.], sends me little CARE packages on cassettes
of just - he's got a fantastic record collection, and it's just
like little CARE packages, and he just - I'm sure a lot of you
guys must do the same thing, you send each other music - and he
just puts together stuff, and he just titles it, you know "Cool
Stuff" or "More Cool Stuff".  And that's what it is, and that's
what gets me going. A lot of it's really early music, but
occasionally it's something from right now.  It's just a mixture
and really the thing that probably links it all is that it's all
got soul and it's all from the heart.

RL: Let's hear one of those right now, with soul and from the heart.
It's also from your live album which we're talking about tonight,
ON THE NIGHT. Let's hear one called "Walk of Life", "the boy can

[Song: "Walk of Life"]

RL: Yeah, you gotta like that, I love that Nashville sound there.
Mr. Paul Franklin on pedal steel guitar; Mark Knopfler and the
rest of Dire Straits there. One from ON THE NIGHT, that's the new
live Dire Straits album that's due out tomorrow in the USA. ....

[End of tape Side One.]

[Side Two:]

RL: .... Mark was just saying, live in London there, that
somebody put, what, a couple of bottles of wine there for you?

MK: A couple of bottles of wine at 5 o'clock in the morning,
what do you think I am?

RL: You're a rock'n'roll star, what can you say?  Let's go to
[Hartford] Connecticut and talk to some people here. Michael, a
listener there ...

Michael: First let me say it's an honor to talk to one of the
best guitarists in rock'n'roll history

MK: Oh, steady, lad, steady

Michael: My question is with regard to the song "Brothers in
Arms", more specifically, the video. I'm wondering what input
you had to make that video?

MK: Not an awful lot, I didn't have much to do with videos until
"Money for Nothing". I sort of foolishly thought that I'd go on
and play music and film-makers should go on and make their
films. And to a certain extent that was true all the way up
until - I just didn't like the way videos were turning out, so
for "Money For Nothing" I started taking a bit more interest and
worked more closely with them. But the "Brothers" thing, yeah, a
little bit. You know, people come up with new ideas and things
and you do get involved. I kind of liked the idea of making the
guitars into guns and the guns into guitars and all the other
kind of things.  But I can't remember really how much input I
actually put into it.  You know, usually you're off doing
something else when people are getting involved in all of that
anyway so it's quite difficult to stay absolutely in touch with
it. And, I'm pretty ambivalent about videos anyway, I mean I
prefer the RADIO.

RL: We had Sting on last week and he said the same thing. He
said it's hard enough to write the music, record it and then
tour, when you gotta make the video!

RL: Let's go down south, way down south, near Mobile Bay, that's
why they call it Mobile, Alabama. Jobbett's there listening ...
Hi Jobbett!

Jobbett: Morning, Mark!

MK: Good morning, how's everything down there, alright?

Jobbett: Alright! Been a great fan of yours for years now, and
you gotta be the greatest musician around today.

MK: Oh, please. .... [unintelligible, self-deprecating mumble
sounds like -> "... any aspirin over there?" [or] "desperate over there"]

Jobbett: My first question's about your brother and I was
wondering, listening to him, he's got like a digital - his voice
is like a digital copy of yours. I was wondering why he left the
band, and why the two of you haven't recorded anything together

MK: Well, I saw him today as a matter of fact, Dave. Well, you
know, I think at the time, you know back then, you've really got
to want to do it, this sort of thing. But, yeah, it's just one
of those things, I mean Dave really is a creative person in his
own right, and he wants to make his own records, which he does,
and he does all kinds of things for people, film stuff and all
sorts of things. So he's a writer and a player of his own thing.
I mean the band for me is a way that I can write songs and get
them recorded. And I think at that time, you know, we were
touring, working very hard and touring a lot, and I don't think
Dave would mind me saying that he's not as suited to that kind
of life-style I think, he was more questioning of the whole
thing, probably quite wisely.  You know, you've got to be
completely committed to everything. I mean if you don't like the
food, or you don't like this or that or the other, you've got to
put up with it sometimes and just really get your head down and
grind, grind your way through it. You need a real sense of
humour too, it's the most important thing, I think to have in a
rock band, probably more than anything else. And just at that
time, I think, probably it was a bit frayed.  But I'm very
glad that it's worked out the way it has, you know, there are
absolutely no regrets, it's probably for the best.  But I would
certainly work, I mean I played on Dave's subsequent record and
everything, and I've always loved making music with Dave, and it
might very well happen again.

RL:  Things happen for a reason, I'm sure it will happen again.
... Jobbett if you look out your back door, I know you'll see
the water of Mobile Bay, and as you do that, let's take you,
"Down to the Waterline".

[Song: "Down to the Waterline"  from DIRE STRAITS]

RL: Ooh, love that stuff, from the first album, that's the first
song I ever heard from you guys, Mark: "Down to the Waterline"
from DIRE STRAITS. Boy, that's great stuff. That was one of the
songs on the demo you guys originally released, is that right?

MK: Yeah, it's a song about living in Newcastle-on-Tyne, up in
northeast England where I come from, on the river.  Yeah, it
would be on the original demo that got us a lot of attention on
the radio in London. Charlie Gillett played it on a show called
Honky-Tonk which he had on a Sunday, it was like a roots music
program.  And it got a lot of attention, the tape, and it helped
really get us running in London, all the clubs and everything
that we used - and the pubs and everywhere where we were
starting to play, and all the record company interest, yeah.

RL: .... [next caller:] Travers City, Michigan, John

John: How're you doing, Mark?

MK: I'm fine, well I think so, it's half-five now. Waking up,

John: First of all I wanted to let you know that I really really
enjoy your LOCAL HERO soundtrack, fantastic film, I highly recommend
it, it's very funny [MK: Thank you]. You're welcome, my question
was, back in 1980, when you worked on, ironically enough, Steely
Dan's GAUCHO album with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, how did
that all come about? You worked on the tune "Time Out of Mind",
which is a fantastic tune. Did they come to you? Did you go to
them? It's a great tune, I love it, how did that all happen?

MK: No, you get sessions by, usually, people come to you and ask you,
you can't go barging up to people who you don't know and saying,
suggesting, that um .... 
No, actually that was the first proper session that I ever
did, so it was a real, you know, in at the deep end, there,
because of course I rated them so highly, and it was a great way
to actually, to start.  But I was kind of shocked, because I
wasn't really familiar with you know, the session world, or how
people refered to things, and this, that and the other. So it
took me by surprise, a bit, and I was there till about 4 o'clock
in the morning. And I remember walking out of that session, and
looking at the engineer, and saying "Man, I mean, wow, how was
all that?" I mean, I was kind of puzzled, you know. And he said
"Man, don't worry," he said, "you did great", he said "you wanna
see - you know they been through a hundred and fifty musicians,
crawling out on their knees."  So I thought, oh well, it can't
have been too bad.  But, you know, you get to, when you do more
and more and more sessions, you get to know the way that it all
works and  you just get more used to it, you know, time spent
doing it and everything else. It was a privilege to play on the

RL: They're wonderful, and they've been known to use a few studio
musicians through the years, and join us next week, for Donald
Fagen on the show....  Calgary, Alberta's our next stop, Mark. Let's
talk to Ray....

Ray: Hello, how're you doing there Mark?

MK: I'm alright thank you, how are you?

Ray: ...... My question for you there Mark, is your project with
the Notting Hillbillies, I was curious to know how that came
into being in the first place, if you can elaborate a little bit
more about that?

MK: Yeah well, when I was working in Leeds many years back, I
got to play country blues with a man called Steve Phillips and
he got me interested in a lot of earlier music, and we played
steel guitars together and everything. And Brendan Croker came
along and started playing with Steve about the time that I was
leaving Leeds. So he took over and we got to know each other all
pretty well. And then, I was gonna do a record for Steve and
Brendan. I suggested getting something together with Steve and
Brendan, for just the two of them in London at my little home
studio.  So I enlisted Guy [Fletcher] from my band and
everything. And we had such a good time, that we just became ...
you know, we all started sticking stuff into it so we had such a
good time making the record, that we thought maybe we might do a
little tour, in small places.  And it just got out of hand,
'cause it was pretty popular. So we decided to call a halt you
know really, as soon as we could, because it was... I thought it
was just gonna end up being on a little roots label, and it
wasn't gonna be a big deal, and then it sold an awful lot of
copies, and they wanted us to do bigger places. The tour that we
did was just in the UK, but we could have gone on, I mean we
could have been playing in the Sahara, now if we wanted to. So
it was just a question of just calling a halt while we were
still ahead, really.

RL: And the name of the band - the name of the band came from
actually where you live, right? That's where your home studio

MK: Yeah, that's it, just Notting Hill, yeah, but we had a lot of
fun, maybe we'll do it again some time.

RL: Great band, and Mark, you can't think something's gonna stay
small, you are Mark Knopfler after all. I mean that sincerely...

MK: Well, that rhymed.

RL: ... Let's go back to the COMMUNIQUE album, your second album, and
hear one that's a little more satire than we're used to talking
about, let's hear  "Lady Writer".

[Song: ... "Lady Writer"]

RL: ...Let's go to Binghampton, New York and talk to Pat.

Pat: Hi, Mark, how are you doing?

ML: Fine, thank you, how are you?

Pat: It's a great honor talking to you.  Everyone seems to be
putting out boxed sets these days.  How do you feel about boxed
sets? And also will Dire Straits be putting one out?

MK: Boxed sets?  Well it's not something that I get up thinking about, and
I've never really lost any sleep over boxed sets.  Yeah, I worry more
about Bosnia than boxed sets. Boxed sets don't figure really big on my
list of worries. 

RL: So you're into making new music, then, would you say?

MK: Yeah, exactly, I mean I don't mean to be flippant, I mean -
yeah that's exactly it. I lose interest, basically I've done it,
you know, and then I look on to the next thing.  So, I'm not
really much of an old boy, in terms of that.  There's going to
be a compilation of all the film stuff, at some point quite
soon, I think, so you get rid of all the incidental stuff, and
just stick the tunes on, from the different films.  So in a
sense, that's a kind of a set, a compilation.  But there was a
record, actually, we did have a record out, more of a
compilation, you know, the MONEY FOR NOTHING record.  So it will
happen from time to time. I think really because people want it,
you can't really blame people for that, they just want to have
the tunes that they like on a record, so I have nothing against
it. I like those big compilation things sometimes, yeah, and
that Dylan thing was a great one, it had all kinds of outtakes
and different things on it, it was really well worth having.

RL: Your fans are starving for all time B-sides and everything
else, so they will end up on a boxed set one day sometime. If
there's a demand for it, they'll end up there.  Let's move on to
Omaha, Nebraska, and talk to John.

John:  Hi Mark, great to talk to you. As a member of the Dire
Straits Information Service, I had read that there will be
a CD single possibly called ENCORES, that would feature 
"Your Latest Trick," "The Bug," "Solid Rock," and "Local Hero"
["Wild Theme"]. Any possibilities of that being released in the
US, or is that something that's just going to be a UK type of

Mark: Yeah, I think you've got one there, Beau, haven't you?

RL:  Yeah, it's been released here in the United States, and on
it you'll find actually, stuff from LOCAL HERO, "Wild Theme,"
not found on the live LP, "The Bug," which we're going to play
for you ...

[Song "The Bug"]

RL: Ahh, do  the bug.  "Sometimes you're the Louisville slugger,
sometimes you're the ball". That's the way it goes. That one
available on ENCORES, that *is* an import, but you'll find that
song and "Solid Rock" and "Local Hero" and lots of others on the
video LP that is released here in the United States.

RL:  Two quick calls, first of all Calgary, Alberta, Sean is
a listener there of CJAY. Hi, Sean.

Sean: Good evening, gentlemen, Mark how're you doing?

MK: I'm alright, thank you, Sean, how are you?

Sean: Oh not too bad, pleasure to talk to you.  You're the
greatest, man, keep up the good work.  My question is, I'm
putting together my Dire Straits CD collection here, and I'm
having a little trouble finding the TWISTING BY THE POOL EP,
I was wondering if that was available at all on CD?

MK:  I think you might find it in a junk shop somewhere, second-hand
store someplace that sells old jewellery and things, you might find it
somewhere. I haven't got one, sorry, if I did I'd send it to you.  I
haven't even got this latest album, I must go 'round to the office and get
a couple of copies. I've no idea, I really don't know how you go about
getting things like that. I mean, do people actually still play that

RL: Yeah, I've heard it on several stations.

MK: Oh I know, I think there's a "Twisting by the Pool" on that
compilation, the MONEY FOR NOTHING album, I think.  But there's
an EP, that's right, there was an EP, we did it in a couple of
days, yeah, that was a couple of days' job that, yeah.  Don't
know where you get it from.

RL: Go check out the MONEY FOR NOTHING greatest hits, Sean, and
that's a great song, "Twisting by the Pool".  Time for one more
caller, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, - Paul.

Paul: Mark, I was just wondering, are you gonna be doing any
more music for movies like you did in PRINCESS BRIDE, I really
liked the tunes you did for that.

MK: Thanks, yeah, yeah, I'm hoping to do something, I hope we'll
be able to get a Robert Redford film, but I don't know when
exactly it's gonna be, but I'm looking forward to it.

RL: Two great pieces of work, LOCAL HERO and PRINCESS BRIDE, a Rob
Reiner film, I think I said Ron Howard talking to you
off the air a minute ago.

RL: ...... Special thanks tonight to Ed Bicknell of Damage Management
Ltd. ... And finally, to our guest tonight, Mark Knopfler. Mark,
next time - I'm sorry you only got an hour's sleep, maybe next time
we can have you here in our Hollywood studio, so we can kick back
and relax a little bit more.  Thanks for coming on.

MK: I'll forward to it. Thank you very much.


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