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Ten Must-Have Pairs of Shoes
by: Shelley

Whether you love shoes or not, there are ten shoes every woman should have.

Did you know there are actually only a basic 8 shoe designs and every style of shoe out there are a variation of 1 of these 8 shoe designs?

"See a shoe and pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck." - Andy Warhol

By having these ten pairs of shoes you will discover how easy choosing your clothes will be -- your style will be improved.

Adding to your collection of shoes then becomes fun -- understanding how to choose shoes is more important than you might think.


1. high heel

2. wedge heel

3. strappy heel

4. sandals [with or without heel]

5. kitten heel/Sabrina

6. tennis shoes/trainers

7. ugg boots

8. leather boots [with or without heel]

9. flip flop sandal

10. flat


These ten shoes run across the 8 basic shoe designs.

You have a shoe for every occasion and if you choose your heels and colours right you will have the perfect mix for anything you wear.

"Not diamonds, but heels, are a girl's best friend." - William Rossi, World Famous Shoe Designer

"Shoes are not an accessory, they are an attribute." - Christian Louboutin, World Famous Shoe Designer

Every single pair of these shoes will benefit you in some way.


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