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air Accessories: When And How To Use Them<
 by: Jenny Andrews

In the 80s, the hair accessory was invaluable. Almost every style involved some sort of accessory or embellishment to really set it off. Today, hair accessories not a part of everyday style and care should be taken as to when and how to use them so that you will not look dated.

With that said, there are some occasions that scream for accessories: Work, social occasions and formal events may all have you searching for the perfect accessory to set off your look. While different occasions will call for different hair accessories, a good rule of thumb to follow is to choose the sedate accessory over one that could not go unnoticed in a crowd of a few hundred or a few thousand.

While choosing the right one can be tricky, there are a few pointers that you can follow to help you pick the perfect hair accessories to complete your look. Here are just a few:

- Work. In many work situations, you will likely have to wear your hair up. No matter if your type of employment requires it or you simply like to change your look now and then, wearing your hair up calls for the right accessory to do the job. The number one rule to finding the right embellishments for work is to avoid banana clips at all costs. I mean, who still makes these things? Apparently they're making money at it or they wouldn't still be producing these torture devices of the 80s. Don't further their cause: stop buying this accessory. The second rule is to choose accessories that closely match your hair color or that blend nicely with it. Matching a hair clip to your clothes is only cute when you are 5-years-old. What you choose will depend largely on your length of hair and how you like to wear your hair up. For French twists, choose hair accessories that resemble over-sized hair clips. Simply twist and clip.

- Social and formal occasions. In social and formal occasions you have a greater opportunity to express your artsy side through accessories. Again choose sedate pieces over garish eye catchers. Classy pieces can be perfect for social occasions, whereas a little sprig of flowers or garnishment may be needed for formal occasions. Formal occasions are the only time that is okay to match your accessory to your clothing. But still, do not go overboard. What attracts the eye should be the beauty of your hair, not too-busy additions to it. If in doubt about what accessory or how much of it to include, opt for the simple solution: use as little as possible.

The bottom line with hair accessories is that too much of a good thing can confuse the eye and make your do look garish. Simple hair accessories, on the other hand, can make a bold beauty statement that makes your hair the talk of the office or party.

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